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Quote1.png I do not fear death. I have died before. ... Mar-Vell is a Kree name. Mar-Vell was the name I was given. I have protected the earth from mania and treachery. I have fought alongside the mightiest Avengers. I have seen the glory of humanity in all forms. I have shared bonds no Kree has ever felt. I have seen the entire universe. I know all there is of life and death. Mar-Vell was the name I was given. Mar-Vell was the name I was given. Quote2.png
Captain Marvel

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Noh-Varr is attempting to reach out to the Kree Supreme Intelligence for guidance when news of Captain Marvel’s return reaches The Cube. As Noh-Varr ponders what Marvel’s resurrection could mean, the Skrulls’ Stark Tech virus corrupts the prison’s systems and a number of prisoners escape. Noh-Varr decides that the chaos is his cue to leave as well.

As he flies away from Thunderbolts Mountain in Colorado, the returned Captain Marvel - who has realized that he is in fact the Skrull sleeper agent, Khn’nr - is struggling to come to terms with his dual identity. He suddenly finds himself under attack from two Super-Skrulls and battles them through a small town. Marvel/Khn’nr defeats one of his attackers and gives chase to the other as it flees upwards into space. When he reaches Earth’s upper atmosphere, Marvel is faced with a fleet of huge Skrull warships. Determined to live up to the hero he is impersonating, Khn’nr flies through and destroys a number of the ships. However, before he can disable them all, Khn’nr is hit with several powerful blasts from one of the remaining vessels and is finally bested by the Super-Skrull he was originally pursuing. The Super-Skrull releases Khn’nr from its grasp and watches as he falls back towards Earth.

Khn’nr’s weakened body ignites as he re-enters Earth’s atmosphere. But as he flashes through Captain Marvel’s memories of heroism and camaraderie, the Skrull gains peace with his impending death. He plummets to the ground in a ball of fire, crashing to Earth just as a stunned Noh-Varr arrives on the scene.


  • The cover art is an homage to the cover of Avengers #89 (June 1971).
  • Takes place between the events of Secret Invasion #3 and Secret Invasion #6.
  • The Skrull language can be deciphered with the translated portions. Most of the untranslated lines in this issue are either screams or "He loves you" (in one case "he love you"). The one longer piece of dialogue near the end reads, "the pinky has hull-breached warship!"

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