Quote1.png What was I thinking anyhow? Norman Osborn killed Peter Parker. He killed him. Right here on this street. I come here and what? Let him kill me? Is that-- is that the Human Torch? Ow. Oh, my God. This is it. This is the exact place it happened. This is the exact place the Green Goblin killed Spider-Man. Quote2.png
-- Spider-Man (Miles Morales)

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At the Daily Bugle, Ned Leeds is having problems selling a story to Jonah, who shoots down his idea immediately, on the justification that the story is not a story, but a blurry picture of the Spider-Men Twins that has already been shown around the internet already. If Ned wants to write a story, he'd need something more concrete. Like Norman Osborn being alive and chased by the FBI, as a panicked Ben Urich helpfully supplies.

In his station, Captain Frank Quaid finds two of his detectives are having a hard time finding anything out about the Spider-Men. Their idea of investigating is to blame Stark Industries, who understandably aren't talking. In other words, they've got nothing. And as Quaid explains, since one of the guys the twins beat up died, the case is now a homicide, meaning it's passed over to homicide detective Maria Hill. Her first suspect, Miles.

In Queens, Miles tries to tell Kate who he is, and despite Ganke's spirit attempts, succeeds. Kate immediately runs away. Miles takes the conclusion that he obviously told her the wrong way. Any attempt to go after her is halted when Maria Hill appears, demanding he come with her. Miles chooses to run. An angry Hill sets off after him... only for Miles to reappear once she's gone, having used his chameleon powers to hide. Miles and Ganke agree, the day isn't going very well. And then Ganke's phone informs him Norman Osborn is alive. Reasoning that May and Gwen are in danger, Miles heads off.

In the abandoned Osborn Industries, Monica Chang rants at the FBI for shutting down SHIELD, for sending her for court, and for dragging her into an investigation she believes is a waste of time. Obviously Norman wouldn't go back to his old lab. Then one of the agents notes some fire damage, recent damage at that. Stumbling upon a hidden lab, Monica finds Osborn, now looking more human, thanks to a shave and a new suit. As Chang calls out to the agents, Osborn explains that she failed as Director of SHIELD for not being Fury, and for not exploiting the resources she had at her disposal. And as he instantly transforms into his goblin form, Norman explains this is why he won't pity her. He promptly kills Chang, and the agents, before leaving.

In Queens, Miles rides atop a bus, lamenting the absence of his webshooters, among other things, as his internal monologue goes a mile a minute, stopping as he encounters one of May's neighbours out walking her dog, as he sneaks around the Parker residence. And then the Green Goblin crashes down in front of him. Miles, seeing the Green Goblin towering over him, is convinced he's about to die...

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• MILES MORALES comes face-to-face with the worst nightmare of the Ultimate SPIDER-MAN Legacy…

• NORMAN OSBORN…the GREEN GOBLIN…the man who killed PETER PARKER… or did he?


32 PGS./Rated T+ ...$3.99


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  1. "They are converging! The Earths are converging! Only one will remain! (...)"

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