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Early Life

Miles was born in Brooklyn, the son of police officer Jefferson Davis and Rio Morales. He grew up idolizing Spider-Man as his favorite super-hero.[3]

He once won the award science convention of New York City along his friend, Phin, and with the help of her brother, Rick Mason, by creating a energy converter. However, because Miles changed to Brooklyn Visions, they barely had time to see eachother again. During that same convention, Peter Parker, the alter-ego of Spider-Man, and Otto Octavius were present and evaluated integrating the idea of one of the projects into a neural-interface they were working on. Miles bumped into Peter to which he apologized, Peter replying "all good!"[2]

City at War

Miles was one of the many civilians present on a street when Spider-Man took down a helicopter carrying members of the Demons gang.

Miles during his father's speech at the New York City Hall.

When his father was going to be awarded at the New York City Hall by his heroic acts after helping Spider-Man against the Demons, Martin Li acting as his evil alter ego Mister Negative attacked the place, as part of his revenge plot against mayor Norman Osborn. While Miles and his mother survived the attack, his father died trying to prevent one of Mr. Negative’s men from setting off one of the bombs strapped to his chest.

His father's death caused him to become distant and reckless, even trying to fight criminals by himself, only to be saved by Spider-Man. Upon meeting his hero, Miles was awestruck. Spider-Man decided to give Miles a quick lesson in fighting, one in which Miles managed to accidentally punch Spider-Man in the face. This encounter with Spider-Man helped him to cheer up.

Peter Parker later advised his mother to send him to work at F.E.A.S.T. Shelter to help distract him and make him feel better. There, he met Peter’s aunt, May Parker.

When Dr. Octopus and his Sinister Six took over Manhattan and unleashed the felons held at the Raft, Miles and Mary Jane Watson helped Spider-Man deal with the crisis. He also helped May at the F.E.A.S.T. Shelter to keep it safe from the escaped convicts and to help those seeking refuge from the destruction outside.

Miles also volunteered to go out to try to find antibiotics for F.E.A.S.T. on a Sable International near the Brooklyn Bridge. While at the location, he happened to cross paths with Rhino and Scorpion, but managed to escape Rhino by staying out of his sight and by tricking him with sounds around the ambient.

While helping move boxes at the shelter, a genetically altered spider similar to the one that bit Peter years before that had hitched a ride on Mary Jane Watson’s jacket after she invaded a secret lab on Norman's apartment, jumped off Mary Jane and made its way down to the boxes Miles was moving, causing him to be bitten.

Three months after the crisis that struck the city, and the defeat of Dr. Octopus, Miles manifested spider powers similar to those of Spider-Man. When he was helping Peter move in to a new apartment, Miles demonstrated his newfound powers to Peter by sticking to the roof, and, to his surprise, Peter did as well, revealing his secret identity as Spider-Man.

The City That Never Sleeps

Aspiring to be a Spider-Man just like his idol, Miles called Peter on a number of occasions, asking for training with his new powers. Peter argued that he is too young to do what he does, but promised him to occasionally teach Miles some things when he was ready. Eager to try more things with his powers, Miles jumped from one of the bridges of the city to see if he could resist a great fall, but ended up injured with a fractured toe. While in the hospital, he called Peter who, upon hearing what Miles did, advised him not to be reckless with his powers since they carry with them a great responsibility.

Peter teaching Miles how to webswing for the first time.

Days later, while on Peter's apartment, Miles discovered that Peter also assembled him a pair of Web-Shooters, and was planning to finally begin training him. To do this, Peter took Miles to the top of the Chrysler Building to teach him how to web-swing from skyscrapers.[3]


When the Inheritors became a threat again to the Spider-Totems around the multiverse, Miles was visited by Peter and the Superior Spider-Man of Earth-616. Peter told him that he had to go away for a while to help fight the Inheritors, and that in case of a crisis in his absence, Miles should act as Spider-Man and help out. When asked by the Superior Spider-Man why they shouldn’t bring Miles along, Peter answered that he’s too young to come along on such a dangerous mission and that in case he doesn’t come back, at least his world will still have a Spider-Man.[4]

