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Early Life[]

Mikhail Nikolaievitch Rasputin (Russian: Михаил Николаевич Распутин was born and raised at the Ust-Ordynski Collective, a Soviet collective farm nestled near the shores of Lake Baikal in Siberia. Growing up alongside his beloved brother, the gentle artist Piotr Rasputin, Mikhail's early years were shaped by the rustic surroundings of the collective. Embarking on a trajectory that would distinguish him, Mikhail enlisted in the Russian airforce, where he dedicated numerous years to loyal service. His unwavering commitment eventually led to a pivotal moment in his life when he was recruited into the prestigious Soviet Space Program. As part of this ambitious venture, Mikhail found himself thrust into the cosmos on a daring mission. Tragically, fate took a grim turn during one particular mission when Mikhail was unexpectedly drawn into a dimensional rift, a phenomenon that altered the course of his existence. Officially declared deceased, the solemnity of the situation was marked by the awarding of a medal in his honor, attended by grieving family members. The profound loss had a profound impact on Piotr, Mikhail's dear brother, and inadvertently triggered the emergence of Piotr's Mutant abilities. The manifestation of these powers was so extraordinary that it caught the attention of a government official who bore witness to the unfolding events.[3][4]


During a mission as a cosmonaut for the Soviet Union, Mikhail was pulled into a dimensional rift, where he alone of all his crew survived. He was taken in by the locals, fell in love with a princess named Tra-Mai-A-Zath, and married her. His father-in-law, Avatar, was something of a tyrant, so Mikhail found himself embroiled in political conflicts that led to a civil war. During the fighting, the rift was opened, and only Mikhail's powers could close it. He did so, but the backlash killed hundreds of his people, including his wife.[5]

Brother's Rescue[]

Overcome by grief, Mikhail exiled himself into the desert, where he remained until the X-Men, with his brother Colossus, traveled through the re-opened rift to try and seal it. Eventually, the team and Mikhail connected, and using Sunfire and Iceman to control the energy backlash, Mikhail and the team were able to close the rift and return to Earth, without any loss of life.[6]


Once back, however, Mikhail found it hard to adjust, and eventually went crazy, hearing and seeing his dead companions and loved ones in his mind, torturing him. He escaped the X-Mansion and fled into the Morlock tunnels, where after a battle with the X-Men, he collapsed and flooded the Morlocks' home.[7][8] The result being that the many including the X-Men believed for a significant time that they all drowned to death, including Mikhail, which would become yet another source of grief in addition to the rest of his family's death, for Colossus in the near future. This eventually led to Colossus having a fallout with Xavier.[9]

Gene Nation[]

However Mikhail and the rest did not die, as Mikhail unbeknownst to the X-Men, used his power to open a new dimensional rift to a nasty world called the Hill. There, as time moved faster than on Earth, Mikhail trained and organized the next generation of Morlocks into Gene Nation, a terrorist group led by Marrow, who intended to return to our dimension and wreak havoc.[10] Later, Mikhail kidnapped Storm and tried to force her to be his consort. Storm escaped by threatening to kill Mikhail if he didn't use his power to return her to Earth.[11]


Mikhail next manipulated his sister Illyana into coming to the present from the past, when she was alive and had powers and magical abilities, saying that he could cure her of the Legacy Virus that was dormant inside her, and which would eventually kill her. In reality, however, Mikhail hoped to use Illyana's magically bolstered immune system to help cure his own infection. The process failed, and Illyana herself was infected with Legacy as a result, so in effect, Mikhail helped to kill his own sister.[12]

Mikhail's powers increased immensely, and he became quite mad. He gained the ability to animate objects, and believed that he could resurrect Illyana. However, he needed Colossus's artistic vision to give her a soul, so he kidnapped Peter (and Marrow, who was traveling with him at the time) and brought them to the Hill. Peter resisted Mikhail's attempts to persuade him and Mikhail finally lashed out at his brother. When Marrow attacked to save her friend, Mikhail unleashed a large burst, which caused him a lot of pain. Then this green ugly energy emerged from Mikhail's body, and Peter theorized that it was responsible for both his brother's increasing power and insanity. As Mikhail fought the creature, he opened a portal to send Peter and Sarah back. Peter grabbed for his brother and begged him to come back with them, and Mikhail made a supreme effort and followed them back. This severed his link to the energy creature, making him sane again, but cutting off his ability to teleport back to the creature's dimension.[13]


Mikhail recovered at the Mansion, where he discovered that he was part of the legendary Twelve. However, just as he was cleared to leave the med lab, he was captured by the Horseman Death and brought to Apocalypse. He no longer appeared to be infected with the Legacy Virus, but exactly how that happened is unknown. In the final battle with Apocalypse, Mikhail opened up another dimensional rift (something he shouldn't have been able to do any longer) and took the three remaining Horsemen with him to an unknown dimension.[14]


Mikhail Rasputin (Earth-616) from X-Men Colossus Bloodline Vol 1 3


Mikhail reappeared on Earth in the company of Sinister, who was killing off the members of the extended Rasputin Family. It appeared that Mikhail was suffering from headaches, perhaps brought on by his proximity to his relatives. He managed to transport himself and Colossus to a reality of solid rock, and left Piotr there so he could be the lone Rasputin and absorb all of the dispersed portions of the psyche of his ancestor, Grigory Rasputin. However, the good aspects of some of his relatives appeared to hold influence in his mind, and Mikhail refused to finish assisting Sinister. He returned to the rock universe to save Piotr, and then exiled himself into an inter-dimensional void known as Kapalan, so that he would never die and Rasputin would never be reborn.[15]


While examining the corpses of XENO's enhanced soldiers in the Healing Gardens, Beast, Sage, and Cecilia Reyes were all shocked to discover that the soldiers were biologically engineered to have smaller agents nested inside. One of these small soldiers was able to steal the Cerebro Sword, murder Kid Omega with it, and used his dying body to access a Krakoa Gateway to Russia to deliver the sword to Mikhail Rasputin.[16] Mikhail then presented the sword to The Man with the Peacock Tattoo and XENO.[17]

Mikhail returned to living in Siberia, where The Man with the Peacock Tattoo delivered him a group of super-powered soldiers. At the time he was also attempting to decrypt the Cerebro Sword and had Chronicler manipulate his brother to be his unknowing spy.[18] Mikhail later faced his brother, now freed from his control after the Hellfire Gala, and was killed by him.[2]


Power Grid[20]
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Rasputin is an Alpha-mutant.[19]

Spatial Warping: He has the ability to manipulate subatomic matter and warp energy by altering their wavelengths to an unknown degree. He has used these energies to teleport through space, but at considerable risk. He is also able to fire energy blasts and affect another's energy-based powers, such as turning Iceman fully solid.

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