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I promised myself I wouldn't use the Avengers to hide from my life's problems anymore.
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Ms. Marvel
No one's asking you to do that. We're asking you to do that which you can do better than anyone in the world.
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Janet Van Dyne (Earth-616) from Black Panther and the Agents of Wakanda Vol 1 1.jpg
Well, when you put it like that...
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Synopsis for 1st story

Following the appearance of the figure of a strange woman during the Mole Man's creature invasion, Ares attempts to attack her. Ms. Marvel stops him because she is worried that the woman might be Iron Man transformed or possessed. Mole Man asks the woman if she is responsible for the what happened to his underground home. The woman frankly confesses, calling it "collateral damage." Mole Man orders his minions to attack, but she easily repels and disintegrates them.

Ms. Marvel tries talking to the woman, but Ares insists on attacking it. The woman taunts Ares, enraging him to attack her with his axe. She repels the attack and sends Ares flying. As the Avengers retreat, Janet van Dyne says she will go talk to it because it is assuming her form. She asks the woman why she has a similar appearance, and she responds that it is because she loves her. Janet tells her team that Ultron is back to destroy the world.


  • Segments of the story tell how certain heroes joined the Mighty Avengers:
    • An hour before the Mole Man attack, Wonder Man gets an offer to star in a reality TV show. The former Avenger turns down the offer Iron Man and Ms. Marvel arrive on the scene.
    • Robert Reynolds talks with his wife, Lindy, about his superhero life at Avengers Tower. Iron Man and Ms. Marvel show up and offer him a place in the team.
    • On the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier, Natalia Romanova holds a "physical training" class where she beats up a bunch of guys. Iron Man tells her about her new assignment.
    • Janet van Dyne heads Van Dyne Designs as Ms. Marvel looks at some costume designs. Janet gets a call from Doctor Henry Pym, but chooses to ignore it. Ms. Marvel convinces her to join the team.

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