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Quote1.png Yes, thanks to you, Spider-Boy, that boy shall one day emerge from the zone to become one of the greatest heroes of 2099! Quote2.png
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Mig-El had the same history as his Earth-9602 counterpart. He would spend approximately one hundred years trapped in the Phantom-Negative Zone. While there, he watched the life of the super-hero Spider-Boy.

He would later be freed from the zone by the Legion of Galactic Guardians 2099. He was then given a Spider DNA Serum specifically made for him which cured him of his radiation poisoning. However, it also gave him powers such as superhuman agility and the ability to shoot webbing from his fingertips. He consequently joined the team under the alias: Spider-Boy.[1]

Powers and Abilities


After taking the Spider DNA Serum created by Pete Ross, Mig-El gained the following powers:

  • Superhuman Agility
  • Organic Webbing



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