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Quote1 Okay, Goldilocks! You are... outta here! Quote2
Pip the Troll

Appearing in "Ruins"

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Synopsis for "Ruins"

Thor and the Mind Valkyrie arrive in Nidgar Keep, before continuing on to the city of Asgard. The rest of the heroes arrive and try to stop Thor once again. Elsewhere, Sif and Beta Ray Bill decide to use the Norn stones to travel to Thor's side, once more in an attempt to stop him as well. Thor and the Mind Valkyrie easily dispatch the heroes, when Sif and Bill arrive. Pip and the Surfer fly towards Thor and the Mind Valkyrie and Pip teleports them to the sanctuary of Thanos, who is none too happy to have unexpected visitors.


This is part 9 of the Blood and Thunder storyline, following Warlock & the Infinity Watch Vol 1 24, and continuing directly into Silver Surfer Vol 1 88.

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