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Quote1.png Merciful and just are the laws of Asgard, but woe to he who strays from the path of righteousness! Though hast willfully shed the blood of thine own brother, thunder god! ... Mighty Thor, god of thunder, thou art henceforth banished for all eternity! Quote2.png

Appearing in "At Death Do We Part!"

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Synopsis for "At Death Do We Part!"

Thor battles Loki for the life of Kevin. Code:Blue manages to get Kevin to safety, and Thor beats Loki. The Enchantress doesn’t want any witnesses, and Susan can identify her. Out of spite, Loki sends a mystic blast towards Marcy and Kevin, but Amora causes Susan to dive in front of it, saving them and sacrificing herself. Thor feels that there is no more choice. He begins the ancient ritual, and using his lifeforce, kills Loki. For breaking Odin’s sacred law, Thor is banished for all eternity. But Thor pleads to not leave Earth defenseless and to spare Eric. So Heimdall causes Eric to become the new Thor. All of Thor’s powers, but Eric’s mind. And in the netherrealm, Mephisto rejoices.


  • Giant-Size Special (350th appearance of Thor)
  • Story reprint of 1st appearance of Thor included (3 parts)

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