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Spider-Man (Miles Morales)[src]

Miles Morales is a teenager from Brooklyn who was bitten by a Genetically Altered Spider and became Earth-1610's Spider-Man following the supposed death of that reality's Peter Parker.[35]

After the Multiverse was destroyed and subsequently rebuilt, Miles Morales, along with his friends and family, were transported to Earth-616 and rewritten into that world's history.[36]


This is an abridged version of Miles Morales' history. For a complete history see Miles Morales' Expanded History

The Ultimate Universe[]


Miles Morales was born to police officer Jefferson Davis and nurse Rio Morales, and with his family lived happily together in Brooklyn.[37] As a young teenager he and his parents were at the lottery drawing to enter the prestigious Brooklyn Visions Academy, and his name was drawn, being accepted as one of the attendees.[38]

After Norman Osborn was arrested by S.H.I.E.L.D and publicly revealed as the Green Goblin, and nearly two months before Peter Parker's death, Miles' uncle, Aaron Davis, broke into the abandoned Osborn Industries. Unbeknownst to the thief, a spider genetically enhanced with the Oz Formula crawled into his bag.

Miles visited his uncle (which was against his parents' wishes, due to his uncle's criminal past) after being awarded the final spot in the charter school lottery. At his uncle's apartment Miles was bitten by the Oz-enhanced spider, which emerged from Aaron's bag, and Miles discovered he received superhuman abilities like camouflage, increased agility, as well as some sort of stun blast, and upon revealing his newly found powers to his best friend, Ganke Lee, both concluded he had power similar to Spider-Man's, including wall-crawling.[38][39] But Miles reacted negatively, as he just wanted to be normal, and decided to leave heroism to the actual Spider-Man.

Miles Morales (Earth-1610) from Ultimate Comics Spider-Man Vol 1 1 001

Miles bitten by the spider

Months later, Spider-Man died saving his family from Osborn. Miles arrived late to the scene. Struck with grief at not helping Peter Parker before his demise, Miles decided to follow Parker's philosophy -- with great power there must also come great responsibility -- and so continue Peter's legacy.[40]

The New Spider-Man[]

During his first night as Spider-Man, Miles faced Kangaroo while wearing a Spider-Man Halloween costume.[41] Miles' next patrol was cut short when he was attacked by Spider-Woman who demanded to know who he was.[2][42] After accidentally knocking himself out, Miles was held captive in a cell at the Triskelion, S.H.I.E.L.D.'s headquarters. There, he was interrogated by Nick Fury, and his origin revealed to them.

Electro woke up in the Triskelion medical ward from a coma, caused during Parker's fight against Norman Osborn, and battled the Ultimates. Miles participation was crucial for the heroes victory, and he was rewarded with Spider-Woman's approval for Miles to officially be the new Spider-Man.[43]

Miles Morales (Earth-1610) and Maxwell Dillon (Earth-1610) from Ultimate Comics Spider-Man Vol 1 5 0001

Miles defeats Electro

Miles in his new costume stops a mugging, albeit very sloppily. The police arrive but Miles escapes, not before Betty Brant captures video footage of him on her phone which she brings to the Daily Bugle and presents to J. Jonah Jameson. The story of a new Spider-Man in New York makes the headlines. Miles, at his parents' house, has a talk with his mother about the recent news he learned about the criminal past of his father and Uncle Aaron. Ganke comes over and presents Miles with the DVD of the Spider-Man Movie that was released several months ago, featuring actual footage of Peter Parker fighting with Dr. Octopus. Ganke suggests that he study Peter's moves so he can become a better crime fighter like Peter was.[44]

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man Vol 1 1 Pichelli Variant Textless

Miles in his new suit

While at the dinner table, the Morales family discussed the all-new Spider-Man which resulted in Miles' parents being on different sides -- Miles' father being against Spider-Man and his mother being for Spider-Man (thinking it cool). Miles' father is not so happy with it because of the fact that a mutant used his powers to flood the whole city of New York causing millions of people to die, but Miles' mother reminds Miles' father that thanks to a young boy in a Spider-Man costume, he saved countless lives and did whatever he could to save the city and also was honored after he died.

Omega Red[]

Later on, Miles hopped around rooftops practicing his new powers. Miles decides to test his wall-crawling abilities on a tall building to see how far he can climb but soon remembers that he has a sort of fear of heights. Then Miles tries to find a way into the building so he can get downstairs, and finds himself on the hotel floor of Principal Suitress who faints in shock at seeing the new Spider-Man. Miles then hears an explosion occur far off in the distance, he decides to jump over to the area to see what is going on since he has no web-shooters yet, he cannot swing towards the danger. As Miles arrives in the area, he starts to feel a buzzing in his head which is his Spider-Sense, and he starts to understand its purpose a little bit more, as he dodges a flying car that was heading right for him. He comes face to face with Omega Red, who is surprised and angered to see another Spider-Man. Miles and Omega Red fight, with Miles making fun of Omega Red's name. To quickly end the battle, Miles uses his Venom Blast which has a good effect on Omega Red, putting a stop to the villain. The scene then cuts to Miles and Ganke talking about Miles fight against Omega Red and how awesome and cool the fight was. But Miles believes that in order to be prepared for much more dangerous and lethal villains he must train harder, and Ganke is about to propose an idea until Miles' Uncle Aaron appears.[45]

The Prowler[]

Miles was shocked when his Uncle Aaron confronted him with the revelation that he knew Miles was the new Spider-Man. When Aaron told Miles he wanted them to work together but Miles refused, so Aaron threatened to tell Miles' father about his secret. Miles was confused as to what to do with the whole situation.

Together they went to fight the Scorpion. After defeating Scorpion, Miles handed him to the police which resulted in him almost being arrested. When Miles refused to help his uncle again, Aaron unveiled his latest toy, a Vulture suit.[46] Realizing his uncle intended to use him as his personal enforcer, Miles realized it was time to face Aaron.[10] Miles then battles the Ringer.[47] The two fought a catastrophic battle in which Aaron utilized Vibro-Shock Gauntlets, one of them was damaged in battled.[48] The Vibro-Shock Gauntlets later caused it to short-circuit and explode, killing him.[49]

Divided We Fall, United We Stand[]

Miles was secretly approached by Gwen Stacy and Aunt May, who tried to give him Peter Parker's original web shooters to help him, Captain America followed them and tried to make Miles abandon the mantle of Spider-Man.[50] After Miles helped Captain America to defeat the R.H.I.N.O., he agreed to let him be Spider-Man, but with the need of better training.[51] In order to improve, Miles joined the Ultimates.[52] In the wake of a civil war, in which Captain America was elected president to help unite the splintered factions of the United States of America.[53] The Daily Bugle is on the hunt to find out everything they can about the new Spider-Man.[54]

Miles Morales (Earth-1610) from Ultimate Comics Spider-Man Vol 1 14 001

Miles swinging for the first time

Miles was present during the battle for Wyoming and Project Pegasus against the revolutionary terrorists of Hydra,[55] in which Spider-Woman was forced to team-up with him. In the end, the heroes were victors.[56]

