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Wasp (Hank Pym)

Appearing in "Salvation - part 2 of 2: WWJAVDD (What Would Janet Van Dyne Do?)"

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Synopsis for "Salvation - part 2 of 2: WWJAVDD (What Would Janet Van Dyne Do?)"

The Infinite Avengers Mansion is revealing to be composed of Janet Van Dyne, the original Wasp, sent to Underspace by Thor. Pym explains to Blackjack and Ace that the Mansion keeps her form from dissipating and the ten billions of Jocastas act as neurons in the human body and maintain Janet's brain patterns.

However, the main Jocasta, angry that Pym kept this a secret from her, slaps him, accusing him of seeing her nothing more than a thing; luckily, because her arms are flesh, not metal, Pym's head isn't taken off. At the moment, Ultron and his brides break through the door. Pym then wishes that he could've gone to Asgard.

At the moment, the Mighty Avengers are fighting the Thunderbolts in Asgard. However, Scourge slashes U.S. Agent's left limbs with the Spear of Odin. Meanwhile, Ghost explains to Amadeus Cho that it was he who alerted him to the Thunderbolts' plot. He boosts the power on Cho's Gameboy, contacting Quicksilver in Transia, who was thinking of settling down with his adoptive family. But when he receives the call, he quickly remembers his duty as an Avengers and rushes off to help.

Back in Underspace, Pym leads his party across the Mansion to get to his Pym-Wave generator to call for help. But to do that, they need to reconnect the dimensional wave inducer to the Mansion. Unfortunately, Ultron and his brides burst out of the Mansion, cutting them off. Ultron reveal that he had reprogrammed the Mansion for his own ends, as evidence by Janet saying, "Ultron lives!" Pym then holds up his gun, threatening to destroy the inducer, even if it means destroying Jocasta. Ultron calls his bluff and tries insinuating that he may have already deployed his brides across the universe before he shut off the doors. Pym counters that he didn't and because all of them are by his side, the conclusion is that he is afraid. Ultron then starts spewing his denial, before his father grows to giant size and grabs him, leaping off into Underspace, telling Jocasta to get to the main control room, stating, "it's what Janet would've wanted." Jocasta then leaves the G.R.A.M.P.A. agents there, to activate the Mansion's killswitch, which would separate them from the rest of the universe, despite that she would never do that. Ace then finds the old Ant-Man helmet...

Outside, Pym has distracted Ultron and his brides long enough to use his bio-stings to jam his transmissions, give Jocasta room to reset the mansion, disabling her host bodies and retaking control of Janet, whom she speaks through to off a proposal. The proposal is literally to conceded to being his bride. In a quick ceremony, the two androids link circuits and are officially married. However, Ultron discovers that she doesn't possess the inducer -- it's been hooked up to the Mansion again. He then implies that what's to stop him from taking it all. However, Pym has one last card to play: bringing in all the Avengers with his Pym-Wave/Assembler. Though Ultron tries to deny the impossibility, Pym asserts that as Scientist Supreme, the impossible is possible, as every Avengers fills the Mansion. He then sends Ultron and Jocasta through a door to a desolate part of the universe, where he can't threaten anyone; Jocasta promises to keep and eye on him. As soon as they leave, it is revealed that all of the Avengers are in fact ants with image inducers; Ultron didn't think that they'd use the same trick again. Then suddenly, Ace sees another door opening. The person is Jarvis, who had delivered the special case to Tony Stark but couldn't get back without the Mansion's doors working. Next thing they know, one of Jocasta's host bodies comes online. She explains that she can still project her consciousness in the Mansion, though there isn't enough to jump-start Janet again. Pym apologizes for that, before going to Asgard to help his Avengers.

In Asgard, the Void kills Loki, which the Mighty Avengers, minus U.S. Agent, who is in medical care, see. Pym then arrives to lead them against the Void, crying "Avengers Assemble".

Solicit Synopsis

SIEGE BLOCKBUSTER TIE-IN!! SALVATION Pt. 2 of 2 "WWJVDD" SERIES FINALE! While the Mighty Avengers are fighting on the front lines of SIEGE, can HANK PYM and JOCASTA stop the Avenger's greatest enemy, ULTRON, by themselves? Or will Pym-Space become the ultimate staging ground for a cybernetic-assault on all of reality? See SIEGE through the eyes of the Avengers with the most to lose! The Dark Reign is ending, the Age of Heroes is coming, but before that can happen...there's a wedding? And more than one character is thinking, "What would Janet Van Dyne do?" We can't be any more cryptic than that. Trust us, you don't want to miss this one.


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  1. See referenced not for Mighty Avengers #35
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