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Quote1 A lot more people hate you than hate me. Quote2
Dr. Doom

Appearing in "Time is on No One's Side"

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Synopsis for "Time is on No One's Side"

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Solicit Synopsis

Iron Man and the Sentry are stuck in the past with none other than Doctor Doom. Any interaction with anything or anyone could jeopardize the future of the Marvel Universe! Can Tony Stark trust Victor Von Doom to help get them back to the present before the Sentry has a complete meltdown? Guest starring the Fantastic Four's ever-lovin' blue-eyed Thing!


  • Pages 1 through 14 and panel 1 on page 15 of Mighty Avengers #11 occur prior to the events on page 20 of this issue. The scenes depicted on pages 20 through 23 of this issue are revisited again from alternate perspectives on pages 15 and 16 of next issue.


  • Pages 1 through 19 of this story are produced in a style to emulate the "grittier", "pulpier" paper stock of comic products during the Copper Age-era, lending to the overall "vibe" of the time that Iron Man, Sentry and Dr. Doom unexpectedly find themselves sent back to.
  • Most of the pages in this section have small text ads at the bottom of the page, advertising some of the books published by Marvel in January 1975, including Giant-Size Defenders #3 and Marvel Premiere #20. This was a common practice at that time of publishing.

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