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Synopsis for "Chasing Ghosts"

The Cabal convenes on the psychic plane - thanks to Emma Frost - and proceed with an airing of grievances. Amid the shouting, The Hood asks Norman Osborn what he’s doing about Hank Pym’s unsanctioned team of Avengers. This clearly strikes a nerve with Osborn, much to Loki’s delight. Back in the real world, Loki transforms into the Scarlet Witch to summon this new team with the hopes of putting more cracks in Osborn’s armor.

Meanwhile, the Young Avengers meet up at the remains of Avengers Mansion so that Stature and Vision can break the news that the two of them are joining Pym’s team. Cassie and Vision open a door to go inside but instead of entering the mansion, they find themselves at the Mighty Avengers’ base of operations in Chicago, courtesy of a space-time-warping Pym Pocket. According to US Agent, Scarlet Witch has informed them of a number of incidents around the world they need to address.

Sometime later, the team is wrapping up a battle with Swarm in Argentina when Quicksilver arrives, having heard news reports of their activities. Pietro blunders during a weak attempt to join the team, almost causing injury to Stature and Wasp and drawing the team’s ire. Scarlet Witch’s astral form whisks them away, leaving a fuming Quicksilver behind.

As Osborn and a team of H.A.M.M.E.R. agents work furiously to track the Mighty Avengers using the unique signature of the Pym Particles, they’re forced to watch glowing news coverage of the team’s success quelling an event in Tokyo. Pym declares - much to Osborn’s chagrin - that because he is the only founding member still operating, his team is the real Avengers. They are then teleported away just as Quicksilver speeds into the city.

The Mighty Avengers then work with Blackjack to battle an aquatic Titan terrorizing the southern coast of France. As the situation begins to spiral out of control, Quicksilver arrives and uses his speed to knock the Titan off its feet. This act earns Quicksilver a spot on the team, and Blackjack offers Pym funding and resources as part of G.R.A.M.P.A.

H.A.M.M.E.R. has tracked the Pym Particle signature to the lab in Chicago. As they prepare to raid the lab, Jocasta cuts the facility’s tether with the real world. This puts them out of H.A.M.M.E.R.’s reach, but Jocasta tells Jarvis they’ll be trapped there if they don’t find a way to reconnect within 48 hours.

Back in the psychic plane, the Cabal is dissatisfied with Osborn’s failure to rein in Pym’s Avengers. Osborn quickly loses his temper, causing his psychic projection to take on the face of the Green Goblin. Osborn quickly ends the meeting as Loki smiles.

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