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Quote1.png Everything I say to you, is the god's truth. Everything!! You're a soldier!! If I tell you red is green, red is green. That's the game we're playing here, hillbilly, and if you can't handle that, get your ass back behind the 7-11 counter where you belong. Quote2.png
Nick Fury

Appearing in 1st story

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Maria Hill LMD


Other Characters:

  • Nick Fury LMDs



Synopsis for 1st story

Nick Fury gives his team of Secret Warriors their first mission: abduct S.H.I.E.L.D. Director Maria Hill - who is, according to Fury, a Skrull impostor - and bring her to him. The team is hesitant to take on something so high-risk, but Fury insists that they have been trained and it’s time to “get to work”.

The next day, the team travels to Chicago and stakes out the location of Hill’s announced visit with the president of Madripoor. Once Hill arrives to greet the president, Phobos, Druid, and Quake use their combined powers to create the illusion of an attack. Yo-Yo then takes advantage of the ensuing chaos to grab Hill and slingshot back to the getaway van, which takes off with Hellfire behind the wheel. The S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier immediately begins pursuit, but Druid is able to summon a dark cloud that obscures the agents’ visibility and allows the van to escape.

Nick Fury confronts a captive Hill at an undisclosed location, grilling her about what was said during their last encounter. Hill says Fury told her she needed to create Life-Model Decoys to use when she felt she was in danger, then reveals that the “Maria Hill” the Secret Warriors kidnapped is in fact an L.M.D. A satisfied Fury tells the team to move out.

Back at the Secret Warriors’ base, Fury confirms that Hill’s abduction was yet another training exercise and that he never believed Hill to be Skrull. Hellfire is incensed that Fury lied to them and threatens to quit, but before he can, Yo-Yo brings their attention to the news feed. The Skrull invasion has begun.


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