But during the battle, Miles managed to board one of the War Machine androids hovering in the skies and accidentally struck him right into Giant-Woman, and was abandoned in a wasteland away from the battle.[57] He began walking until he encountered Giant-Woman, and had to battle her as she was still under the mind-control of Modi, the leader of the revolution and son of Thor.[58] After she was knocked unconscious, a hummer with Spider-Woman searching for Miles arrived the scene, who helped him to return home.[59]


In an unusual turn of events, Miles accidentally encountered the Spider-Man of an alternate universe. Because Peter Parker was dead in his world and there was confusion between the two, they began to fight.[60] Peter unmasked Miles and demanded answers. However, Miles managed to knock out Peter using his venom strike. Unsure what to do with him, Miles brought Peter to S.H.I.E.L.D. to sort things out. At the Triskelion, Fury learned that this Peter Parker was from another world entirely. Suspecting there might be trouble in a dimensional incursion, he wanted to have Miles fill Peter in on what happened to that world's Peter Parker.[12]

Spider-Men Vol 1 2 Pichelli Variant Textless

Miles Morales meets Peter Parker

However, the conversation was cut short when Mysterio appeared to attack both Spider-Men by shooting their helicopter ride out of the sky with a RPG. Miles and Peter battled against Mysterio, who conjured up illusions of their greatest rogues in order to subdue them. Mysterio managed to escape the battle, leaving the two Spider-Men to come up with another plan of attack. Miles was present when Peter reunited with the Aunt May and Gwen Stacy counterparts of his universe, touched by the tender moment between them.[61]

Miles and Peter were soon called away by Nick Fury to fight Mysterio again. Although they expected Mysterio to be defeated, the illusionist quickly resorted to a back-up plan: using the heroes' greatest fears against them.[62] Miles' particular fear was the sight of his Uncle Aaron standing over his dead parents, having murdered them both. However, the heroes managed to overcome Mysterio's illusions and defeat him. While Mysterio was kept within the S.H.I.E.L.D. custody of Miles' universe, Peter spoke to him about his role as the new Spider-Man, saying that he was genuinely satisfied with it.[63]

Earth-1610 was similarly invaded by the Mysterio of Earth-TRN461. Luckily the Peter Parker of that world came to Miles' aid and drove back the Master of Master of Mystical Mayhem.[64]

Venom War[]

During the civil war, Miles's father, Jefferson, fought Hydra soldiers, which caught the attention of the press and tried to interview him. Jefferson was later attacked by the Venom, who days later followed Betty Brant's investigation to incorrectly suspect Jefferson was the new Spider-Man. Miles, as Spider-Man, managed to rescue his father, as the creature later escaped.[65]

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man Vol 1 20 Textless

Spider-Man takes on the Angel of Death

After the battle with Venom, Miles began to feel like it was his fault that Venom attacked his father. Ganke managed to convince him that they can stop Venom before it happens again but were unable to think how, until Mary Jane and Gwen showed up.

After a long discussion about Venom, Maria Hill appeared revealing she knew the truth about Miles and told him he had to stop the symbiote before someone else got hurt. Mary Jane and Gwen then forced her to leave after the discussion.[66]

Miles went outside to confront Maria but was stopped when an officer received word that Venom was attacking the hospital Miles' parents were at. Miles then left for the hospital to confront Venom. Miles arrived and began to fight Venom by utilizing his venom blast. Venom managed to gain the upper hand and grabs Miles, but he was saved after his mom started shooting Venom with a gun. Miles told her to escape, but she refused.

Miles then got grabbed by Venom again and was nearly consumed when Rio revealed that Miles was her son. Venom proceeded to consume her as well until Miles used his venom blast on the inside of Venom, causing it to be removed from its host. The police showed up and shot Venom's host and the remains of the symbiote. Miles moved his mother to safety, but soon found out she had been caught in the crossfire and was dying. He began to scream for help but is stopped by Rio, who told him she was proud and to never tell his dad the truth, before dying. Miles later woke up to find himself at Ganke's house. Miles run into the room he was and proceeded to rip up his costume screaming "No More!" repeatedly.[67]

Spider-Man No More[]

A year passed since his mother's death, and Ganke, nor Jessica Drew were able to convince Miles to assume the identity of Spider-Man again, who also had a girlfriend named Kate Bishop.[68] After two of Roxxon's subjects escaped and were seen battling Bombshell, Miles was finally convinced by Jessica Drew, who told him her origin as a clone of Peter Parker created by Roxxon, to return to be Spider-Man and stop Roxxon once and for all.[69]


Due to Earth-61112's Wolverine's abuse of the time-space continuum broke the fabric of reality, causing a "multiversal chaos", where numerous beings from other realities were transported to other universes through the tears of reality. One of the beings was Galactus of Earth-616. Miles was present when said being arrived to Earth and destroyed New Jersey.[70] Miles helped save civilians and was recruited by the Ultimates when they tried to plan what to do.

Cataclysm Ultimate Spider-Man Vol 1 1 Textless

Galactus hungers

Iron Man discovered the entity came from the same universe Peter Parker temporarily came from months ago, Earth-616. The Ultimates decided to use a portal recovered from Mysterio to go there and ask for help to their Reed Richards, as suggested by Beck. Before they could decide who would go, Reed Richards appeared and recommended to put their differences aside and let him go, as he could access to the other Richards' files in case he wasn't available to help them at the moment.[71] The Ultimates let Richards go, with the condition of being accompanied by Miles Morales. Both heroes managed to arrive to Earth-616, extract the information needed and return. He also revealed his double life to his father, who believed Miles was responsible for the death of Aaron and Rio and rejected him.[72]

In the wake of the near-destruction of the Earth at the hands of Galactus, Tony Stark decided to disband the Ultimates. However, Spider-Woman decided to continue the legacy of the deceased Captain America in the form of a team of young heroes, the Young Ultimates, of which Spider-Man formed part.[73]


Before the return of his world's Spider-Man, Miles and Jessica Drew (Black Widow III) were attacked by a member of the Inheritors, Verna, along with her hounds while visiting Rio Morales grave. They were saved by Superior Spider-Man and his army and Miles, believing he was Earth-616's Peter Parker (actually a time displaced Otto Octavius in Peter Parker body), joined him along with Jess.[74]

Amazing Spider-Man Vol 3 13 Textless

Miles during the Totem War

On the run from the Inheritors, Spider-Man found himself on Earth-TRN461. He joined an alternate Superior Spider-Army based on Earth-TRN461 to fight the hunters. While there, Miles was recruited by the other S.H.I.E.L.D. into the Spider-Men to combat the Multiversal Sinister Six.[64]

