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Quote1 You use a sledge where a key would be best applied. Thor's sanity is locked away. You must free his psyche, not contend with the insanity that envelops it. Quote2
Adam Warlock

Appearing in "Fathers and Sons"

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Synopsis for "Fathers and Sons"

Odin determines that Thor must die to save everything else. Doctor Strange and Adam Warlock stop him, telling him that he tries to pound the insanity out of Thor, when it should be cut away, like a surgeon. Odin agrees and re-enters Thor's psyche. Inside, Odin finds a gigantic mountain, which he climbs, and at the top, he finds Thor in chains. Thor tells Odin that he has been there for a long time, and cannot free himself because he is so weak. Odin tells him that he himself is to blame since he forged the chains out of his own righteousness. Odin breaks the chains, but before they can leave the Mind Valkyrie shows up. Odin and the Mind Valkyrie begin to fight for Thor, as she wants to return to the life that she was given by the mind gem. She tells them both that if she is destroyed, they will destroy Thor's mind as well. Thor takes the risk and destroys her. Thor and Odin and transported back to Asgard, and Thor's mind is clear now. He thanks everyone, even Thanos, that helped in his cure. The Mighty Thor has returned. But in a cave, someplace dark, we see Loki bound in chains, declaring that he will not be a prisoner forever.


This is part 13 of the Blood and Thunder storyline, following Warlock & the Infinity Watch Vol 1 25. The story concludes in this issue.

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