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Appearing in "Salvation - part 1 of 2: Heir Apparent"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Ultron
  • Army of Brides
    • Bride 5x-472-epsilon
    • Bride 7a-139-theta
    • Various Jocasta units

Other Characters:



Synopsis for "Salvation - part 1 of 2: Heir Apparent"

Jarvis, in place of Jocasta, who is currently offline, welcomes G.R.A.M.P.A. agents Ace and Blackjack to the Infinite Mansion. As he escorts them, Blackjack catches a small glimpse Ultron's face in one of the pictures, but presumes it to be a trick of the mind. They walk in on Hank Pym, who is at giant size, performing repairs on Jocasta. The G.R.A.M.P.A. agents cut straight to business. They are ending the Mighty Avengers' status in G.R.A.M.P.A. and are here to record the ending of their association. Though they admit that the Mighty Avengers had taken down, Chthon, Swarm, A.I.M., Titan and the Unspoken, there was a bit of a "gap", before Pym's team returned to fight Zzzax, Dansen Macabre and Terminus. Pym cuts them off, explaining that his Avengers were in Kree space to help the Inhumans fight off an insurgency.

Meanwhile, in another part of the Infinite Mansion, Jocasta's other bodies use the Mansion's replication nodes to create a body for Ultron. But the robot refuses to be referred to by number and instead accepts the surname of Ultron Pym, declaring himself rightful heir to his father's legacy. He announces to his "army of brides" that he intends to use the Infinite Mansion as a base to spread his endless armies throughout the universe.

Back with Pym, the G.R.A.M.P.A. elaborate that he locked horns with Osborn -- on American soil, far beyond G.R.A.M.P.A. jurisdiction. Pym admits that he fell for it, in which Osborn was hailed as a hero at the end. Ace, however, adds that Osborn is taking personal action against Asgard. The agents explained that Volstagg was indirectly responsible for the deaths of thousands in Chicago. However, the massacre is so similar to the Stamford event that it had to been orchestrated by Osborn as justification to invade Asgard. Pym suggests that it could've been Loki who encouraged Osborn to do so and realizes that he had only made things worse.

Just then, Steve Rogers calls, explaining that he needs any able-bodied Avenger to go to Broxton and stop Osborn. However, Pym politely declines, stating that he is in the middle of important business. The agents are surprised that Pym declined a call to arms from Captain America. Pym explains that his emergency is that Jocasta has been off too long and would be disastrous if she doesn't link up to the mansion. He attaches organic limbs to Jocasta, reactivating her and giving her the abilities to actually touch, surprising the agents. Blackjack urges him to at least call in the rest of his team. Unfortunately, Pym confesses that his team disbanded, but to recent disagreements. They only worked together to challenge Olympus Group only to go their separate ways after Hercules' death. He then notices that Jarvis is leaving, taking a briefcase with him through one of the doors. Unknown to Jarvis, he is being watched by Ultron, who decides to let him go. As soon as Jarvis steps through the door, Ultron begins his reformatting the mansion's layout. Jocasta immediately detects this after being reconnected. Ultron then reveals himself to his creator, announcing that he intends to kill him. Everyone tries to run, before fighting Jocasta's duplicate bodies. Coming up with an idea; he asks the agents to allow him to scna their bodies before he calls in the troops; Blackjack is confused at what he means, considering that the Mighty Avengers have disbanded.

Meanwhile, in Central Park, New York, Amadeus Cho attempts to call any of the Mighty Avengers. He manages to reach U.S. Agent, who is in the middle of packing his uniform, to inform him that he needs him help for a mission in Asgard. However, U.S. Agent is pessimistic of being stripped of his rank and presumes that Cho is calling him on Pym's behalf. He changes his mind that he hears Cho saw "Screw Pym!"

Cho's call reaches Vision, who tells Stature that they needs to stop the Thunderbolts. Stature figures that joining Captain America will be a great way to rendezvous with Cho.

Meanwhile, on the equator, Quicksilver is running, while contemplating the faults in his life: his daughter Luna no longer loves him and his teammates lied and betrayed him. He wishes that his sister Wanda was with him.

Back in the Infinite Mansion, Ultron confronts his captives. However, he soon discovers that his captives are actually ants with image inducers, designed to be complex enough to deceive even Ultron's sensors. His quarry are at ant-size, among the colonies of ants running throughout the mansion. As soon ans they return to normal size, Pym ushers everyone into his lab, the heart of the Infinite Mansion. He deadbolts the door, temporarily delaying Ultron. His creation is not happy, knowing that the lab is the one place where his father is a god. Pym disconnects the dimension wave inducer, separating the mansion from the rest of the universe. He hides the device in Jocasta's chest cavity, to safeguard it. He then shows everyone out the only functioning door. Outside, it is revealed that the mansion is not on Earth, but in a place Pym calls Underspace, the dimension below the microverse, as opposite to Overspace above the macroverse. Pym himself had deduced that this is the dimension where Thor sent his ex-wife Janet Van Dyne, the original Wasp, standing as a massive celestial entity from their point of view.

Solicit Synopsis

SIEGE BLOCKBUSTER TIE-IN!! SALVATION Pt. 1 of 2 "Heir Apparent" THE AVENGERS' GREATEST THREAT RETURNS! AND HE'S NOT ALONE... A rag-tag team of Mighty Avengers are thrust onto the front lines of SIEGE...with no one to lead them! And where's HANK PYM? Trapped in Pym-Space with his greatest enemy, his sinister cybernetic "son", ULTRON! A war on two fronts, a team divided, and when it's over...not everyone will be coming back! Big threats, big changes, and the biggest Avengers surprise of them all revealed!


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  1. Later revealed to be a rejuvenating Carina Walters with Janet's memories uploaded to her in Avengers Academy #11.
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