Miles is visited by Peter

New Kid on the Block

Around a year after the Devil's Breath Incident, Miles and his mother moved from Brooklyn back to her childhood neighborhood Harlem. Though adjusting to this move proved to be difficult, with Miles frequently stating that he didn't feel very at home there, it put him closer to the spider-action in Manhattan. By this point, Miles had become his own Spider-Man, wearing a suit made from one of Peter's old suits, a hoodie, a parka, and some sneakers. One day, while Miles was out grabbing food, Peter sent him a notification that it was go-time: they were going to oversee a convoy transporting several Raft prisoners, including an unknown superpowered one. Miles suited up and met up with Peter and the two went to work. When Miles inquired as to who was being transported, Peter said he had no idea, but the answer soon became clear when the movement of the prisoner caused one of the tethers holding the cell in place began to fray. Against Peter's warnings, Miles jumped onto the transport cell and webbed up the cable, assuring Peter that everything was fine. But Miles' additional weight on the side of the transport cell had caused it to be thrown off balance and the cable snapped, tearing Miles' web with it and almost launching Miles head-first into the blades of the transport vehicle before he was rescued by Peter. Both Spider-Men regrouped and were powerless but to watch as the vehicle crashed on the street below, releasing several of the Raft prisoners and the superpowered prisoner, none other than Rhino himself.

The final training mission.

Peter and Miles immediately jumped into action, with Peter chasing down Rhino while Miles handled the escaped criminals. Peter soon called for Miles' backup, however, as Rhino began to crash through commercial buildings, including a mall, during which time Miles took a turn trying to corral Rhino to a stop and even had to save a stroller-bound infant from the behemoth's rampage. The Spider-Men chased Rhino through a mall before eventually meeting back up, but failed to stop him before he could race headlong into a pressurized tank of flammable gas. This caused an explosion which decimated a building complex now owned by the energy company Roxxon and which launched Miles into a smokestack. Injured, but far from down for the count, Miles tried to get ahold of Peter, though this attempt was unsuccessful. Instead, Miles went to attack several Rykers escapees who had shown up on the scene. During these confrontations, Peter contacted Miles, revealing that he was okay but in need of help, as Rhino was becoming too much to take on alone. Miles went to help Peter, but found his mentor beaten almost to death. Peter weakly warned Miles to run while he could, but Miles refused to back down, instead running up to Rhino and blasting him with a bolt of bioelectricity. This shocked both Miles and Rhino, though not in the same sense; Miles was awestruck by this new power, while Rhino writhed on the ground and tried to regain his senses. When he did, he and Miles engaged in a brutal fight, with Rhino throwing Miles through a brick wall. After some time, however, Miles emerged victorious and went to assist his mentor. As they recovered, Roxxon executive Simon Krieger showed up and thanked the heroes for their work, stating that he and the police would take care of Rhino. Miles was skeptical, but Peter told him they should get out of there and let the police do their work.

The two sat on a rooftop later and shared a pizza, where Peter gave Miles a gift, which he later found out was a new spider-suit of his own, and told him to take the oath of being a Spider-Man: to do everything in his power to protect the city. Excited, Miles appealed to Peter that they should test out his new bioelectricity powers later on, but Peter replied that he would be out of town for a few weeks, traveling to Symkaria with MJ as her personal photographer as she wrote an article on the civil war still raging there. He assured Miles that he was ready, and then left after referring to Miles as "New York's only Spider-Man," at least for a little while. Nervous but excited all the same, Miles left and called his friend Ganke to show him the new suit. Having put it on, Miles discovered that Peter had left a message which guided Miles to a holographic training exercise, one of several that Peter had set up around the city to train his protégé. After completing one of these exercises, Miles received a call from Ganke telling him to check out Roxxon Plaza, the site of the new Nuform reactor in Harlem, because Ganke thought he had seen someone breaking in. Upon inspecting the plaza, Miles discovered a group of high-tech criminals referring to themselves as the Underground trying to steal information on Nuform. Miles battled it out with this group before returning home and helping his mom and Ganke set up dinner. Rio surprised Miles with a guest at dinner, Miles old friend Phin, to whom he hadn't spoken in some time. The dinner went well, and Miles and Phin talked for some time after.

