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Quote1.png Terrigenesis makes my people into gods. But Xerogenesis... makes yours into monsters. Into Alpha Primitives! Quote2.png

Appearing in "The Unspoken: Part 3"

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Synopsis for "The Unspoken: Part 3"

Once upon a time, the king of the Inhumans decided to take his people's ultimate doomsday weapon, the Slave Engine, out of their ken. Stealing the device, he smuggled it out of the city and buried in Tibet. For his crime, he was stripped of his rank, his history, and his name. However, he was firm in his beliefs.

Today, he is not so sure. He has unearthed the Slave Engine with his Alpha Primitive servitors, but is unsure of what to do next. However, when he is attacked by the Chinese military, he makes his choice and douses the soldiers in the Xerogen Mists. The People's Defense Force, China's greatest heroes, race to the rescue along with their allies, the Avengers U.S. Agent and Quicksilver, and Global Reaction Agent Ban-Luck. They are attempting to summon more Avengers, but someone is blocking their communications.

That someone is the Scarlet Witch, who is trying to kill the Young Avengers in Infinite Avengers Mansion because they managed to summon her. The young heroes are aided by Ronin of the New Avegers - alias Clint Barton, former lover of Wanda Maximoff, the original Scarlet Witch.

Elsewhere in the Mansion, in the Wasp's lab, he is about to execute his most audacious experiment yet: to use Pym Particles to grow beyond the bounds of reality itself, and explore the Macroverse. He is tethered to Jocasta with a specially-treated monomolecular filament. It is clear that Jocasta and the Wasp are a couple, much to the discomfort of Jarvis, though the Wasp brushes it off. The experiment appears to be successful.

Amadeus Cho encounters the fight, and tries to get an explanation. Stature is about to respond but the gag spell used by "Scarlet Witch" is preventing her from saying anything bad about her, so she decides to just attack the "Scarlet Witch".

In Tibet, the PDF and their allies find the burial site of the Slave Engine. They wade in, attacking the Alpha Primitives, but Quicksilver is wary: Alpha Primitives are rare these days, and a group this large would have been noticed. Furthermore, some of the Alphas are wearing torn army fatigues...

The Unspoken provides the explanation - the Xerogen Mists were provided by the Kree and encoded by the early Inhumans. It can turn humans into Alpha Primitives, as he proves when he unleashes it on his human foes. Radioactive Man's very powers make him immune, Scientific Beast is sealed in his armor, and Quicksilver is able to protect himself and Ban-Luck by quickly waving his arms quickly to gather enough wind to keep the dust away. However, they are forced to watch as U.S. Agent, Collective Man and Lady Of Ten Suns are transformed into brutish Alpha Primitives.

At the Mansion, the Young Avengers are about to lose their cool, but a plan from Ronin, executed by Wiccan and Patriot, lets Ronin get close enough to kiss her. With this, he can categorically confirm that "Scarlet Witch" is not Wanda Maximoff. Wiccan attempts a spell to show her true form, forcing her to teleport away, vowing revenge. This frees Stature from the gag spell, and she clues the others in that USAgent and Quicksilver are in dire straits in China. To stop the Unspoken will take the Avengers, the Young Avengers, the New Avengers, and the Avengers Resistance, as well as Osborn's Dark Avengers and probably even the Initiative. In other words... Avengers Assemble.

Solicit Synopsis

"SECRETS & LIES" It's all out action at the Avengers new headqarters as RONIN and VISION face off against the SCARLET WITCH! Readers already know the Scarlet Witch is secretly LOKI, but could this be the issue where STATURE and the other MIGHTY AVENGERS find out? Also, on the outskirts of Tibet, QUICKSILVER and a longtime Avengers villain uncover THE UNSPOKEN'S plan to dominate all life on Earth. What is the secret origin of The Slave Engine? And what horribly, freakish thing has it done to the U.S. AGENT? Guest Starring: RONIN and THE YOUNG AVENGERS

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