Milago is the capital city of the United Sisterhood Republic located in an alternate future. It is located in the region that was once Milwaukee and Chicago.


At the end of the twentieth century in one alternate timeline, worldwide chemical and biological warfare broke out, resulting in the sterilization of 95% of the Earth's female population. The fertile 5% seized political power and began a systematized program of oppression against men, who were seen as having nearly exterminated the species. By the early 23rd century, natural childbirth was totally supplanted by laboratory birthing, and men were bred only as servants, entertainers, and breeding stock. The major concerns of the United Sisterhood Republic, one of the leading nations of the new world, were exterminating the renegade bands of roving free men and preventing incursions from foreign nations and powers.[citation needed]Thundra was born in the Central Birthing Center in Milago, a government-run laboratory where fetuses are brought to term in artificial wombs. Genetically engineered for strength and endurance, Thundra was sent to military school when she was eight years old. By the age of eighteen, she had distinguished herself as the finest warrior in the Midwestern Republic and became an officer in the militia. She led assaults against roving bands of renegades and the armies of the Central American Empire.[citation needed]

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