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Quote1.png Oh. Oh my God... he Alpha Flighted 'em. Quicksilver's right. Forget just calling Pym's Avengers. We need Clint Barton's team, Osborn's team, Young Avengers, the Initiative... We need every damn Avenger we can get! Quote2.png
U.S. Agent

Appearing in "The Unspoken: Part 1"

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  • Trinoculars

Synopsis for "The Unspoken: Part 1"

A story is told that was expunged from Inhuman history, telling of before Black Bolt became king, there was a more powerful Inhuman, whose name was also expunged, only known as the Unspoken. His throne room is approached by Black Bolt, Medusa, Karnak and Gorgon, barely a week emerged from their Terrigenesis, demanding an audience with their cousin. The guards laugh at the request, only for the young royals to barge in. They accuse the Unspoken of removing their greatest weapon, the Slave Engine from Attilan, which would render them vulnerable to the far more diverse humans. The Unspoken declares that the Slave Engine is too powerful for anyone and shouldn't be use. Medusa, speaking for Black Bolt, states that not even he has the right to take something from their people and makes a challenge of royal succession. Even though the Unspoken is living Terrigenesis, change itself, Black Bolt soundly defeats the monarch and claims the crown. In the slopes of Tibet, the Royals demand to know where the Slave Engine is. The Unspoken refuses to disclose its location and swears that they should curse his name for all eternity; Medusa states that they will do the opposite; expunging his name from their history, past and future. Black Bolt speaks the Unspoken's name one last time, throwing him off the cliff. The next day, a few Alpha Primitives find their deposed king and carry him to safety.

In the present, U.S. Agent, Quicksilver and Agent Ban Luck survey the Unspoken. Quicksilver immediately recognizes him, dashing off to Indonesia and back. He states that if that's the Unspoken, then they must call all Avengers teams to stop him.

Meanwhile, in the PymPocket, Hank Pym shows his Avengers something grander as the result of placing the PymPocket: the Infinite Avengers Mansion. He based its design on his theories on magic, making the place seem likes its infinitely expanding. Also, Jocasta, having been hooked into Salvation Two, is able to create different bodies within the mansion thanks to its matter replication lattice, enabling her to try out different looks and to help anyone who might get lost. However, Cassie Lang notices the Scarlet Witch, which she considers good.

In China, the People's Defense Force arrives to demand that the Unspoken leave China or face arrest. However, the Unspoken responds by pounding them. Shocked by the devastation caused by one Inhuman, U.S. Agent realizes that to combat this threat, they must call on all Avengers: the New Avengers, Dark Avengers and Mighty Avengers.

Solicit Synopsis

Doom, Thor, Black Bolt, Black Panther, Ka-Zar, Namor...There are many monarchs in the Marvel Universe, but only one so powerful and so reviled that he had to be written out of history. He is THE UNSPOKEN. And his return will have dire consequences on both our world and worlds beyond. The start of a new storyline that will bring dishonor for one Mighty Avenger, redemption for another, a family reunion, and ties to both DARK REIGN and WAR OF KINGS.

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