Quote1.png Yes, thanks to you, Spider-Boy, that boy shall one day emerge from the zone to become one of the greatest heroes of 2099! Quote2.png
-- Vance Cosmic src


Mig-El Gand was the newest member of the Yancy Legion. During a battle between Spider-Boy and Scavulture, Mig-El stole Spidey's Web-Pistol.

Mig-El would then use the Web-Shooter to aid the hero, but would be shot by Scavulture's Neronclaw, poisoning him. His fellow Yancy Legion members would reveal themselves as members of the Legion of Galactic Guardians 2099 and attack Scavulture. The Legion and Spider-Boy would then bring him to Fantastic Mountain and send him to the Phantom-Negative Zone, where the effects of the radiation would be neglected.[1]

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