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Earth-1610 History

Beginnings & Origins

After Norman Osborn was arrested by S.H.I.E.L.D, and publicly revealed as the Green Goblin, Osborn Industries was left abandoned. Nearly two months before Peter Parker's death, a thief named Aaron Davis (aka The Prowler) broke into Osborn Industries. Unknown to the thief, a spider genetically enhanced with the OZ formula crawled into his bag.

Miles bitten by the spider

Miles Morales, after being awarded the final spot in a charter school lottery, visited his Uncle Aaron against his parents' wishes. Miles' dad didn't want him around his Uncle because he was a thief. While sitting on his uncle's couch, the Oz-enhanced spider emerged from Aaron's bag and bit Miles on his hand, causing him to pass out and foam at the mouth. Later, when Miles awoke, Aaron was confronted by Miles' father. During a brief confrontation, Miles fled from Aaron's apartment.

While hiding from his father on the street, Miles realized that he was starting to become invisible.[1] Miles instinctively leaped over the two home movers carrying a television in his path. The surrounding spectators stared at him in amazement and were baffled when he suddenly vanished into thin air. While continuing down the street, an older kid grabbed his bag. Miles grabbed the kid by the wrist and managed to stun him, much like the spider had done to him earlier before he passed out.

Miles, afraid he might be a mutant, visited his best friend, Ganke, and confessed his new-found abilities to him and demonstrated his "Venom Blast". Ganke was amazed and immediately started doing research to explain the phenomenon. Ganke explained that Spider-Man received his spider-powers through a spider bite as well. This prompted Miles to attempt to climb the walls of his bedroom[2] and Ganke was overjoyed when Miles demonstrated his wall-crawling ability. Miles, however, just wanted to be normal. His father often spoke negatively of mutants and he dreaded rejection.

The next day, they arrived at Aaron's apartment to find out what he knew about the spider, but he and all of his belongings, were missing. Confused, Miles and Ganke left. They noticed a crowd observing a burning building. The crowd watched in awe as Miles rescued a woman and a helpless young girl and her dog. Miles retreated to a nearby alleyway and vomited. Miles decided to leave the heroism to the actual Spider-Man.

Over the next two months Miles and Ganke moved into their dormitory at their new charter school, the Brooklyn Visions Academy. When Miles learned of a super-hero brawl on the Queensboro Bridge and that Spider-Man had been shot,[3] he snuck out to help the wounded Spider-Man. By the time Miles arrived in Queens, it was already too late. He watched Spider-Man say his last words to his Aunt May before he died.[4] In the aftermath, Miles attend Peter's public funeral at St. Patrick's Cathedral. Miles got through the crowd and asked a mournful Gwen Stacy what was Spider-Man's real name and she replied "Peter Parker".

Miles was struck with grief over not being able to help Spider-Man before his untimely demise. He felt the real Spider-Man might still be alive if he had done more with his powers. Miles and Ganke attended Peter's funeral where he once again spoke to Gwen Stacy. Gwen told him that Peter did what he did because he was following his uncle's philosophy, that with great power came great responsibility, and that Peter had felt responsible for his uncle's death. It was then that Miles decided to succeed Peter Parker. Unknown to him and everyone, Peter's body is missing from his grave.

Becoming The New Spider-Man

Miles decided that he would become the new Spider-Man and began sketching costume designs. Ganke, having worn a Spider-Man costume for Halloween the previous year, offered it to Miles, even though it was a little too large. Miles went on his first ever patrol of the city, enjoying the freedom he felt leaping from building to building. [5]

Miles takes on Kangaroo

Miles confronted the Kangaroo in his new makeshift Spider-Man costume. Kangaroo and the surrounding crowd of spectators were surprised by the very-much alive Spider-Man. The two fought and Miles was thrown through a plate-glass window. Miles eventually won by using his Venom Strike on Kangaroo while he was lifting a vehicle over his own head, causing him to drop it on himself. Exhausted, Miles wondered to himself that perhaps his costume was in bad taste, as was mentioned by many of the spectators during his fight.[6]

Miles' next patrol was cut short when he was attacked by Spider-Woman who demanded to know who he was.[5] Miles was confused by the sudden appearance of a female Spider-Man. She webbed him up and Miles tripped and knocked himself out. He later awoke inside a holding cell at the Triskelion ONE. Outside his cell was Spider-Woman, Nick Fury, Hawkeye and Iron Man. After analyzing his blood, Tony came to the conclusion that Miles has a similar genetic makeup as Peter Parker. Fury correctly guessed that Miles had obtained his powers through a spider bite.

Miles defeats Electro.

Meanwhile, in the Triskelion medical ward, Electro awoke from a chemically induced coma and immediately attacked all the medical staff. Miles and Fury immediately joined the rest of the SHIELD Agents in taking point. Electro took down Iron Man, Hawkeye, and Spider-Woman. Miles, using his camouflage, snuck behind him and hit him with a large container. Electro was surprised and confused by Spider-Man being alive; he was distracted long enough for Miles to use his Venom Strike on him, knocking him out.

