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Mik was born in the Forgotten City of the High Evolutionary, but was an outcast for not being the same as the more devolved residents of the city. He was rescued by the Thing and taken in by the Fantastic Four.[1] Once safe from harm, Mik and his siblings joined the Future Foundation.[2]

The Future Foundation

With Turg, Mik participated to Johnny Storm's party at Peter Parker's flat. Once the two humans had drunk Kymel from Light Brigade Kymellian Kal Blackbane, Mik, Peter, Johnny, a Centaurian of the Light Bridage named Els Udonta, and MJ Watson embarked on a crazy night through the streets of New York City.[3] Later, Mik was seen in class with Johnny as the replacement teacher wearing "I party with Johnny" t-shirt, sunglasses, and an urge to go to the bathroom.

That same day, along with the rest of the Foundation, Mik participated to Johnny's field trip to the Negative Zone. Facing the demand of free elections among the Negative Zone natives, as well as the protests of Bentley towards the field trip subject, Mik and Korr defended the democratic and self-ruling ways.[4]

The Future Foundation visited Wakanda and briefly encountered the Hyena Clan. While the latter were attacking Dragon Man, the Moloids discussed whether or not they should help him, as the aggression might help him overcome his pacifist ways.[5]

During a course at the Foundation Space Station, Attilan arrived, hiding the station from sunlight, Mik thought that he had became blind, a theory quickly debunked.[6] Although Bentley intended for the Foundation to fight the Inhumans, the Moloids refused to do so.[7]

After the destruction and subsequent return of the Universe, Mik joined the Future Foundation in their journey to restore the Multiverse, while also creating entirely new realities.[8] He spent over half a decade away[9] before finally returning home.[10]



Unstable Molecules costume, Moloid glasses.


  • As his fellow Moloids of the FF, Mik despises entry-level courses.[4]
  • The Moloids are apparently bad losers. Somehow crossed by Bentley on an unknown subject, the Moloids left something disgusting in his bed.[11]


  • According to FF (Vol. 2) #6, Mik's assigned number in the Future Foundation is 11, but he's most commonly seen wearing 10.[4][11][12]
    • Like most members, he'd often wear numerous other numbers to confuse Scott Lang when he was in charge of the team.[13]

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