Back with the Superior Spider-Man, Miles and allies were found by the Spider-Army. Unfortunately, they brought along Silk and Scarlet Spider, who, as The Bride and The Other, couldn't be masked by Spider-Man's Cloaking Device. This resulted in the Inheritors invading their base on Earth-928 and the spiders to flee to Earth-13.[74] With the real Peter Parker of Earth-616 taking charge, he sent Miles and the Peter Parker of Earth-12041 to recruit more members to the army.[75] Young Peter decided to call this group the Web-Warrios, much to Miles' dismay.[76] The Web-Warriors aided the Spider-Army in storming Loomworld, home of the Inheritors. After stopping their plan, the spiders imprisoned the Inheritors in the irradicated world of Earth-3145.[77] Miles and Jess were then promptly sent home.[77]

Encounter With An Old Hero[]

After a chat with Mary Jane, Miles returned to his apartment, he was surprised to see a stranger in his room. Before he could put his mask back on, the stranger revealed himself to be Peter Parker, alive and well, to Miles' shock.[78] Miles tried to interrogate Peter, who continuously avoided Miles' question on how was he alive. Ultimately, Peter decided to knock down Miles, steal his web-shooters and leave. Miles came to the conclusion that Peter was actually a clone, and decided to tell Ganke about it. As they were discussing the topic, Kate Bishop arrived,[79] and Miles decided to reveal to her he was Spider-Man, making her run away.

Peter Parker (Earth-1610) from Miles Morales Ultimate Spider-Man Vol 1 1 001

The return of Peter Parker

After discovering Norman Osborn was alive, Miles got to May Parker's old house, where he was soon confronted by the villain.[80] Peter Parker, as Spider-Man, appeared and helped Miles fight the Green Goblin, who was finally defeated with Miles' Venom Blast. The two Spider-Men were soon surrounded by the police,[81] but managed to separate and escape. Maria Hill helped Miles, and took him to Mary Jane's house, where they found Peter Parker, exactly like Miles suspected.[82] Peter decided to tell Miles the story of his return until the Green Goblin returned to fight them.[83]

Miles took the upper hand in the fight since his Venom Blast had a stronger effect on Osborn. During the fight, Osborn claimed to be Miles' true father. Peter later jumped in and helped him put the Goblin down before they left to the warehouse where he first met Aunt May and Gwen. Peter returned the web-shooters and gave Miles his blessing before he returned to his dorm. He was later woken by Ganke to see that his father had returned.[84]

Captured by Hydra[]

Unbeknownst to Miles, the parents of his girlfriend Katie Bishop, Derek and Eleanor Bishop, were members of Hydra. Katie didn't know this as well until her parents revealed their secret to her as she went to bed. As an act of loyalty, she, in turn, revealed Miles' identity as Spider-Man to them.[84] Sometime later, Miles visited Katie's house where he was drugged by Derek who revealed his membership in Hydra to Miles.[85] Miles, along with a captured Black Widow (Jessica Drew), was then taken to a secret Hydra lab in a warehouse in Staten Island for experimentation under the charge of Doctor Doom.[86]

Then as Doctor Doom was zapping Miles with microscopic lasers to obtain tissue samples, Miles releases a powerful burst of energy and destroyed his prison and much of the laboratory. Everyone is stunned by Miles' new display of power, in which a scientist hypothesizes that the physical stress brought on Miles is maybe the cause. Miles collapses from being drained from his new power. Doom orders the Spider-Man Twins to take Miles to a cell while he sees to Jessica that she will be dissected. At the very mention of this, Miles regains his strength and knocks down the Spider-Man Twins and a pair of Doombots. Derek quickly puts his gun to Jessica's head and demands Miles to stand down, but Jessica begins to open her eyes. Eventually, Miles' and Jessica's fellow Young Ultimates, his friend Judge, and the NYPD arrived and stormed the warehouse to rescue him. What they found, however, was Miles single-handedly subduing Doom with a single punch amid the many indisposed Hydra soldiers and Spider-Man Twins. Derek Bishop was webbed to the wall by Jessica. Though Katie felt guilty for selling Miles out, he broke up with her anyway. As everyone left the warehouse, they looked up to the sky, which suddenly turned red, to see another Earth, the one from another universe, Earth-616, looming above.[87]

Secret Wars[]

Miles' world and the other were being affected by a phenomena known as incursions, during which the planets Earth of two different realities embark on a collision course that threatened the two universes. As the two forces of each world fought for survival, hoping to destroy the other's planet, Miles investigated the opening of the Children of Tomorrow's Dome in Manhattan,[88] and ended up infiltrating a vessel built by the Maker and the Cabal to survive the end of times.[89]

As the two universes collided and were destroyed, the Multiverse ended. The Cabal's life raft survived into what remained, Battleworld, a patchwork planet composed of the remnants of several universes, ruled by the omnipotent God Emperor Doom. The raft was ultimately found eight years later in a domain known as Utopolis. When it was opened, its occupants awoke from being in suspended animation.[90] Spider-Man remained behind in order not to give away his presence, and he was found by Sheriff Strange when he investigated the supposedly empty vessel. After discovering Miles' non-threatening intentions, Strange brought him to his Isle of Agamotto, a place of remembrance for the lost universes. There, Strange showed him another similar raft that he had found years earlier but didn't dare to open it until now. Once the vessel was unlocked, from it emerged the survivors of Earth-616, the other universe that had collided with Miles', including Peter Parker.[89]

After God Emperor Doom learned of the survivors, Sheriff Strange had them teleported away with magic to keep them safe, scattering them throughout Battleworld.[91] Miles ended up in the Kingdom of Manhattan, a domain where the remnants of a universe similar to Miles' and another similar to Earth-616 had been recreated but subsequently merged into Earth-61610.[92][93] Miles managed to convince its inhabitants, who didn't remember the world previous to Battleworld, to rebel against their ruler.[94]

Ultimate End Vol 1 4 Textless

Battle for the Kingdom of Manhattan

Before Castle Doom was assaulted by the enemies of the emperor, Miles and Peter were recruited by the Maker and Mister Fantastic to sneak into the palace and investigate Doom's source of power. They came across the Molecule Man hidden in a secret chamber beneath Doomstadt. When they encountered him, he asked the arachnid heroes if they had brought anything to eat, Miles luckily had a hamburger in his pocket from before the end of the world, and gave it to Owen.[95] As they were leaving the chamber after learning that Molecule Man himself was Doom's source of power, Owen claimed that he was in debt with Miles.[36]

During the ensuing attack at Castle Doom, the God Emperor was confronted by Mister Fantastic, and the Molecule Man ultimately chose to give Reed the power that was Doom's, leading to the destruction of Battleworld in the process.[36] As everything went white, Miles woke up in the reformed Earth-616 instead of his home reality, but as if he had lived his entire life there, together with his father, his returned mother, and even his friends.[94] As an act of thanksgiving, the Molecule Man had made all of that possible.[36]

Miles eventually grew accustomed to living in a different reality, mainly due to his personal life having remained virtually the same. He still attended the Brooklyn Visions Academy together with Ganke and lived together with his parents. Of the two of them, only Jefferson knew about Miles' super-heroic endeavors.[96] Miles received assistance in learning how to be a hero from both the native Peter Parker of the Marvel Universe,[20] and the Avengers, a team Miles became part of.[97] Miles became particularly close to his fellow teenage Avengers, Nova and Ms. Marvel.[98]

