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Quote1 Richards is the Explorer. For him, science is about pure discovery. More than any of my other aspects, he has the capacity to learn, comprehend, and apply all there is to know. As for your other point of reference, Anthony Stark, he is the Enginerer. For him, science is a tool which he can use to shape his world and his destiny. But you, Hank Pym... You are the Mage. For you, science is about making the impossible possible. You are the one who takes science to the very point of magic--for no other reason other than that you can. Never forget this, Hank Pym. You are my champion. You are my Avenger! More than a founding Avenger of old, you are the founder of Avengers yet to come. A new Age of Heroes is upon us...more than any being, I put my trust in you. To you I entrust more than myself. To you I entrust the future. But for now, here is what you must do... Quote2

Appearing in "The Unspoken: Part 4"

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Synopsis for "The Unspoken: Part 4"

Hank Pym is growing beyond the macroverse into the plane of existence Reed Richards calls Overspace, a point above and apart from all other realities. When he reaches it, it is complete whiteness, vast beyond his comprehension. Then, he encounters Eternity, the being representing almost everything in the universe.

Back in the Infinite Avengers Mansion, Jocasta's original body detaches from Salvation Two, having gone into distress over losing the subatomic filament anchor to Pym. She tries calling Richards but Jarvis reminds her that the dimensional wave inducer makes it impossible to communicate outside. However, when opens a door, he find the recuperating Young Avengers and the recently arrived New Avengers in the next room. He embraces the Ronin and Ms. Marvel, as a confused Jocasta asks what's going on. Ronin tells her that there's an emergency in China. Already, they are mustering as much help as they could. Already, Stature and Vision have contacted the Avengers Resistance. But at Avengers Tower, Amadeus Cho expresses concern to Hercules in asking the Dark Avengers for help. Already, Osborn has gotten wind of Collective Man attacking U.S. Agent, planning on exploiting this small foul up. Hercules then appears before him, asking for his help in fighting a common foe. This only results in a stunned expression on Osborn's face. Cho takes this as a quick no and ushers Hercules back into the door they came through; Osborn asks the Sentry to throw it into the sun. By the time they arrive back at the Infinite Mansion, it is Avengers Assembled.

Up in Overspace, Pym is amazed to actually meet Eternity. Before he can ask any questions, Eternity punches him, demonstrating how he thinks the universe treats him. He then helps him up, telling Pym that he owes him for assembling Earth's mightiest heroes, who had achieved more than the previous team, to save him from being devoured by a cancer. Pym is confused by this statement and asks Eternity why he couldn't have chosen Richards, Tony Stark or Stephen Strange. Eternity tells him that Strange has other concerns but he informs Pym that he is Earth's Scientist Supreme.

In China, Quicksilver, Ban-Luck, Radioactive Man and Scientific Beat are fighting against the Alpha Primitives morphed from U.S. Agent, the People's Defense Force and many other Chinese citizens. By then, the Unspoken has fully unearthed the Slave Engine, which he plans to use to turn all of Earth's humans into new Alpha Primitives to redeem himself in the eyes of his people. Just then, the assembled teams of Avengers step throw the Mansion's doors, ready to assist. Growing tired of this interference, the Unspoken slams his fist on the ground, sending everyone flying. Justice and Spider-Woman get caught in the Xerogen gas, becoming de-evolved Alpha Primitives. The Vision and Hulking, respectively being an android and Kree/Skrull hybrid and therefore are immune to the gas, restrain their comrades. This enrages Hercules, who is determined to make the Unspoken pay, only for Cho to tell him to prioritize. While the Unspoken is distracted, they can get into the Slave Engine and disable it; he has the Ant-Man helmet to protect him from inhaling the gas. But once they charge in, they find a giant robot inside, standing menacingly.

Meanwhile, Pym is confused at the prospect of being Scientist Supreme. Eternity explains that Richards is the Explorer, who sees science as pure discovery; Stark is the Engineer, who sees science as a tool to shape the world and his destiny. But Pym is the Mage, who makes impossibilities possible and going far as to research magic. He then sends Pym back to Earth, telling him that he is the founder of new Avengers teams to come. When he returns to Earth, he quickly gathers weapons to help his friends in China - to save everything.

Solicit Synopsis

AVENGERS ASSEMBLE! As the epic battle with The Unspoken threatens all of Earth, the team-up you've been waiting for finally happens as members of the Mighty Avengers, New Avengers, Young Avengers, and the Avengers Initiative unite to fight a foe that no single hero could withstand! How can we fit so many Avengers in one issue? Against the most powerful Inhuman of all, with the greatest weapon in history, do they have a choice? All that plus a special appearance by the Dark Avengers.

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