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Quote1.png Kat?... There's a word we use. Everyone who's ever served as an Avenger, we've spoken that word. Hell, it's a competition to say it. To shout it. Because it is that sacred to what we are and what we do. And that word is assemble. When we come together, we're stronger than when we stand apart. That's what it's always been about. We come together to fight what can't be fought alone. To defeat those things in the world that would drag us down. That would make us lesser. Those things no single hero can withstand. And by we? I mean all of us. When we make the effort to help those who need us-- to help each other, to be there for each other-- we are all Avengers. You are Avengers. Quote2.png
Luke Cage

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Synopsis for "No Single Hero"

Thirteen minutes ago, and White Tiger and Power Man talk about her disappearance from the shipping yard before. Ava expresses her belief that owning the tiger amulet will kill her, the same it has the rest of her family, and that given a choice in the matter, she'd rather not die defending shipping crates. Power Man retorts that her life should define her, not her death, and that her brother would be proud of her. Any further conversation is cut off by the arrival of Thanos' fleet.

"Now", and Shuma Gorath has been summoned to Times Square. It attacks Luke Cage first, and determines the existence of Danielle, expressing a desire to eat her soul. At that point, The Blue Marvel flies right through Shuma Gorath's eye. Spider-Hero comments that doing so brought the gathered heroes a grand total of two minutes. At the sound of his voice, Brashear notes he recognizes it. Spider-Man cuts in, asking Dr. Brashear to analyze Monica. He does so, and quickly realizes the nature of her problem; the photons that make up her body are being eaten by "anti-photons" (Despite Adam pointing out the sheer impossibility of this). However, it does inspire the man with a means to help Monica, infusing her with additional photons, though he notes there will be side-effects, to the extent of making her powers even stronger. In a brilliant flash of light, Monica Rambeau is restored to full health. Just in time for Shuma-Gorath to start pulling itself together.

Elsewhere, the Ebony Maw demands Dr. Strange reinforce the abomination against attack. Back in Times Square, bystanders start growing tentacles from their mouths, as Gorath possesses them. Fortunately, Power Man and White Tiger arrive to clear some room. As they do, Monica notes Dr. Strange's spell on Shuma-Gorath, and an idea strikes: imitating the symbol's shapes, to try and buy the team some time for a solution. As she does, Spider-Hero and Cage discuss how to fight a god, by summoing a bigger god.

Using his chi powers, and with some assistance from Spider-Hero, Power Man grants Ava the power, which is chanelled into the Tiger God itself. The god savages Shuma-Gorath's astral self, and overpowers it, allowing Monica to attack the physical form, which is just real enough for her to blow up completely. Elsewhere, The Ebony Maw takes this in stride.

Kat Farrell, one of the witnesses to the fight, approaches the team, and asks if they're a new Avengers team. Luke responds with his take on the subject, that everyone who helps those in need is an Avenger, including the crowd. Taking the intiative, Monica tells the gathered heroes to get to work on the rest of Thanos' fleet.

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The Blue Marvel joins the fight - and the Ebony Maw makes his move!

A plague of demons is raging through Manhattan, and the only Avenger who can defeat them is... Spider Hero? What?

Seriously, who is that guy?

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