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Mike Wieringo was born in Italy and raised in Lynchburg, Virginia--an American citizen from birth, with dual citizenship in Italy until he was 18. He attended Virginia Commonwealth University, in Richmond, Virginia, USA, graduating with a degree in Fashion Illustration, and broke into comics as a penciler with the Millennium Publications series Pat Savage and Doc Savage: Doom Dynasty in 1991.

Professional History

Two years later, he penciled the cover of the anthology comic book Negative Burn #1 (1993), from Caliber Press.

Wieringo broke into mainstream publisher DC Comics penciling the cover and co-penciling (with Lee Moder) the 30-page Justice League International lead story in Justice League Quarterly #11 (Summer 1993). Wieringo then penciled a 13-page backup feature starring the superheroines Doctor Light and Ice in Justice League Quarterly #12 (Autumn 1993).

Work History



Mike kept a blog until the weekend he passed away, it is still up for posterity and as a memorial to Mike[1]. He was also well known for being an extremely nice guy, and shared loved to share things with his fans. Unfortunately due to his untimely death, he was unable to work on many of the ideas he had for when his exclusivity contract with marvel to be up. Ideas like "Prince of Saturn". Mike also had a cat named Charlie, of whom he considered his best friend. He was a vegetarian, and while it was partly for his health, he just loved animals too much to eat them.

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Born June 24, 1963 Died August 12, 2007