A New Crisis

The next day, Miles awoke to Ganke, who was staying over, telling him that he had stayed up all night designing an app for Miles' suit, which he referred to as the Friendly Neighborhood Spider-App, and which allowed people across the city to submit requests for help from Spider-Man. One request was quickly placed, which brought Miles face-to-face with his estranged uncle, Aaron Davis. Miles awkwardly interacted with his uncle, who he presumed didn't know his identity, and helped to fix the subways, which were being tampered with by the Underground as they were a secret method for Nuform transport. After this, Davis gave Spider-Man a one-year subway pass with Miles' name on it. Alarmed, Miles tried to flee, but Davis revealed he knew his nephew was the new Spider-Man and encouraged him to reach out if he ever needed any help. Rattled, Miles agreed and left, meeting up again with Phin, where they discussed their science project from middle school, an energy converter which had earned them a place in an Oscorp exhibition. During this discussion, Phin's older brother Rick was brought up, which made her cagey, and she said she had to go. Perplexed, Miles left as well and returned home to watch his mother's campaign rally, where she was running for city council. During her speech, however, a member of the Underground calling herself the Tinkerer hacked the screen overhead and indicted Simon Krieger as a killer before several Underground members appeared and attacked the armed Roxxon guards present at the campaign speech. Miles fought them off but then saw an explosion near Braithwaite Bridge and went to address the situation. When he attempted to break up the brewing fight between Roxxon and the Underground, the Tinkerer kicked him out of the way and went to steal the Nuform shipment that the Roxxon group was guarding. Miles fought off the Underground, during which time he saw that his friend Phin was, in fact, the Tinkerer, but his newly coined bioelectric "venom blast" made the Nuform unstable. This caused it to explode, destroying the bridge and endangering several civilians, who Miles raced to save. Successful, he returned to the top of the bridge, where he was greeted by Roxxon guards preparing to execute him like a firing squad. Terrified, Miles accidentally uncovered another new power: biological camouflage, or invisibility. Miles fled the scene and returned home.

Miles in his definitive costume.

Disheartened by Phin's true identity but still determined to do what was right, Miles and Ganke spent the next several hours tweaking designs for a new spider-suit, since the one Miles was gifted by Peter had been torn in battle. Miles took to the streets after this, and soon received a call from Peter asking if everything was alright, since he had heard about the explosion. He also offered to come home immediately if necessary, but Miles assured him that everything was fine and that he could handle it. Miles visited the Mason repair shop that Phin's family had owned to see if he could find any clues. He uncovered a hidden room with evidence that Rick had died of a disease caused by Nuform, and that Roxxon and Simon Krieger had been responsible for covering it up; this was why Phin became the Tinkerer. Miles also determined that Phin's phone had a video on it which would provide more evidence, but that she had lost it somewhere in a Roxxon facility. Miles dispatched a group of Underground members sent to attack him and then immediately went to a Roxxon test lab to find the phone, where he came across another vigilante, the Prowler, who revealed himself to be Miles' own uncle Aaron. Davis appealed to Miles to leave the lab while he still could, but Miles stubbornly refused until he had found the phone. Davis remarked that Miles was like his father in that way, and guided him to the reactor room where Phin had lost the phone.

Upon acquiring the phone, Miles gave it a quick charge with his venom blast and watched the video Phin had recorded, which showed that Rick and Phin had snuck into the lab to disable the Nuform synthesizer in order to prevent others from getting sick like Rick. Unfortunately, Krieger had predicted this would happen and locked Rick in a small space with the synthesizer as it went critical, leaving Phin powerless as she watched Krieger set off the synthesizer and kill Rick. Disturbed and angered, Miles decided to finish what Rick had started, and absorbed the energy of the synthesizer into himself, which he then released in a giant venom blast later on, admitting to Davis that it felt like he was dying while he was holding all that energy in. He and Davis were confronted by Roxxon foot soldiers and they teamed up to fight them off before fleeing through the subways, where Davis warned Miles that the life he had chosen was dangerous, and that he should never take off his mask to anyone. In spite of this, he gave Miles the idea to lie to Phin about wanting to join the Underground as a way of finding their hideout and gathering more intel.

