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Silver Surfer
You. Strange boy. Where did you get that? Where did you get this...thing?
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I...stole it? From a gimp human that annoyed me? He needs it to walk and I guess I thought it would be funny.
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Silver Surfer
It's not. Stand back. This thing lives in two spaces. Here -- and beyond. Who was "Thor"?
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Appearing in "The Mighty Tanarus, Part 02: The Walk"

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Synopsis for "The Mighty Tanarus, Part 02: The Walk"

  • Synopsis not yet written

Solicit Synopsis

• The New All-Mothers of Asgardia battle their first threat to the Nine Realms! • Loki tries to expose the imposter thunder god Tanarus by enlisting the help of… Doctor Donald Blake? • Beyond the veil of space and time, the place where gods go to die is about to heat up…

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