The Prime Universe[]

Civil War II[]

With the emergence of an Inhuman named Ulysses Cain who possessed the ability to profile the future, Miles sided with the stand of his mentor in the Avengers, Iron Man, that using Ulysses' visions to prevent incidents before they happened could be catastrophic, which opposed Captain Marvel's view on the matter.[99] After an attempt at acting on one of Ulysses' visions resulted in the death of Bruce Banner, Miles' views were consolidated.[98] Miles, Nova and Ms. Marvel actively supported Iron Man's side, and subsequently assisted him in assaulting the Triskelion to confront Captain Marvel.[100]

Miles was dragged to the eye of the hurricane after Ulysses prophesied him killing Captain America on the steps of the destroyed United States Capitol Building.[101] Motivated by his own self-doubt and his fear that his repressed anger issues could make him a bad person, Miles traveled to Washington, D.C. to test whether he was destined to become evil.[102]

Earth-61115 from Spider-Man Vol 2 10

Dark future

After Captain America joined Miles in his attempt at testing fate, Captain Marvel approached the young hero and gave him the choice to surrender.[103] When Miles refused and Carol reacted negatively,[102] Iron Man intervened, and encased Miles in a force field to keep him out of Danvers' reach. Iron Man and Captain Marvel proceeded to fight despite Miles' pleas. When a group of heroes arrived to the scene, Miles tried to stop the battle, but Carol had dealt Tony a fatal blow. Miles managed to catch Tony mid-air and cradle Stark's comatose body.[104]

Post-Civil War II[]

In light of the civil war, Miles, Sam, and Kamala became disillusioned by the adult heroes. They split from the Avengers to form a new team called the Champions. They were joined by the new Hulk Amadeus Cho, Viv Vision,[105] and the time-displaced young Cyclops.[106]

Champions Vol 2 3 Adams Variant Textless

Spider-Man with the Champions

Not long afterward, Miles was recruited by S.H.I.E.L.D. into helping them find Jefferson. Miles' dad had joined the organization as an agent as a means to ensure Miles' safety, and had become lost in an entirely different universe during a mission.[107] In the process of this universe-hopping journey, Miles became acquainted with that world's Gwen Stacy, aka Spider-Woman. They developed romantic feelings for each other, but decided to remain as friends for the time being.[108] During Miles and Jefferson's absence due to the interdimensional adventure, Rio found out suspicious items in their belongings, forcing them to admit that they were Spider-Man and a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, respectively.[109] She eventually came to terms with Miles' secret.[110]

Secret Empire[]

The United States of America soon fell into the hands of Hydra due to the machinations of Captain America, who turned out to be an evil doppelganger that had supplanted the real Steve Rogers. Spider-Man and the Champions formed part of the Underground, a small resistance against the new regime.[111] When Black Widow decided to go on her own and assassinate Captain America herself, Spider-Man decided to join her efforts as a means of confronting his destiny. The Champions backed him up, as well as a group of other young heroes from the Underground, Ironheart, Falcon, and Wasp.[112]

Secret Empire Vol 1 7 Textless

Tempting fate

When the time came to strike against Captain America, Black Widow tried to detain Miles, revealing that one of her reasons for taking on Captain America was to prevent Miles from becoming a killer like her. When Miles confronted Captain America, Black Widow tried to interrupt the fight and was seemingly killed. In a fit of rage, Spider-Man beat up Captain America, but Wasp convinced him to spare him in order to follow Black Widow's wishes that he didn't murder. Spider-Man and the Champions were subsequently captured,[113] but broke free during to take part of the final stand against Hydra, after which America's heroes emerged victorious.[114]

Sinister Six Reborn and Go Down Swinging[]

When Aaron Davis returned as the Iron Spider and formed the new Sinister Six, with Bombshell, Electro, Hobgoblin, Sandman, and Spot, they tried to take a S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier[115] and sell it, but Miles intervened, only to be pushed aside with a warning.[116] He then called the Champions for help in battling the Sinister Six (minus Hobgoblin) and Lucia von Bardas, who had just arrived in order to buy the Helicarrier. The heroes are victorious, however, Miles was left injured.[117] At the hospital, Miles was healed from his injuries, however, he was suffering from mysterious infection and was forced to rest in bed for some days. In the ensuing days, his friends and family came to visit him, including Aaron who promised that he would leave his criminal life behind.[118]

Spider-Man Vol 2 235 Textless

Spider versus Spider

After Norman Osborn bonded himself to the Carnage symbiote becoming the Red Goblin, he heavily injured Peter, making Miles along with Silk to try to fight him, however, Red Goblin made quick work of them and left them with intense damage. Then Flash Thompson as Anti-Venom arrived to fight Norman, but was forced to keep the fallen heroes from dying, while Red Goblin injured Flash. After Flash took them to the hospital, he used his symbiote to remove the symbiote pieces left in their bodies from Norman, who intended to use them to kill Peter's loved ones.[119]

Hearing reports of a symbiote-dragon rampaging through Manhattan, Miles investigated and came across Eddie Brock, who had reclaimed the Venom symbiote. Mistaking him for the Venom that had once killed his mother, Miles attacked and sent the Venom symbiote into a berserk rage. Using his Venom Strike to return Venom to his senses, the two agreed to a truce to stop the dragon. Thrown down the dragon's throat by Venom, Miles unleashed a max-power Venom Strike to disable it, but was incapacitated when Knull - the ancient dark god that had created the symbiotes - manifested.[120] Captured by Knull and flown almost completely into space, Miles grabbed Venom and escaped - being shocked when Venom suddenly sprouted wings and flew them to safety.[121]


When fighting the Vulturions, Miles is approached by Spider-Gwen and the Spider-Army who inform him that the Inheritors are trying to escape via clone bodies created by the Superior Octopus. They try to reason with Otto, but it was too late as the Inheritors were successful in escaping.[122] After the explosion of Superior Octopus' facility, Miles tries to help Peter in battling Morlun, but Peter reassured Miles that he can fight Morlun on his own and told Miles that he should lead the Spider-Army.[123] After the Spider-Army was split due to Miles disagreeing with Otto, they ended up in an alternate universe in order to find a way to defeat the Inheritors. The Spider-Man of Earth-1048 encouraged Miles to keep fighting and after that, they approached the Enigma Force.[124]

Spider-Army (Multiverse) from Spider-Geddon Vol 1 5 001

Leading the Spider-Army

After a heated argument with the Enigma Force, the Enigma Force eventually agreed to help the Spider-Army and turned Miles into Captain Universe. After he killed Solus with the Sword Vigor, he, along with the remaining Spider-Totems, were able to defeat the Inheritors and turn them into babies.[3]

War of the Realms[]

Miles, along with a group of other heroes, were gathered by Balder to form the Babysitters Club, and protect Laussa, the daughter of Odin, from the forces of Malekith's Dark Council.[125]

