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Quote1.png As a founding member of the once-great Avengers, I say to thee, I have fought alongside Janet Van Dyne in many a battle. Battles that have saved this world from destruction. It was my honor to call her teammate and friend. The halls of Asgard share your grief today, and they shall sing praise and rejoice that such a warrior ever walked this earth. The gates of Valhalla are richer today. Quote2.png

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Synopsis for 1st story

Hank Pym flashes back to when he first woke Captain America from the ice. He and Jan talked about how they loved each other and would wait for each other if they were frozen in a block of ice.

Hank's going over the funeral details with Carol and Simon, but is having trouble dealing with his grief, so he leaves with them. In the car Carol catches him up on the things he's missed since he was captured. House of M, Civil War, The Mighty Avengers team, Steve Rogers' death, World War Hulk, and the Skrull invasion, including his Skrull double proclaiming war on all of Earth.

Later on at the funeral, the Priest asks if anyone has anything to share, and Pym gets up to speak. He has a breakdown, blaming Tony for the deaths of Captain America and Janet, and is in the middle of an emotional rant when Thor stops him, and takes him to mourn together in private.

Clint Barton gets mad when he sees Norman Osborn in the crowds afterward, and they almost come to blows when Osborn threatens to arrest him for not being registered. Osborn retires to Avengers Tower, as if it is his new office.


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