Quote1 He said it wasn't a good idea. He's right. Have you any idea how many lawsuits are being set against you right now by people you've brutalized over petty offenses? And you want to add more? The law is not yours to make up, Spider-Man. There is still such a thing as probable cause in this country. If I were you, I'd walk away now and pray Mr. Cage and Ms. Jones don't decide to sue you and Mayor Jameson for the webs on your back. Because I promise you, the court case will be very, very long. Very public. Very thorough. Are you really ready for that kind of spotlight? Quote2
-- She-Hulk (Jen Walters)

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  • It's the leadership challenge you've been waiting for! Luke vs The Superior Spider-Man - with She-Hulk arbitrating!
  • As in "arbitrating" a robot's head off! Extreme physical discourtesy the way you crave it, True Believer!
  • Meanwhile, there's something very rotten in the fallen city of Attilan - and it's shambling towards the Mighty Avengers!
  • Plus! WHO are the Deathwalkers? Does Ronin know? Wait, hang on, he's DEAD?

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