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Early Life

Miklos Kozlov was a freedom fighter in Western Europe. He was captured by the Soviets who discovered that he was also a learned scientist. Rather than execute him, Communist Colonel Vorcutsky forced him to work at one of their atomic testing sites.[1]



Their tests awakened an ancient dragon named Grogg. Grogg began terrorizing a nearby village and Vorcutsky and Kozlov tried to escape by plane. Grogg downed the plane and Vorcutsky told the dragon that Kozlov was the one responsible for disturbing his rest. Hiding in a cave, Kozlov evaded Grogg's wrath by using a smoke grenade to obfuscate his escape.[1]

Return of Grogg

Only a short while later, Kozlov encountered Grogg a second time. He lured him to a Russian launch pad, and baited him into entering a space vessel bound for Mars. The ship launched and Grogg was taken off planet. While Russia was still under the Soviet regime, Miklos defected to the United States of America where he had his name legally changed to Michael Kozlov.[2]

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