Miles left and called Phin, asking her to meet up, whereupon he lied to her that he had been trying to get in touch with her and had visited, as Miles, the Mason workshop and seen how Rick had died and that she was the Tinkerer. He then asked to join her "secret club," which she agreed to, leading him up a crane to prove his bravery to the Underground, after which he had to jump to the top of Fisk Tower to complete the test. Succeeding in doing so while hiding his powers, Miles was welcomed into the Underground's lair, which was now set up within Fisk Tower. Miles soon lied to Phin that he had to go because his mother was expecting him at home, after which he changed into Spider-Man and snuck around the lair, eventually finding a secret room housing a map of all the Underground's hideouts. Miles was very nearly discovered, but turned invisible just in time to hide from Phin and her group before leaving and going to one of these hideouts. Here, he discovered that Phin had stolen a canister of Nuform and was trying to overload it with energy as Miles' venom blast had. Deducing that Phin planned to make a bomb for some reason, Miles attempted to steal the Nuform before it could be overloaded, only to be discovered by the Tinkerer and her group. Phin grabbed the Nuform and made off with it while Miles, as Spider-Man, chased her down. When he eventually caught up to her, she beat him and was about to kill him when he revealed his true identity to her, shocking her and causing her to flee.

Stressed and weak, Miles met up with his uncle again, who advised him to get back in touch with his music-mixing hobby as a way of relieving stress, and told Miles about a mix Davis and Miles' father had been trying to make back in the day using sounds from around the city. Miles asked why Davis and his dad had grown apart, and Davis assured him that he would hear the whole story eventually. Miles told Davis he was going to try and meet up with Phin again at Trinity Church, and left. The next day, Miles swung to Trinity Church to talk with Phin, who lambasted him for lying to her and said that she planned to use the unstable Nuform to blow up the reactor as revenge for Rick's death and to prevent anyone else form getting sick like he had. She assured Miles there would be no casualties but he insisted there was no way she could know that for sure, and told her that as long as she continued to try to do this, he would have to continue to stop her. The two chatted for some time about childhood memories before Miles' spider-sense went off and the church was attacked by a Roxxon-upgraded Rhino. Miles attempted to stop Rhino, but found that the Roxxon armor he was wearing blocked Miles' venom blasts, and both he and Phin were knocked out and kidnapped.

When Miles came to, he realized he and Phin were being kept in a Roxxon lab and being interrogated by Simon Krieger. Angry, Miles remained silent to everything Krieger said until he tried to pull Miles' mask off, at which point Krieger was suddenly shocked by Miles' venom blast, though this only made Krieger more interested in Miles, with Krieger threatening that he would eventually get Miles' mask off and find out what gave him his powers, especially his venom blast, which he thought he could market as bio-engineered power. Krieger then left and instructed his Roxxon soldiers to find out where Phin was keeping the Nuform she stole. The soldiers immediately moved on Miles, however, beating him repeatedly and hatefully, though with every blow he got more energy to use toward his venom blast, which he unleashed on the soldiers, making him weak.

Miles and Phin worked to escape the facility, but Miles witnessed the Prowler talking to Krieger and Rhino, seemingly agitated by the fact that Spider-Man was captured, as it was "not part of the deal." Krieger simply shrugged this off and told the mercenary that Spider-Man was leverage, apparently over both Phin and Prowler. Prowler threatened to go public with Krieger's murder of Rick Mason, to which Krieger simply replied that it would bring the Prowler down with him, and walked away. Miles, scared and disappointed in his uncle, revealed to Phin that he knew the Prowler and that he was likely the reason they were captured at Trinity Church. Phin confronted Miles later about his being Spider-Man, asking if he ever planned on telling her, as they were best friends and he was the closest thing she had to a brother after Rick took on a paternal role in her life and then died. Miles hesitated to answer, knowing that he wouldn't have told her the truth. Phin became angry with Miles, who she believed had lied to her once again, and decided that they need to focus on escaping before parting ways for good.

