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Quote1.png Doesn't look like you cured the big guy, either. Nice goin', baldy. Quote2.png
Pip the Troll

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Synopsis for "Absolute Power"

On Monster Isle, Pip is trying to convince the rest of the Infinity Watch that they should go rescue Adam Warlock from being pummeled by Thor. When Pip tells Drax about "Longhair", he forces Pip to transport them to Thor. While Adam Warlock and the Silver Surfer go off to find allies against Thor, the rest of the Watch appear and Drax immediately starts pounding on Thor. Moondragon tries to use her mind gem to free Thor from his madness, and winds up giving the Mind Valkyrie a life of her own, apart from Thor's shattered psyche. She and Thor then begin attacking the Watch with renewed vigor. During the battle, Drax loses his power gem, which Thor now claims. When Pip notices this, he immediately teleports the Watch away to find Adam.


This is part 5 of the Blood and Thunder storyline, following Warlock & the Infinity Watch Vol 1 23 and continuing directly into Silver Surfer Vol 1 87.

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