Colonel Kutuzov was a Russian cosmonaut and a member of the space station, Starcore One. He was present for many of the crew’s examination of unusual solar and astronomic events, often tied to alien activities or reality-affecting events on Earth. As such, he was witness to the appearance of an alien ship from behind the sun, and later when the sun’s electromagnetic field became unstable, threatening to cause a nova.[1]

Mikhail was present when Quasar boarded Starcore One to ask about the sun’s changes, and left the team an emergency device to contact him in case of emergency after they refused to abandon the station. He was later among the crew when they evacuated the station due to a massive solar flare heading towards it.

They escaped In the Starcore life pod, and were rescued by the Avengers thanks to a distress signal sent by Corbeau. A Shi'ar spaceship then emerged from a wormhole/gate which had caused the flare, and opened fire on the Avengers and the pod. The Avengers drove off the Shi’ar and returned the Starcore One staff to Earth.[2]

Kutuzov’s current whereabouts and activities are unknown.


Colonel Kutuzov had no superhuman powers, but was skilled at calibrating space shuttle instruments.

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