After a brief skirmish with Roxxon soldiers, the two made it into Krieger's personal lab, where Miles found damning evidence of Nuform's toxicity and danger which Krieger had been hiding. Miles told Phin that they could use this against Krieger, but they were suddenly ambushed again by Rhino. Miles again tried to use his venom blast, but this failed due to Rhino's new armor. Miles and Phin fought off Rhino and several other Roxxon soldiers, with Miles breaking down Rhino's armor to finally shock him with his venom. Phin appealed to Miles to kill Rhino, but Miles vehemently disagreed with this plan and told her to watch Rhino while he downloaded the data from Krieger's lab. As he did this, he found out that Krieger changed the specs on the Nuform reactor since Phin had last seen it, making it so that if the reactor exploded as Phin planned, it would take out more than just Roxxon's headquarters: it would take all of Harlem with it. Miles was interrupted by Phin stabbing Rhino, who had been antagonizing her over the death of her brother. Miles tackled Phin through a wall to stop her, but Phin beat him, damaging his suit and letting her get away.

Down But Not Out

Miles, profoundly injured, called to Ganke to help him. Ganke met him and managed to get him back to the apartment, though this exposed Miles, in his Spider-Man suit, to his mother, who confusedly realized that Miles was the new Spider-Man she had been seeing everywhere. Ganke and Rio helped Miles heal and recover his strength while he told them Phin's plan to attack Roxxon Plaza. Rio asked why Miles had never told her he was Spider-Man, and he replied that he didn't want her to worry about him but that he was now worried that he had screwed up his relationship with his mom, but Rio assured Miles that she would never stop loving him, and told him he was a lot like his father. Ganke and Rio then made a plan to evacuate everyone they could from the Harlem area, and at Miles' request, Ganke cross-referenced Underground activity with buildings capable of storing Nuform. Ganke uncovered that Phin was most likely at the same Oscorp exhibition hall where the two of them had shown off their energy converter, which she was using to finish destabilizing the Nuform. Miles readied himself to chase her down, but was tranquilized as he swung through the air.

Spider-Man versus Prowler.

When he awoke, Miles found himself imprisoned by his uncle Aaron, as the Prowler. Enraged, Miles asked why he was being held hostage by his own uncle, who responded that it was for his own protection because Davis couldn't afford to lose Miles as well. Miles rebutted this, saying it was his job to be out there helping people, no matter the cost. Miles then confronted his uncle about the Prowler selling him and Phin out to Krieger, to which Davis responded that it wasn't part of the plan for Miles to get caught but Krieger broke the deal. Miles angrily told Davis that this wasn't the way to protect those you love, and broke out of the cell. Davis tried to fight Miles back into the cell, but Miles beat his uncle. Davis made one final appeal to Miles, stating that they were family and that he didn't want to go down the same path with Miles that he did with his own brother. Miles told him that being family wasn't enough anymore, and that he refused to turn his back when people needed him.

Miles then went to the science center, where he reminisced about his time there when he was younger and submitted the energy converter with Phin for exhibition. He found it crawling with Underground, who he subdued before going inside. Here, he found exactly what he had expected, Phin using the energy converter to finish destabilizing the Nuform she had stolen. Miles once again tried to appeal to Phin's better nature, but she shoved him off, stating that she was done listening to him, before fleeing and sending her Underground group after him. Miles dispatched these enemies and then was confronted by Roxxon soldiers outside, whom he also beat before meeting up again with Ganke, Rio, and a few other residents of Harlem. He told them that they needed to evacuate immediately, but he could only carry a few of them. Suddenly, a burst of energy came from the direction of Roxxon Plaza, indicating that Phin had started to put her plan into motion. A few more Roxxon soldiers arrived and prepared to try and kill Spider-Man once again when the Prowler returned to take down the soldiers, urging Miles to do what he needed to do.

Our Spider-Man

Miles rushed toward Roxxon Plaza, where he tried to stop Phin from succeeding at putting the Nuform into the reactor. Phin, however, knocked him back angrily. When Miles tried to explain to her that Krieger changed the specs on the reactor, meaning that Harlem would be vaporized with Roxxon Plaza, Phin screamed that she wouldn't let Miles continue to lie to her, and punched him up the side of the Roxxon building before beating him on the roof and throwing him off the side. As she prepared to return to the reactor, Miles swung back around, kicking her through the side of the building. As the reactor began to melt down, Miles and Phin battled it out inside the building, with Miles saying that he wasn't leaving, and that Phin could either help him or kill him. Soon, the reactor emitted another burst of energy which destroyed the building, disorienting both Phin and Miles, but they continued to fight, with Miles trying to show Phin that the reactor was still going critical. Phin disappointedly told Miles he was the one person she needed on her side, with Miles responding that he was on her side, but that everyone was in danger.

