Tempest Monroe lived in this apartment as worked as its super. After being time-displaced to 2014 A.D., Lyla and Miguel O'Hara moved into apartment 2099.[1] Miguel attempted to befriend Tempest by going to her her apartment and giving her flowers. She let him in, but he noticed her medical bills and inquired about her medical health so she angrily told him to leave. Returning to his apartment, he found his boss waiting for him. She had uncovered the fact the Miguel was an undocumented immigrant, forcing him to reveal himself as a time traveler and the grandson of his manager. After she lef,t Tempest entered Miguel's apartment and tells Miguel the reason for her medical bills was she had leukemia and had months to live. She thanks him for the flowers and leaves the room.[2] In his Spider-Man identity, he broke into Tempest's apartment and injected her with a cure for cancer; however, he was discovered and forced to flee. The next day, she transformed into a humanoid insect.[3] She tried to eat Spider-Man, but he was able to keep occupied until her transformation ended. He returned her to her bed and she claimed not to remember any of the events that transpired when she was powered, but she actually recalled that Miguel revealed his secret identity to break her out of her trance.[4]


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