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Quote1.png Now you do what I say. Every day for the rest of your do what I say. If you don't, you'll die. It's not a threat, it's a statistical fact. ... We'll start with training. Any of you know what a Skrull is? Quote2.png
Nick Fury

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Six months ago in Portland, Oregon, an incognito Nick Fury meets with Daisy Johnson. Daisy recounts how Fury recruited her into S.H.I.E.L.D. - by revealing that her father was a super-villain and that she inherited powers from him. She also reveals that her participation in Fury's secret war on Latveria has led to her forced retirement from S.H.I.E.L.D. Fury tells Daisy that he has files on other young people like her, who he calls "Caterpillars", and asks for Daisy's help recruiting them. He says that since no one else knows about the Caterpillars, they are the only ones he can trust.

Daisy's first recruit is a young boy from the Bronx named Alex, who has the ability to cause fear in others with just a look. Daisy tells Alex that his father is Ares, which makes him Phobos, the god of fear. The boy says that this "explains so much".

Next, Daisy tracks down Yo Yo Rodriguez, the daughter of Griffin; J.T. James, the grandson of the Phantom Rider, Carter Slade; Sebastian Druid, the son of Doctor Druid; and Jerry Sledge, whose parentage is, for now, a mystery. The only Caterpillar who turns Daisy down is Layla Miller, who tells Daisy - using her precognitive abilities - that the team she is putting together would fail if Layla joined. She also reassures Daisy that, while she will lose things along the way, she will survive what is coming.

The new recruits gather at Nick Fury's safehouse, where he tells the team that if they don't do exactly what he says for the rest of their lives, it is a "statistical fact" that they will die. He then reveals that their training will begin immediately and asks if any of them knows what a Skrull is.


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