The two crashed through the building into a room where Simon Krieger came on over the PA, stating that he didn't care that the reactor was going critical and that it would look even better for the company that they were in a "terrorist attack," before stating his intention to expand to the entire city instead of just Harlem. Phin became enraged at this statement, fighting even harder to let the reactor blow as revenge against Krieger but Miles continued to fight her back, telling her that Rick would have hated that she became the Tinkerer. Phin beat Miles down and almost killed him but Miles continued to fight, stating that he was Spider-Man and he wouldn't stop trying to do what was right. After another fight, Miles destroyed Phin's power source for the programmable matter she had been using, and the reactor went critical, which began to tear Harlem apart. Phin saw this and realized something was wrong, but Miles said he could fix it. As he said this, a giant piece of debris came crashing down, breaking the ground Phin was being supported by and causing her to plummet. Miles jumped down after her, but found that his heads-up display in his mask was too damaged to see properly. Miles took off his mask in order to aim for Phin, webbing her and catching her as they both crashed to the ground.

Phin and Miles were knocked unconscious once again as the reactor continued to go critical, but Miles soon woke up and saw the state of affairs. Realizing there was no other way to stop the reactor, Miles decided to try and absorb the energy from the reactor into himself. This caused him intense pain and destroyed his suit, and he felt as though he was going to die, but seemed willing to make the sacrifice for the good of those he cared about and the rest of the city, much like his father. Phin woke up as well and, upon seeing Miles trying to save her from the reactor much the same way Rick had before, ran to him and tried to stop him. Miles succeeded at absorbing the reactor's full quantity of energy into himself, but realized he would need to release it somehow and that it would probably kill everyone in the surrounding area. Phin then used her surviving technology to pick up Miles and launch the two of them into the air, where she urged him to let go of the energy, or he would die. Realizing this would kill Phin, Miles refused, but Phin insisted that he needed to let go. Miles reluctantly did so, releasing the reactor's energy in a colossal explosion of electricity and energy in the sky.

Miles fell unconscious back to the ground, where he was greeted by Ganke, Rio, and several Harlem residents who saw his face. Miles was assured by Rio that everyone was safe, but it became clear that Phin was dead. As Rio and Miles mourned, the Harlem residents passed Miles his mask so he could hide his face again from reporters who had arrived on the scene, asking if anyone had gotten a glimpse of the hero's face. Miles swung away hastily, and when the reporters asked who he was under the mask, the Harlem residents simply said "he's our Spider-Man."

After this, Miles became far more accustomed to his new home in Harlem as Simon Krieger was arrested and the new Spider-Man became a staple of the Harlem area, honored by being added to a mural of Peter's Spider-Man that had been painted earlier. Miles later met up again with Peter who had returned from Symkaria. Peter remarked that he liked Miles' new and unique suit. Miles stated that he had to be himself, but asked his mentor if the job ever got easier, to which Peter responded that some parts do, but some parts will always be difficult. Miles noted that the reason Roxxon decided to develop in Harlem was because they saw the people there as disposable, and told Peter that he was going to dedicate himself to never letting people like that go unchecked, to which Peter replied that they would add it to the oath. The two of them then looked up after hearing sirens and witnessing a car driving erratically down the road followed by several police cars, at which the Spider-Men jumped into action together and got to work.[2]


Miles is shown to be as brave as his father, Jefferson Davis, not thinking twice before helping someone, sometimes, even putting himself in danger. This was shown when he saved a civilian from criminals that escaped from Ryker's Island, or when he was assaulted and tried to fight back, just to be saved by Spider-Man. Upon becoming his own Spider-Man, Miles consistently tried to live up to the creed Peter had given him, to do everything in his power to protect the city they called home. He was frequently reminded of his father's heroism, and drew much of his bravery from these memories. When he was forced to make a choice between his own life and those of the inhabitants of Harlem, Miles willingly sacrificed himself by absorbing energy from a critical reactor and prepared to release it all in an explosion which he knew might kill himself. This heroism is enough to parallel the original Spider-Man, and easily earned him room in the hearts of the New Yorkers he protected.