Family Business[]

Continuing his studies at Brooklyn Visions Academy, Miles also continued his superhero career and stopped Tombstone from acquiring some mind-controlled kids to use as henchmen.[126] During one of his outings, he met Starling, the granddaughter of Adrian Toomes, the Vulture.[127] After learning that his parents are having a baby, Miles was captured by a teleporter, who took him to a facility where he was tortured and experimented on by a being known as the Assessor until he was rescued by his dad and uncle.[128]

Miles Morales Spider-Man Vol 1 10 Textless

Old and new enemies

When Miles turned seventeen, he encountered the Green Goblin from his native universe, whose presence made him have flashes to his old life. Miles soon discovered that the Goblin was working for a mysterious man known as Ultimatum, who also attacked Miles before leaving.[32] After helping his Uncle Aaron, who returned to wear the mantle of the Prowler, the two arrived at the hospital where his mom was giving birth to Miles' new baby sister, Billie.[129]

Leaving the Champions[]

When the Champions begun fighting Zzzax, Ms. Marvel and Viv Vision were killed in the process. Mephisto arrived and offered to rewind back time in order for the remaining heroes to save their teammates. Miles was filled with guilt and accepted Mephisto's offer, and the demon reversed time resurrecting their dead teammates but unwittingly allowing a girl Miles saved in the previous timeline die. After that, Miles told Kamala the truth of what happened, leading to Miles quitting the Champions until he could figure out what he really wanted to do and if he could handle the weight of being Spider-Man.[130] However, as Blackheart begun corrupting members of the Champions, Miles was forced to help his friends. He, along with Ms. Marvel, also revealed their identities to Nova in order to free him from Blackheart's corruption. Then all the Champions began fighting Blackheart, who had still a grudge against Miles,[96] and tried to use the deal that Miles made with Mephisto, but the Champions defeated Blackheart and the demon was taken down by his father since his son ruined his plans and promised to the Champions that he'll be back.[131]

Absolute Carnage[]

While fighting the Scorpion a few months later, Miles was beset by a horde of four-armed symbiote-monsters, recognizing the spirals on their faces as Knull's emblem. When Carnage arrived to claim Mac Gargan's Venom codex, Miles attempted to fight him off. Venom arrived to save the Scorpion from being killed, though Gargan suffered severe spinal trauma. However, Venom was unable to save Miles, who was overwhelmed and bonded to an offshoot of the Carnage symbiote, turning him into a six-armed symbiote-doppelganger.[132][13]

Miles Morales (Earth-1610) and Miles Morales' Symbiote (Earth-616) from Absolute Carnage Miles Morales Vol 1 3 001

Bonded with the symbiote

Under the symbiote's control, Miles was sent to kill J. Jonah Jameson alongside a Carnage doppelgänger formed from the serial killer Happy Dan Andrews; coming into conflict with Silver Sable and her Wild Pack.[133] Miles managed to separate himself from his symbiote with a Venom Blast, but willingly rebonded to it to spy on Dark Carnage's plans.[134] Evidently he succumbed to it once more, as he attacked Rex Strickland's warehouse alongside Dark Carnage and the Carnageized Norman Osborn, attempting to kill Eddie Brock. Miles' symbiote was electrocuted by Eddie, and Miles filled Eddie in on what he had learned of Dark Carnage's plans. However, they were unable to stop Dark Carnage from assimilating the Venom symbiote and becoming powerful enough to free Knull. Miles informed Eddie that the Maker had lied about his codex-extracting machine incinerating them, prompting Eddie to merge to the harvested codices into a gestalt symbiote and pursue Dark Carnage.[135]

Multiversal Adventures[]

After the restored Web of Life and Destiny started to be corrupted due to the Patternmaker going missing, Miles was recruited by Spider-Zero to help find Annie.[136] During his travelling, he aided Spider-Ma'am and her team in battling evil versions of themselves, including an evil version of himself, which were lead by a Carnage-possessed Aunt May. They were able to defeat them and Miles continued his search.[137] He then teamed up with SP//dr to fight against Kraven who had been enhanced by Mister Sinister, but luckily they were victorious.[138]

Spider-Verse Vol 3 3 Textless

Team-up with SP//dr

He helped Web-Slinger in defeating Scorpion,[22] and also helped The Spider-Man in battling Madame Swarm and after the battle Miles retrieved the Spider Idol statue which was necessary to fix the web.[139] After that, Miles, along with Spider-Zero and a number of spider-heroes, went to the web where they found out that a tangled node was formed and had trapped Spiderling. Out of pain and fear the tangle summoned the Machine Bem Monsters of Earth-51778 in order to fend off the spiders. While Spider-Zero used her powers to cure the web, Miles was successful in rescuing Spiderling from the tangle. After the tangle was undone, all of the spiders returned to their respective reality.[140]

Outlawed and Ultimatum[]

Following a grave accident involving Roxxon's Asgardian Dragon and the destruction of the Coles Academic High School, Ms. Marvel was left hospitalized. This caused the government to pass "Kamala's Law" which outlawed young superheroes.[141]

Champions Vol 4 1 Textless

On the run

Following this, C.R.A.D.L.E., lead by Dum Dum Dugan, began chasing after Miles for violating Kamala's Law. Spider-Man was able to evade them, but upon returning home, he found his house had been trashed and was suddenly attacked by a man looking exactly like him.[142] Miles tried to fight him, but the bootleg had Miles exact powers and movement. After his house got destroyed, Miles wore his suit and took the fight with his doppelgänger to the roofs where they engaged in a Venom Blast battle which eventually knocked them both out, leaving Miles to be captured again by the Assessor.[143]

Then Ultimatum entered and revealed to Miles that he was in fact the true Miles Morales of the 616 universe, while Spider-Man and his family were trespassers. He revealed to Miles that he planned to take over Brooklyn by turning the people he had sold his drug to into the Goblinoids and also send Spider-Man and his family back to their universe. However, Aaron, who was also captured by Ultimatum, freed himself and Spider-Man and temporarily knocked Ultimatum out before confronting the Green Goblin of their universe.[33] The uncle and nephew duo battled Norman and the Goblinoids, but were being overwhelmed. Luckily, Starling and Bombshell arrived to aid them and were able to drive the Goblinoids back until the Green Goblin stepped forward. Miles confronted the Green Goblin, and, when the Goblin got the upper hand, Captain America and Miles' father arrived to provide support. While the others fought more Goblinoids, Miles was able to defeat the Green Goblin. After that a giant Ultimatum caught up to them, intending to deal with his counterpart for good.[144] As they battled, Ultimatum revealed a machine which was meant to send Miles and Aaron back to their universe. Aaron used the Prowler costume to overload the machine causing it to explode. When the smoke cleared Aaron, Ultimatum, and the Green Goblin were nowhere to be found. Miles fled the scene to grieve by himself.[145]

The Clone Saga[]

