Loki Laufeyson (Earth-616) from Mighty Avengers Vol 1 21 001
Scarlet Witch (Wanda Maximoff)
I'm glad it's you, Hank. Dark times are coming. And if you let me, I'll help you be the light that fights through the darkness. I've gathered an army for you. An army of heroes. But I can't release them. That's not how it works. You have to summon them.
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Henry Pym (Earth-616) 000
Wasp (Hank Pym)
What? A spell? Some kind of incantation?
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Edwin Jarvis (Earth-616)
Edwin Jarvis
Sir, if I may, you're thinking too hard. You know the words. Go on, say them. Say them at the top of your lungs!
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Henry Pym (Earth-616) from Mighty Avengers Vol 1 21 0001
Wasp (Hank Pym)
Avengers Assemble!
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Appearing in "Earth's Mightiest (Part 1) - The Smartest Man in the Room"

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