Powers and Abilities


Spider Physiology: Miles Morales gained the proportionate abilities of a spider after being bitten by a spider which had been genetically-modified by Norman Osborn.

  • Superhuman Strength: Miles possesses superhuman strength. He is able to exert more physical strength than a normal human which means he can punch, kick and jump stronger.
  • Superhuman Durability: Miles' body is physically tougher and more resistant to some types of injury than the body of a normal human. His body is also more resistant to impact forces than most humans. He can withstand great impacts, such as when he jumped from one of the bridges of the city, falling to the ground below and barely suffering any damage.
  • Wall-Crawling: Miles can cling to any surface using just his fingertips and feet. The extent to how much pressure he can stick to walls is thus far unknown.
  • Superhuman Speed: Miles possesses the proportionate speed of a spider, therefore he can run and move at speeds that are beyond the physical limits of the finest human athlete.
  • Superhuman Stamina: Miles advanced musculature produces less fatigue toxins during physical activity than an ordinary human. This allows him to exert himself physically for much longer periods of time before fatigue begins to impair him.
  • Superhuman Equilibrium: Miles possesses the ability to achieve a state of perfect equilibrium in any position imaginable. He seems able to adjust his position by instinct, which enables him to balance himself on virtually any object, no matter how small or narrow.
  • Superhuman Agility: Miles' agility, balance, flexibility, and bodily coordination are all enhanced to levels that are far beyond the natural physical limits of an Olympic-level gymnast.
  • Superhuman Reflexes: Miles reflexes are greatly enhanced and are currently about 20 times greater than those of an ordinary human.
  • Spider-Sense: When danger is present, Miles feels a buzzing sensation in his head as a sort of early warning system, allowing him to react accordingly. His spider-sense offers him near complete awareness of his surroundings.
  • Spider-Camouflage: Unlike Peter, Miles is able of turning invisible as an advantage to sneak up on enemies.

Spider-Man's Venom attack.

  • Bio-Electrokinesis: Another unique ability is that Miles is capable of producing burst of electricity to use for offensive purposes.
    • Electricity Absorption: Miles is also able to absorb electricity from other energy sources.
    • Venom Punch: Miles can charge his fist with energy to deliver devastating attacks upon his enemies.
    • Venom Jump: Launches his enemies within a radius in the air while simultaneously stunned and disarmed. Also used for traversal in conjunction to his swinging.
    • Venom Smash: When midair, Miles can do a fast downward punch to the ground. Emits a shockwave that stuns anyone in its radius.
    • Venom Dash: Miles launches himself at his enemy, shocking them and being thrown immediately afterwards.
    • Mega Venom Blast: Arguably Miles' deadliest ability. He unleashes a wide net of his own electrical energy in a large radius, stunning all enemies within it. However, this hurts Miles as well and can do it sparingly only.


  • Genius-Level Intellect: Miles was shown to be incredibly intelligent, being able to develop an energy converter when he was in middle school which earned him a place in an Oscorp science exhibition. He also demonstrated an understanding of biophysics upon discovering his bioelectric abilities, throwing out possible explanations for this new power such as electrolytes and others.
  • Expert Hacker: Miles was shown to be able to use his tablet to hack into many types of devices.
  • Expert Combatant: Miles was briefly taught how to defend himself by Spider-Man, who saved him from an assault. This was later proven to be useful, when miles stood up for a civilian who was being attacked by Ryker's Island escapees. As Spider-Man, Miles developed his own freeform fighting style which relied heavily on kicking and his being airborne.
  • Multilingualism: Miles is fluent in English and Spanish, which he uses when talking to his mother. He also seems to have some skill in Sign language.





  • Spider-Man had a social network account named BKLYNSpider42. His name was Spider-Man (too). As the game progressed, Spider-Man would gradually get more followers. [2]
  • Miles' address was 151211 123rd Street Apt #12B, New York, NY 101880.[2]
  • He was a fan of Dazzler and Lila Cheney.[2]
  • Miles was seventeen years old.[2]
  • He considered Ganke Lee his best friend. Until her death, he also considered Tinkerer his best friend.[2]
  • Citizens on social media once suspected that Miles was actually Electro on account of their shared electric powers.[2]

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