Miles saw on the news that someone dressed as Spider-Man had apparently kidnapped a scientist and robbed a warehouse. Trying to clear his name, Miles swung around the city to search for the imposter and went to a biotech start-up where his impostor would be. Unfortunately, Miles arrived too late and encountered Peter Parker, who believed he was the impostor. After clearing things up, the two Spider-Men swung around the city and were attacked by three clones of Miles. The leader of the group, Selim, explained that they were clones created by the Assessor. The two Spider-Men lost to the clones and after the two separated Miles decided to look for the clones on his own. With Ganke's help he managed to arrive at their location, where he found a serum that Miles assumed was to make more clones, he destroyed it but quickly found out that it was actually a cure for the three clones.[146]

Miles Morales Spider-Man Vol 1 25 616 Comics Exclusive Virgin Variant

Miles fighting his clones

The clones restrained Miles and Mindspinner and Selim left to kill his mother, Rio, for revenge. Left alone with Shift, Miles managed to convince him to free him. Miles quickly arrived to the hospital where his mother was being attacked by Mindspinner and managed to defeat his clone as he'd already gotten used to his psychic attacks.[25] Spider-Man then went to his house and found that Selim beat up his father and took his baby sister, Billie. Miles arrived at the Brooklyn Bridge where he fought Selim and Mindspinner. When Selim tried to throw his sister off the bridge she was caught by Shift, who decided to help Miles in protecting their sister. Shift was later protected from Selim by Mindspinner who sacrificed himself in order to kill Selim, ending the life of both clones. While Shift survived he escaped from Miles after rescuing his sister out of shame, but Miles found him in the sewers of Brooklyn Visions Academy and realized that he was cured of his unstable cells due to his sister sneezing on him the night on the bridge, which made his body produce some cloned antibodies. Miles also had his suit severely torn up during his battle with the clones and decided to get a new one produced by Kenneth Kingston due to the clones having committed crimes while wearing his old suit.[147]

Beyond Corporation[]

During a date with Tiana Toomes (Starling), Miles was attacked by Taskmaster, who actually was there to capture Tiana and deliver her to a mysterious buyer.[148] Thanks to Ironheart, Miles was able to find the place where Taskmaster was keeping Tiana and managed to rescue her, but her wings were destroyed. As the two were talking about tracking down Taskmaster some other time, a vehicle showed up with a representative of the Beyond Corporation who informed Miles that he was illegally operating under the trademarked Spider-Man name.[149]

Miles Morales (Earth-1610) from Amazing Spider-Man Vol 5 81 001

The Brooklyn Spider-Man confronts the Corporate Spider-Man

After an attack on Brooklyn by a creature called Rhizome, Miles decided to scout the area and found the new Spider-Man from the Beyond Corporation. He quickly realized that said person was Ben Reilly, and the two teamed up to defeat the creature. Miles and Ben realized that Rhizome was actually a person in a suit, with Miles deducing that his powers weren't organic but tech-based and similar to some of the experiments made by the Assessor.[29]


Following a battle against the Scorpion, a heated confrontation with an NYPD task force led by the enigmatic Julia Gao, and his suspension from his school,[6] Miles came across the villainess Rabble who had a vendetta against him due to him having gotten into the Brooklyn Visions Academy instead of her and planned to go after Miles' loved ones, starting with kidnapping his girlfriend Starling and best friend Ganke.[150] He attempted to fight her with the help Misty Knight, but after their confrontation he went back to his home only to find it burning down.[151]

Miles Morales Spider-Man Vol 2 3 Textless

Tormented by Rabble

Thankfully he managed to save his entire family, but had enough with Rabble and as he prepared himself to fight her in order to protect his loved ones, he mustered up enough power to form a sword out of his bioelectricity. During the fight, Miles managed to utilize his sword to overload Rabble's armor which allowed him to defeat her before passing out to exhaustion. When Miles woke up in a hospital the next morning, Misty Knight arrived to give the Morales family the keys to a temporary lodging while their home was being repaired. Knight also decided to officially take Miles under her wing as an intern at her detective agency.[152]

Carnage Reigns[]

Learning that Carnage had taken hostage a diner, Miles sneaked inside it, only to be met with a seemingly normal environment with patrons. There he met Ken Neely who offered him some food. Miles was suspicious of this scene and as he talked to Ken, Cletus ambushed him. Miles tried to fight him, only to see that entire building was made of symbiote biomass created by Cletus' new symbiote, allowing the serial killer to attack him from every side. Being overwhelmed, Miles attempted to flee, but saw a poor civilian named Dominic who implored him to save him. However, after Miles took the man to the rooftop, Dominic revealed himself to have been Cletus in disguise and was about to kill him. Fortunately, Scorpion, now working for the NYPD under Agent Gao, arrived and saved Miles, only for Cletus to injure him instead. Unwilling to let Carnage harm others, Miles attacked him using his Venom Blast, which overloaded Cletus' Arc Reactor, allowing the hero and Scorpion to retreat at the cost of destroying the entire building they were standing on.[153]

Miles Morales (Earth-1610) from Miles Morales Spider-Man Vol 2 7 001

Donning the Iron Spider Armor

Trapped in the sewers after the resulting explosion, Miles and Scorpion worked together to try and make it to the surface in one piece. While Scorpion argued for killing any survivors they came across out of paranoia that they could be Cletus in disguise, Miles convinced Scorpion to help him rescue an injured EMT and a surviving member of Gao's fireteam. Due to a burst water main creating the risk of a tunnel collapse, Miles was forced to destroy a load-bearing wall and ride the water pressure wave to the surface with Scorpion and the survivors in tow. Upon making it topside, Gao immediately arrested Miles, having been determined to put the Spider-Man behind bars for being in violation of the Powers Act while blaming him for the destruction of the building. However, the cop Miles and Scorpion saved in the sewers turned out to really be a Carnage duplicate who tried to murder everyone present. Miles broke out of his restraints to face the duplicate, but was beaten to the punch by Gao's Cape Killers: a team of supervillain convicts (Scorpion, Taskmaster, Electro, and Hightail) who had all agreed to assist Gao in apprehending superhuman criminals in exchange for time shaved off their prison sentences. With Carnage still at large, Gao reluctantly conscripted Miles to assist her Cape Killers in hunting Cletus down before any more lives were lost.[154]

They tracked Carnage to the Stark Unlimited HQ, just in time to witness him merging with a Stark Sentinel and taking over the internet through Stark's technology through which was able to take possession of countless people.[155] Being joined by Red Goblin,[156] Spider-Man battled Carnage's mind controlled slaves, attempting to free them. At Red Goblin's suggestion, Spider-Man, Scorpion and him climbed the building to assist Red Goblin in absorbing Kasady. This failed, forcing Miles to carry his unconscious body, while an infuriated Carnage transformed into a massive monster.[157] Thankfully, they were joined by Tony Stark who managed to deal great damage to the symbiote monstrosity, but during the confrontation Miles was left heavily injured.[158] Stark was able to save his life by granting him a Iron Spider Armor and together prepared to obliterate Carnage. Fending off Carnage's brainwashed minions, Miles kept Carnage distracted long enough for Iron Man to charge his EMP before diving into the symbiote's massive maw and destroying from the inside. With Carnage seemingly gone, Iron Man sent Miles back to his family.[159]


Power Grid[190]
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Spider Physiology/OZ formula Enhancement: Miles Morales gained the proportionate abilities of a spider after being bitten by a spider which had been genetically-modified with the Oz formula.

