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Quote1.png Stop it, father. You know what my power is. I can see the truth. There was no Skrull. You lied. You always lie. I won't tell anyone. I love you...I can't help that. But I can never respect you again. ... And very time you look at me, you'll see it, you'll always remember what you did. Even if it stays...unspoken. Quote2.png

Appearing in "The Unspoken: Part 5"

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Synopsis for "The Unspoken: Part 5"

As the Slave Engine looms over China, slowly transforming many citizens into Alpha Primitives, the Unspoken is still fighting against the Avengers. They attempt to use his own Xerogen gas against him but it fails to work. Soon enough, Tigra and Wiccan are affected, turning on the Vision. The Unspoken declares that his justification for unleashing the Slave Engine was because of the Silent War caused by Quicksilver. Just then, Henry Pym arrives on the battlefield, guns blazing.

Meanwhile, on the Slave Engine, Hercules and Amadeus Cho are dealing with the sentry robots onboard. The latter, after using the Ant-Man helmet to confuse the sentries, finds massive amounts of Xerogen crystals being loaded into the heart of the machine.

Outside, Ronin calls to any remaining Avengers to flee. He also has Stature shrink down and get onto his arrow and shoot it into a gap in the Slave Engine created by Captain America's shield, just before the gas converts the non-flight capable Avengers. Only Radioactive Man and Quicksilver are able to avoid being affected, as their teams gang up on them.

Meanwhile, Pym fights against the Unspoken. The latter brings brings him down with a slash across his chest, expressing the pain he felt in exile for his biggest mistake. Pym expresses his disgust for how pathetic he is wallowing in his own misery.

Inside the Slave Engine, Hercules has taken control of the machine and Cho determines that a chronal ray is accelerating the growth of the Xerogen Crystals. He calls to any remaining Avengers for help, to which only the Vision could respond. Along with Stature, they fend off the Alpha Primitives and robots, allowing Cho to aim the ray at the Unspoken, aging him to the point where he is determined to be not a threat.

Pym advises that People's Defense Force to allow the Unspoken to go back to his cave where his Alpha Primitives can care for him until the end of his life. Also, he had reverse the chronal ray to restore their comrades back to normal. Ronin tries suggesting to him to use to the machine to make himself forget all his sins. However, Pym passes up that chance, feeling that it's better to live with them.

Ronin also informs him that the Scarlet Witch isn't the one they once knew, to which Pym already knew; Ronin refuses to disclose how he found out.

Quicksilver uses the Infinite Avengers Mansion's dimensional doors to go to Attilan on Hala, where she presents the Xerogen crystals back to Queen Medusa, who absolves him of his crime of stealing the Terrigen Crystals and restores his citizenship she also makes it clear that the Xerogen crystals do not exist. He embraces his daughter Luna, who reveals that she knows that he has lied about everything. And he shall live with this forever, even if it is unspoken.

Solicit Synopsis

The epic conclusion! The MIGHTY AVENGERS and members of the NEW AVENGERS, YOUNG AVENGERS and the AVENGERS RESISTANCE assemble against the incalculable might of THE UNSPOKEN! Plus QUICKSILVER is reunited with the INHUMANS... now what will they do with him? All this and the strange secret of the Infinite Avengers Mansion stands revealed! This one's got it all!


  • Part of this issue concides with the events of Realm of Kings Inhumans #2.

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