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Quote1 Well, now. I guess that qualifies as a level eight. Quote2
-- Blue Marvel

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Synopsis for 1st story

As Doctor Strange is being manipulated by Ebony Maw, his old teacher Kaluu tries to reach out to him, and to warn him of the talisman he is using. However, Strange barely hears the warnings.

Elsewhere, the Watcher looms over Adam Brashear, the former Blue Marvel, as he analyses some readings in his undersea fortress. The man talks about problems he's facing, with his wife's passing, and his reluctance to join the Avengers. After a few minutes he realizes Uatu isn't there to socialize, and examines his emergency monitoring system. To his alarm, it declares a level seven event is occurring, which particularly troubles Brashear since he built the system, and it's previously never gone higher than four.

In New York, the ragtag assortment of heroes find themselves dealing with the level seven event. The Superior Spider-Man tries to call in reinforcements, but his spider-minions are also under attack. As he engages Proxima's troops, Spider-Hero chides him for talking too much. Proxima, meanwile, targets Monica Rambeau, recognizing her as the leader of the group. Her lance incapacitates Monica, and distracted by her pain, Luke Cage is taken out by a vicious beatdown from the alien. Then, the citizens of New York city start throwing bricks at Proxima, to no effect, before repeatedly yelling "Avengers Assemble."

The defiance is enough to anger Proxima Midnight, but also enough to provoke a second wind in Luke Cage. As he hits, the ground begins to shake, something Spider-Hero notes isn't entirely the fight's fault, but rather because something is being summoned. Any further fighting is forestalled by Thanos contacting his servant, reminding her of her other obligations elsewhere. Reluctantly, Midnight leaves, though not before informing the Avengers present that Monica is still poisoned by her staff, and will die in minutes.

As the gathered heroes start trying to help Monica, something else happens. An ominous voice echoes out, as Doctor Strange, still in the Ebony Maw's thrall, summons none other than Shuma-Gorath.

As he arrives on the scene, The Blue Marvel notes that the new development counts as a level eight disaster.

Solicit Synopsis

INFINITY TIE-IN! new ongoing series!

• Proxima Midnight is killing New York City one block at a time...

• Luke Cage’s ad-hoc Avengers might not be able to stop her...

• And the one hero who can is at the bottom of the Mariana Trench.

• Think it can’t get worse? It can always get worse.

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