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Synopsis for 1st story

In Broxton, Jeff has run away and is walking through town and is starting to get spooked that the entire town seems deserted. Elsewhere, the Enchantress holds aloft Don Blake's head so that he can see what was created from him. In Marelock, Thor is confronted by an enormous nightmare version of his father Odin. Thor goes to battle the apparition, which only keeps saying "My boy." Jeff goes into Bill's Diner and finds one of the Mares sitting on a counter will Mr. Cobb unconscious on the floor. Freaking out, he runs back out and several of the creatures give chase. Elsewhere, the Enchantress kisses Don Blake's severed head, turning it into wood and introduces her creation as her Keep, and kisses him. Having hidden in a car from the Mares and fallen asleep, Jeff is now part of the collective nightmare and finds himself in the middle of the battle between Thor and "Odin". Spotting him, Thor saves him from a collapsing part of ceiling and delivers him to Hreidmar and the others. The Dire Monks of Gundersheim have a plan for them all to summon a dream hero to fight the dream nightmares. Thor goes back out to fight while they work to summon their hero. While more of the ceiling collapses and buries Thor and "Odin", Jeff has summoned the Deconsecrator, the character from the cover of his bands first album.

Solicit Synopsis

• The communal nightmare continues for the nine realms as the Mares run wild • The Enchantress completes her latest masterpiece of madness and mayhem: the transformed Dr. Donald Blake! • What if someone dreamed of a death metal god hungry for power and revenge?

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