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Quote1.png Halt your bickerings, mortals -- and immortals! Full they may be of fire and fury -- yet they signify naught -- now that Hela, Queen of Death, has come hot from Hel! Quote2.png

Appearing in "To Hela and Back!"

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Synopsis for "To Hela and Back!"

With the help of the Asgardians and the Godpack, Thor manages to free himself and start turning the tide again. Elsewhere, Jane sees Lorelei running away and follows her, and sees her change to Malekith. Jane sees Sif and goes to tell her what she saw, only to have a building fall on them. Hela arrives and proves her power by stopping them all. She reveals the entirety of Malekith’s plan, and makes Kurse see Thor instead of Malekith. Hela orders her minions to find Malekith, but Thor tells her no. She agrees to return them all to Hel, if Thor goes with her. He agrees and makes the Asgardians and Godpack swear to not attempt a rescue. Fortunately, the newly arrived Hulk has made no such promise.

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