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Synopsis for "Distant Thunder"

In Asgard, Odin muses on Thor being absent from Asgard and his state of mind. Thor, meanwhile, is being persuaded by the Mind Valkyrie to raze not only Asgard, but all the Nine Worlds. While Thor rages, Sif and Beta Ray Bill look on, determined to try to talk sense into Thor. Thor strikes Sif down, when Bill appears. Thor easily defeats the both of them. Bill pleads for Sif to leave to gather more allies, or warn Odin if necessary. Sif leaves via the Norn Stones, and Thor strikes Bill with enough force to shatter the asteroid they were fighting upon. Before Thor can deliver the killing stroke though, the Silver Surfer arrives.


This is part 1 of the Blood and Thunder storyline, continued in Silver Surfer Vol 1 86.

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