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Quote1.png I thought you were too soft to be a warrior. But this ruthlessness -- dooming my brothers and me, destroying our cure so that you can be the only one as well as the original -- it's more than I thought you were capable of. Quote2.png

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  • Humans (Main story and flashback)



Synopsis for 1st story

Captured by Selim, mistakenly impressed by Miles' ruthlessness destroying their cure, the clone explains his and his brothers' origin under the Assessor's cultivation. After escaping and with destabilized DNA, Selim spent a good while formulating a cure for them, the same one Miles destroyed thinking it was to make more of them. With the scientist they kidnapped dead, killing him after completing his research, Selim plans revenge on Miles by attacking his family with Mindspinner. However, Miles appeals to Shift who showed hints of empathy and escaped without incident to rescue Rio at the hospital. After clarifying that he's the real Spider-Man to hospital staff, Miles fought off Mindspinner and overwhelmed him despite the psychic attacks. Dazed, Rio walked him out of the room before both realized that Selim's awareness of Miles' identity means that the villainous clone was heading to their home. Meanwhile, Selim arrives at the Morales home, impersonating Miles to get close enough for Jefferson to hand him Billie while the patriarch retrieves his panic bag and firearm. Now holding his next hostage, Selim smiles as he readies his next move holding baby Billie.

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The secrets and origins of the clones are revealed and the truth is horrifying. This is the issue you won't forget any time soon, and neither will Miles.

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