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Quote1.png Make me a God again, Enchantress. And you can have my soul. Quote2.png
Don Blake

Appearing in "The League of the Realms Rides Again"

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Synopsis for "The League of the Realms Rides Again"

In a small restaraunt in Broxton, Don Blake is having drinks with a woman, telling her his "history", how he is not quite sure what he is.

In Asgardia, Thor meets with the All-Mothers and they express their affections for each other when they are interrupted by Hreidmar, who has a mystery. In Nidavellir, Hreidmar shows Thor a sealed door that bears an inscription stating that the door stay sealed for all time by the order of Odin. To continue construction in the repairs of Nidavellir, Hreidmar asks that Thor smash open the door, to which Thor agrees.

Back in Broxton, Don continues telling the tale of his "past" and that he was just a vessel for someone else, and that his memories are not even his own.

In Nidavellir, Thor smashes open the door and heads in to investigate when he is beset upon by creatures. He smashes several of them before the floor begins to cave in and he falls through to a lower level. There are several stone-like statues of the creatures, that become animate when the light strikes them, so Thor begins to smash them before they can come to life, but he begins to become overwhelmed by their sheer numbers. Above, Hreidmar calls for Thor but doesn't get an answer, so he begins to venture inside and is horrified to see a small creature sitting on the chest of Thor, causing him to dream the battles that he just had and Hreidmar realizes that they have freed the Mares.

Meanwhile back in Broxton, Donald blake ends the tales of his past by stating that he seeks to regain the power possessed by Thor. He then tells the Enchantress that if she can make him a god once more, he will give her his soul. Amora simply replies by saying that he has finally said something that actually makes sense.

Solicit Synopsis

• Thor…Meet Doctor Donald Blake? • Just Who Is The Mysterious Woman In Dr. Blake’s Life? • And Just Why Is All Of Broxton…And All Of Asgardia…Having The Same Nightmare?

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