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Supporting Characters:


  • Deathwalkers
    • Lichidus (Merged into the Deathwalker Prime)
    • Cairn (Merged into the Deathwalker Prime)
    • Viciada (Merged into the Deathwalker Prime)
    • Adur (Merged into the Deathwalker Prime)
    • Deathwalker Prime (First appearance)
  • Were-Scoprions
  • Were-Rhino
  • Were-Bat
  • Were-Vulture
  • Were-Goat

Other Characters:




Synopsis for 1st story

Solicit Synopsis

• Unlucky for some! The moon is full, the sacrifice is ready, and the Deathwalkers are about to end humanity as we know it!

• The Mighty Avengers get a new member - but is that enough to stop the Four Who Rule attaining godhood?

• Or... is it already too late to save the Earth?

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