Quote1 No, Monica. You listen to me. We were charged with a mission. Protect the Earth from this Chitauri invasion. Defend our little piece of the stars. What happens if that shield comes down as a wave is approaching? Do we just trust Hydra to take care of it? I want to be ready and on guard. Like I swore an oath to be. So you make your decisions, but I will not leave my post -- I am Captain Marvel of the Alpha Flight Space Program -- and I will not abandon ship. Quote2
-- Captain Marvel

Appearing in "Band of Sisters: Part 4 of 4"

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Synopsis for "Band of Sisters: Part 4 of 4"

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• Captain Marvel and her crew may have finally found a way to defeat the Chitauri… but it’s going to take all the strength they’ve got – including the new recruits.

• As Alpha Flight puts their plan into action, an enemy from Carol’s past rears its head, threatening to ruin everything!

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