Quote1 You could be the first person to make an autonomous Multiverse jump... or the last. Quote2
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Early Life

Miguel O'Hara is a superhero from the future who took up the mantle of Spider-Man after gaining similar powers to the original through an experimental procedure. It is assumed that this version of Miguel possesses a similar early life to his Earth-928 counterpart.


Peter Parker (Earth-67) and Miguel O'Hara (Earth-TRN706) from Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse 001

Miguel meeting the Spider-Man of Earth-67.

Miguel was not a participant in the event which drew Spider-People from other universes to the universe of Miles Morales following the death of that universe's Peter Parker. Miguel did, however, keep tabs on the events as they took place, as his AI assistant Lyla later informed him that the multiverse hadn't been "destroyed." Miguel designed a prototypical device which would allow him to open wormholes between universes within the multiverse and travel freely between them, which he first put to use by traveling to Earth-67, where he met the Spider-Man of that universe and got into an argument with him.[1]

Miguel appears only briefly in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, but can be seen to have a very sarcastic attitude. He also speaks coolly about things, even when Lyla tells him that his multiverse-hopping device could kill him.[1]


Seemingly those of the Miguel O'Hara of Earth-928.


Seemingly those of the Miguel O'Hara of Earth-928.


Seemingly those of the Miguel O'Hara of Earth-928.

  • "Gizmo": Miguel uses a device which Lyla refers to as a "gizmo" that allows him to open wormholes between universes.


Seemingly those of the Miguel O'Hara of Earth-928.

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