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Quote1.png You're not leaving here until that jacket is in a museum where it belongs. Quote2.png
Wasp to Wonder Man

Appearing in 1st story

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  • Doctor Doom (Behind the scenes)
    • Latverian scientists (Behind the scenes)
  • Ultron (Mentioned); (Behind the scenes)
  • Dard'van (Behind the scenes)

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Synopsis for 1st story

"Spider-Woman" shows the Elektra Skrull corpse to Iron Man. She tells him to turn off his mainframe communication so that she knows he can trust him. She also informs him that her fellow New Avengers think this means the Skrulls are planning another invasion, but this time with some means they can not detect. Spider-Woman says even though her teammates believe Tony Stark is a Skrull, she still has trust in him. Tony Stark asks Spider-Woman to join his Mighty Avengers, reasoning that if she joins, a Skrull on his team right now might act out of the ordinary.

At the Avengers Tower, Tony welcomes his team to the Avengers. After they tease Tony for his temporary female form he acquired during the recent Ultron incident, Simon Williams expresses his thankfulness for the friends he has, and the team remembers the recent assassination of Captain America.

With that, Tony introduces the newest member of their group: Spider-Woman. Ms. Marvel and Black Widow both express disbelief that she would be allowed to join, but Tony stands firm and they soon give in. Next, Wasp tells Simon Williams that it is time for him to choose a new look, unveiling an assortment of costume choices. However, Simon asserts that he likes his present look.

In space, two astronauts work on collecting the debris from the recently destroyed Sular experiment satellites. However, one piece of debris accidentally releases a capsule, which falls down to Earth on the streets of New York City. The capsule opens, and the Venom Virus starts to infect various New Yorkers.

Back at the Avengers Tower, Lindy Reynolds asks Tony do do her a favor. She says that because he has to find a way to power down or even kill her husband, the Sentry, before he kills everybody. Commander Maria Hill calls Tony, saying they have a situation in New York City, and the Avengers assemble for the battle.


  • Continuity interplay is super-tight between this issue, Mighty Avengers #8 and New Avengers #34 to New Avengers #36. An alternate angle of the last page of this issue can be seen on page 21 of New Avengers #34. From there, the two Avenger teams enter the "Venom Bomb" crisis from their respective angles as the story unfolds in the subsequent installments.

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