  • Superhuman Strength: Miles possesses superhuman strength, making him capable of lifting at least 10 tons. His physical strength also extends into his legs, enabling him to be able to jump to a height of several stories in a single bound. He has to pull his punches and kicks, otherwise, his blows would prove fatal to a normal human. Like Peter Parker, in times of great duress, he sometimes displays far greater feats of strength. During the events of Secret Empire, after watching Black Widow's murder, Miles shattered Captain America's shield with a single punch. Even though the shield was in no way as durable as Rogers' classic Vibranium shield, it was still extremely durable.[113]
  • Superhuman Speed: Miles possesses the proportionate speed of a spider, therefore he can run and move at speeds that are beyond the physical limits of the finest human athlete. Miles was able to move fast enough to reach an airplane as it took off,[160] and Assessor stated that he had a faster reaction than some attack drones.[28]
  • Superhuman Stamina: Spider-Man's advanced musculature produces less fatigue toxins during physical activity than an ordinary human. This allows him to exert himself physically for much longer periods of time before fatigue begins to impair him. At his peak, Spider-Man can physically exert himself for several hours before the build-up of fatigue toxins in his blood begins to impair him.
  • Superhuman Durability: Miles' body is physically tougher and more resistant to some types of injury than the body of a normal human. His body is also more resistant to impact forces than most humans. He can withstand great impacts, such as being thrown through a plate-glass window, that would severely injure or kill a normal human. Miles has been shown capable of showing no and little discomfort when he had a wooden stick and a beer mug break against him, respectively.[161] During an altercation with the Roxxon mercenary Taskmaster, Miles was thrown through a brick wall without any apparent serious injury, though the experience was a little bit painful for him.[67]
  • Superhuman Agility: Miles' agility, balance, flexibility, and bodily coordination are all enhanced to levels that are far beyond the natural physical limits of an Olympic-level gymnast.
  • Superhuman Equilibrium: Miles possesses the ability to achieve a state of perfect equilibrium in any position imaginable. He seems able to adjust his position by instinct, which enables him to balance himself on virtually any object, no matter how small or narrow.
  • Superhuman Reflexes: Spider-Man's reflexes are similarly enhanced and are currently about 20 times greater than those of an ordinary human. In combination with his spider-sense, the speed of his reflexes allows him to dodge almost any attack.
  • Wallcrawling: Miles can cling to any surface using just his fingertips and feet. The extent to how much pressure he can stick to walls is thus far unknown, except that he can handle lifting his own weight.
  • Spider-Sense: When danger is present, Miles feels a buzzing sensation in his head as a sort of early warning system, allowing him to react accordingly. His spider-sense offers him near complete awareness of his surroundings, and in conjunction with his reflexes, allows him to instinctively dodge or counter nearly all attacks. He was also able to sense that reality was not quite right while he was with Tony Stark. This suggests that Miles' ability may be borderline precognitive.
    • Radar Sense: Following the therapy that restored his spider-sense, Miles discovered that he can take this power to a deeper level. By focusing his spider-sense and using breathing techniques, he can see through solid matter to be aware of potential threats. It is still underdeveloped, as the targets he sees appear only vaguely humanoid.[162]
Miles Morales (Earth-1610) from Ultimate Comics Spider-Man Vol 1 2 0002

Venom Strike

  • Electricity Generation: Miles is able to generate and manipulate a form of bio-electricity that his body produces, and can utilize the energy for multiple purposes. Miles has learned to discharge the energy from his hands in controlled bursts of what he calls "Venom Blasts". These energy projections vary in power, and can affect the nervous system in humans and destroy technology. Depending on the intensity of the Venom Blast, some opponents have been simply dazed, where others have been completely incapacitated. It also seems more effective on people with genetic alterations, such as the Green Goblin and Venom. The venom strike is powerful enough to render Cassandra Lang unconscious while she was large as Hank Pym's Giant-Man.[56] It was also enough to drive away Venom during Miles' first encounter with the creature,[66] although by their second encounter, Venom had developed such a tolerance to the strike that Miles had to be completely enveloped by the symbiote before the venom strike could separate the symbiote from its host.[67] Doctor Octopus also developed a set of tentacles that would not conduct the venom strike.[163]
    • Mega Venom Blast: Miles is able to emit a larger scale burst of bio-electricity from his entire body, that he calls the "Mega Venom Blast". It is powerful enough to repel a large group of opponents and destroy thick ropes and chains that have been used to restrain him,[164] as well as destroy much of the Hydra laboratory Miles was being held in.[87] This ability leaves Miles exhausted after using it, and can be triggered by extreme stress, or focus on Miles' part, as he consciously activated it in his escape from Black Cat.[164]
    • Venom Beam: Miles showed he could channel his bio-electricity outward as a direct burst of electrostatic energy to knock away enemies in a stunning/concussive manner.[165][166]
    • Venom Punch: Miles can enhance the power of his punches by infusing his fists with bio-electricity.[167]
    • Lateral Repulsion: By projecting a controlled Venom Blast, Miles is able to launch himself in the air with greater force than when jumping or web-swinging. He took notes from Mindspinner's use of his powers to do so in order to bound towards a floating barge outside of his reach at one point, to rescue a friend.[149]
    • Bio-Electric Constructs: By focusing his energy, Miles is capable of creating solid constructs made of his bio-electricity.
      • Venom-Saber: During his fight against Rabble, Miles was able to use his bio-electricity to manifest a hard energy construct of a sword and utilize it to both attack and defend against the super villain and her combat drones.[152] The Venom Saber also has enough raw cutting power to slice through Cletus Kasady's Extrembiote and effortlessly dismember the limbs of Vampires.[159][168] According to his mentor Colleen Wing, Miles needs immense focus and martial discipline to avoid killing his opponents while wielding the Saber.[169]
      • Energy-Thread Generation: Miles can produce threads of bio-electricity from his hands. Said spinnerets carry the same tensile prehensility of his web fluid, allowing him to swing from place to place or yank and flail around his opponents.[167] He can also send a debilitating electric shock which disrupts their nervous systems like his Venom Blasts do.[116]
  • Camouflage: Miles, including his clothing, can blend into his surroundings, allowing him to sneak up on his enemies or, in some cases, flee from them. The resulting effect closely resembles that of invisibility.
  • Regeneration: Miles is able to regenerate his injuries at a much faster rate than normal humans can. This was first displayed when the original spider-bite that gave him powers turned from "huge and gross looking" to a dot within ten minutes.[39]
  • Immortality (allegedly): Norman Osborn believed immortality to be a side effect of the Oz formula, because Miles' body was altered by the Oz formula, he could also have such a power in theory, since both Norman and Peter did.


