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Synopsis for "How the Groonk Stole Christmas!"

Eric has finished shopping for Kevin, a Super Jammers Road Riot Racing Track, when the woman in front of him is mugged by Groonk. Groonk manages to disappear, and Eric heads to Marcy and Bobby’s to give Kevin his present. He feels down though, because they went all out and he can’t do much. After leaving, Thor II catches Groonk at it again, and this time manages to follow him into the sewers. There he meets Cindy Lou, who tells Thor II about Groonk. Thor II returns all the presents, but doesn’t go into details with the police. Captain America offers to let Eric live at Avengers Mansion, but reads him the riot act about his recent judgment calls. Eric goes to visit Susan and confesses to her that his life is a mess. She comes out of her coma and tells him to have faith. Eric then heads back to his apartment to begin packing, and finds all his friends and family there and they have decorated for Christmas.

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