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Quote1.png We're under attack. Bob couldn't handle it and he ran away. That's why I'm here. But it's okay, Lindy, I'll take care of you. Quote2.png

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While on patrol in New York City several years ago, the Sentry is alerted to a bank robbery in progress. The Sentry begins to panic when he realizes that the bank robbers are being led by his evil counterpart, the Void, who the Sentry believed was dead. However, before he is able to engage his nemesis, the Sentry notices a spacecraft speeding towards the Baxter Building and gives chase. The Sentry is able to intercept the alien ship before it can damage the building and drags it upwards and out of Earth’s atmosphere. Once in space, the Sentry tears open the hull and confronts the creatures aboard the ship - revealed to be Skrulls - but is interrupted by a massive explosion.

Some time later, the Sentry awakens in Mr. Fantastic’s lab. Reed Richards and The Thing are by Bob’s bedside, and explain to him that the Skrull royal family has it out for the Fantastic Four thanks to the heroes’ various interventions in their affairs. Bob is relieved to learn that he was unharmed by the explosion, but haltingly shares with Reed and Ben that he is tired. Reed tells Bob he is a good friend, and that he won’t forget what Bob did for his family.

Years later (and months before the present day), the Avengers - including Spider-Man, Wolverine, Luke Cage, Ms. Marvel, Iron Man, the Sentry, and a still-alive Captain America - are gathered at Stark Tower socializing before a press event. Jarvis - unbeknownst to the Avengers, a Skrull impostor - asks Iron Man if he can have access to Tony’s files on the Sentry in an effort to better understand the troubled man and possibly help avoid another situation like the Scarlet Witch’s mental breakdown. Tony tells Jarvis there is no one he trusts more than him, and grants him access to the Sentry’s file.

Skrull-Jarvis later meets with other members of the Skrull Dard’van sect in an abandoned warehouse and shares his strategy for dealing with the all-powerful, but mentally disturbed, Sentry: simply let him snap. The Skrulls have already elected to allow the humans to tear themselves apart via “the Hulk situation” and the Superhuman Registration Act. Jarvis says with confidence that as this turmoil unfolds, the Sentry’s fragile mental state will lead him to destroy himself and the other heroes. And even if that doesn’t happen on its own, Jarvis says, any Skrull can easily manipulate the Sentry by shapeshifting into the Void and convincing Sentry that he, with his limitless power, caused the invasion to happen, and can only stop it by destroying himself.

In the present, Luke Cage’s Secret Avengers and Iron Man’s Mighty Avengers are in the midst of their battle with their doppelgangers in the Savage Land. The Sentry is attempting to reason with Vision, who suddenly transforms into the Void and tells Bob that everything that is happening is because of him. Void-Vision says that Bob has brought all of this into existence to punish his friends for forgetting he existed. This is too much for the Sentry, who screams in terror and flies off-world, finally stopping near the Rings of Saturn and falling into a catatonic state.

Back in New York City, the short-handed Young Avengers are attempting to defend Times Square from a force of Super Skrulls while the Sentry’s wife, Lindy Reynolds, is awakened in the Watchtower. CLOC warns Lindy that the Watchtower’s defenses have been breached and she is immediately attacked by a Super Skrull. Lindy asks the Skrull if he knows who her husband is when, as if on cue, a powerful figure slams into the Skrull and sends it flying out of the Watchtower. Lindy’s savior turns to her and, to Lindy’s horror, reveals itself to be the Void, which has taken the form of her husband, flowing cape and all. The Void tells a sobbing Lindy that Bob ran away, but that it will take care of her. Everything will be okay.


  • The cover art is an homage to the cover of Avengers #57 (October 1968).
  • Part of this issue takes place during Secret Invasion #2.
  • The translated Skrull text seen in the following issues allows the text in this issue to be deciphered. Here, the Skrull attacking Lindy just says, "Your life is mine".

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