Bilingualism: Miles speaks English and Spanish.[165]

Hand-to-Hand Combat: Despite his lack of formal training prior to his spider-bite, Miles' enhanced agility, reflexes, and coordination made him an extraordinary melee fighter. He had also learned to mimic the original Ultimate Spider-Man's fighting style by watching old online videos of the hero’s past battles to improve his own combat skills.[44] He later received combat training from the Ultimates.[170] After joining Misty Knight's detective agency as an intern, Miles would receive training in hand-to-hand combat, which in combination with his powers have made the Brooklyn Spider-Man into an even more formidable combatant.[171]

Investigation: Miles is the protégé of veteran detective Misty Knight, who trained the Spider-Man on how to radically improve both his investigative skills and inductive/deductive reasoning while working together at her agency. Miles' talents as a detective were strong enough to even impress Blade, as he was able to quickly deduce the whereabouts of a vampire nest both heroes were hunting down.[168]

Swordsmanship: Courtesy of his "internship" with Misty Knight's agency, Miles also became the apprentice of the renowned Kenjutsu practitioner, Colleen Wing.[169] Under Colleen's tutelage, Miles developed into a highly-adept swordsman to compliment his usage of the "Venom-Saber" energy construct. These skills have enabled him to single-handedly hold his own against dangerous foes such as the Extrembiote-empowered Cletus Kasady, Roderick Kingsley, and the vampire spawn of R'ym'r the Insatiable One.[159][171][168]



Spider-Sense Disruption: After bonding to the Carnage symbiote, Miles' Spider-Sense didn't recognize the symbiote and its offshoots as posing a danger to him and therefore wouldn't alarm Miles.[153]

Additional Attributes

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder: Miles has PTSD related to the events of Absolute Carnage.[153]



Spider-Man's Suit: Miles originally wore a cheap Spider-Man costume, before wearing his red and black suit.

Web-Shooters: Originally created and used by Peter Parker, Aunt May gave Peter's web-shooters to Miles. Over a year later, Miles was given an updated pair by his world's S.H.I.E.L.D.


After his web-shooters were stolen from him, Miles had once again no means for fast travel besides his enhanced speed, wall-crawling, and leaping abilities. His new Bioelectric thread works in place of his web-shooters as his means of transport.


  • Miles' father is African-American and his mother is Puerto Rican.
  • Miles was born and raised in Brooklyn and has an aptitude for science much like his predecessor, Peter Parker, but as shown later on, his powers differ from Peter's such as his Spider-Camouflage and Venom Blast.
  • Miles' greatest fear is that his secret identity could cause the death of his family.[62] This is due in part because, after Miles got his powers, he witnessed a Skrull attack and intervened; however, this resulted in one of his friends dying, which inspired him to become a hero in the first place.[172]
  • Miles has his mother's last name, Morales, instead of his father's, which is Davis, because his father didn't want Miles to have his abusive father's last name.[32]
    • In addition to that, Jeffrey later changed his own surname to Morales to further distance himself from his family.[173]
  • Miles was dating Barbara Rodriguez,[115] however they broke up as she knew Miles was hiding a big secret from her.[174] The two remained amiable to each other and Barbara showed concern for Miles due to his 'sick leave' for a few days.[165]
  • After being integrated into the Prime Marvel Universe, Miles' memories of Earth-1610 are fragmentary and elusive; however, certain stimuli -- such as symbiotes -- trigger flashbacks of his earlier life,[120][13] and he is starting to regain more of his memories after being experimented on by the Assessor.[32]
  • Miles doesn't consider Ms. Marvel an enemy; his spider-sense didn't go off when she snuck up on him, despite it often being called a "presence sense."[175]


  • Miles' creation was inspired by the election of Barack Obama as the first African-American president of America in 2008.[176] His creation was also inspired by Community actor Donald Glover. In May 2010, a fan suggested Glover for the role of Peter Parker in the then-upcoming reboot film The Amazing Spider-Man, encouraging his supporters to retweet the hashtag "#donald4spiderman". The campaign originally started to see how far social networking could carry a message, quickly gained a large following and even received support from Spider-Man co-creator Stan Lee. As a reference to the campaign, Glover appeared dressed in Spider-Man pajamas in a season premiere of Community. Brian Michael Bendis saw Glover in the Spider-Man pajamas and liked the prospect of an African-American Spider-Man, which led to Miles' creation.[177] Because of Glover's role in Miles' creation, he went on to voice Miles during the character's initial appearance in Ultimate Spider-Man[178] and portray Miles' uncle Aaron Davis in Spider-Man: Homecoming.[179]
  • The number 42 appears two times in Miles' origin, as the lottery number that earns him the Brooklyn Visions Academy scholarship and as the number in the back of the spider that bites him. When asked whether this was a reference to baseball player Jackie Robinson, the first black MLB player in the modern era whose uniform number was 42, Brian Michael Bendis expressed that it was a reference to The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (in which the number 42 is the "Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything"), but suggested it could double as a reference to Jackson.[180]
  • When Miles' powers first manifested, he feared that he was a mutant.[39]
  • The effect of Miles' venom strike manifests itself a few seconds after it is implemented, and has been described by Brian Michael Bendis as comparable to the feeling of being kicked in the testicles.[181]
  • The Peter Parker of Earth-616 finds Miles' black and red costume cooler than his own.[12]
  • Miles was thirteen years old when he became Spider-Man,[51][24] and was almost seventeen by the time he was displaced to the Marvel Universe.[182]
  • He had crushes on Stature,[56] Marvel Girl,[183] and Ms. Marvel.[21]
  • During a vacation in Japan, Miles inadvertently seduced the Japanese technopath Tomoe, who invited him over for dinner at her penthouse with the heavy implication that she wanted him to join her Crime Syndicate. Even after finding out his secret identity as Spider-Man, Tomoe tried to kiss Miles before they both passed out from exhaustion after a fight.[184]
  • The Earth-616 version of Miles Morales was originally going to appear in Spider-Men, and he would've become a supporting character in Amazing Spider-Man.[185]
  • Miles has stated that his best subject is math.[citation needed]
  • Miles considered the aliases Knight Spider, Kid Arachnid, and Web-Man.[20]
  • He has written fanfiction about himself.[21]
  • Miles is a member of the Forums social media network.[186]
  • Within the Marvel Universe, Miles is known as the "Second Spider" in Arabic media.[9]
  • Miles has an Instagram and follows Kenneth Kingston. As he brought up his account to Kenneth in his Spider-Man guise, it is unknown if the page is his personal account or a Spider-Man page.[142]
    • On The 'Gram, there is a hashtag relating to Spider-Man, #SpideyJunior.[187]
  • He also has a Roxx On! account.[26]
  • Prior to Absolute Carnage, Donny Cates had planned to have Miles succeed Eddie Brock as the next host of the Venom symbiote.[188]
  • Carnage deemed Miles less tragic than Peter.[153]

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