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Quote1.png You don't understand. He taught me never to stop making them pay. And I lost my whole world. And now my whole species is about to :kik: die out. But this :kik: today? I don't do this out of anger. I just have something to :kik: fight for again. Quote2.png
-- King Miek src


Miek was a member of planet Sakaar's insectoid race known as "Natives". When he was young his father and most of his hive were attacked and killed by local Imperials, forcing Miek to flee underground. He was accidentally rescued, as an outcast slave, during Hulk's battle with the Red King. Soon after, the Warbound escaped with Miek secretly leading them to the place where his father was killed.

The Warbound then aided him in securing his revenge. Miek and Brood, who have form a connection due to their insect nature, freed Miek's brothers and added the Warbound to his Hive. Within a short time he underwent a metamorphosis and evolved into a giant heavily armoured "King" version of his race.

Miek located one of the last Queens of his race, at an egg farm at which the Warbound were hiding. Unfortunately for Miek, and his species, the Queen was consumed by a Spike infection and had to be killed. Miek lead the Warbound in Hulk's place while Hulk, Hiroim, and Caiera attempted to obtain the allegiance of Caiera and the Shadow People.

Following the death of Caiera Oldstrong, Miek and the rest of the Warbound accompanied the Hulk back to Earth, where they pledged to aid him in a quest of vengeance against those responsible for the Hulk's forced exile.

On Earth, Miek was one of the most vocal in encouraging the destruction of the planet in revenge for what was done. By the end, it was revealed that Miek knew all along that the Illuminati were not responsible. Red King loyalists had planted a damaged warp core on the Hulk's ship hoping it would kill the Hulk. Miek did not tell the Hulk hoping it would encourage the Hulk to keep destroying. Enraged, the Hulk and No-name nearly killed Miek. After the Hulk's defeat Miek was captured by SHIELD in Wonderland and relayed information about the Warbound to help recapture them.

Following the Skrull Invasion, Miek was presumably still imprisoned in the Negative Zone supervised by Wonderland's freed inmates and later overrun by Blastaar's forces.

During the Chaos War, Miek was recruited by the Chaos King and retreated to the Savage Land outpost of New Imperia after his defeat. After learning of the return of the Hulk, Miek swore he would make him die by his hands.


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