The next day, at school, Spider-Woman showed up in civilian clothing and handed Miles a case containing his new costume, courtesy of Nick Fury. She told him that he had one chance to prove himself. Miles was officially the new Spider-Man. [7]

Miles stops a mugging.

Miles stopped a mugging, albeit very sloppily. Betty Brant captured video footage of him on her phone, which she brought to the Daily Bugle and presented to Jameson. The story of a new Spider-Man in New York made the headlines.

Miles watched the Spider-Man movie that had been released several months ago, featuring actual footage of Peter Parker fighting with Dr. Octopus. He studied Peter's moves so he could become a better crime fighter like Peter was. [8] Miles faced Omega Red, who was causing chaos in Long Island; Miles defeated Omega Red.

Miles learns from Peter.

Miles happened upon The Ringer robbing a bank. Miles managed to knock the Ringer out. When the police then arrived at the scene, Captain Frank Quaid tried to discuss Miles' motives as the new Spider-Man. Through Miles' combative and childish answers, Quaid surmised that this Spider-Man too was a teenager and informed Miles that he worked with the former Spider-Man from time to time. Quaid thanked Miles for his assistance, but told him he was too young to be Spider-Man and to go home.

Miles defeats The Ringer.

The Prowler's Blackmail & Uncle's Death

Miles was shocked when his Uncle Aaron confronted him with the revelation that he knew Miles was the new Spider-Man. Miles knew from Nick Fury that his uncle was the Prowler. Aaron told Miles he wanted them to work together but Miles refused. Aaron threatened to tell Miles' father about his secret. Miles was confused as to what to do with the whole situation.

Miles vs the Prowler!

Together they went to fight the Scorpion. After defeating Scorpion, Miles handed him to the police which resulted in him almost being arrested. When Miles refused to help his Uncle again, Aaron unveiled his latest toy: a Vulture suit. Realizing (with Ganke's help) his Uncle intended to use him as his personal enforcer, Miles realized it was time to face reality and considered revealing his secret to his family. However, Uncle Aaron called his bluff.

Miles watching his uncle die

Miles made an ultimatum about their relationship; his Uncle was to stay away from his family and to leave New York City forever. However, Uncle Aaron was amused as well as infuriated that his nephew had the audacity to demand things of him. The two fought a catastrophic battle in which Aaron utilized vibro-shock gauntlets. Miles quickly realized his Uncle had no regard for human lives as he overturned a bus trying to hurt him. Aaron promised to bring Miles' body back to his father. At the climax of the battle, one of Aaron's damaged vibro-shock gauntlets exploded. The blast left Aaron severely injured and shredded Miles' costume. Before losing consciousness, Uncle Aaron cryptically told Miles that he was just like him as Miles could only look on in horror at his Uncle's state.

Legacy of Peter Parker & Captain America's Approval

The next day, Miles was in mourning of Uncle Aaron's death. The Daily Bugle called Miles a murderer. During school, Miles got a phone call asking to meet him at a certain direction, during his way there, he faced Batroc. When he finally arrived to the address (a warehouse) Aunt May and Gwen approached Miles in order to give him Peter Parker's web-shooters. Captain America came out of the shadows and said Miles shouldn't be Spider-Man.

Miles swinging for the first time

After Captain America gets a call about the R.H.I.N.O. attacking the city, he tells Miles he'll arrest him and tell his parents about his spider-powers if he continues to be Spider-Man. When Captain America leaves the warehouse, Aunt May gives Miles a box containing Peter Parker's old web-shooters, some cartridges of web-fluid, and the formula on how to make more web-fluid. Aunt May then tells Miles to go help Captain America and not do what Peter Parker would do, but what Miles Morales would do.

Miles web-slings (with much difficulty due to him using the web-shooters for the first time) downtown and helps Captain America defeat the R.H.I.N.O. using his Venom Blast (which he was reluctant to use after what happened with Uncle Aaron, but still decided to use it) and after the battle, Captain America agrees to let him be Spider-Man, but says he needs training.

Joining the Ultimates & The Civil War

After Captain America agreed to allow Miles to join the Ultimates, Rogers was shortly inaugurated as the newly elected President of the United States. To help unite the splintered factions of the US, Miles joined The Ultimates and SHIELD to assist in their campaign to reunite the states. Miles' first team involvement was in Wisconsin, to battle the recently formed army, Hydra.

Miles against the Giant Woman.

Modi wishes to create a new empire out of the ashes of the destroyed US, to make Asgard pale in comparison to his new vision. Using a mind-controlling gem, he manipulates and controls the mental wills of people near him to form the backbone of Hydra. Miles joined Sue Storm, Falcon, the Giant-Women Squad, Iron Man, Spider-Woman, SHIELD, and Captain America to retake Wisconsin. However, Modi's overwhelming mind-control powers has proven highly formidable as the Helicarrier was shot down by one of their own Giant Woman (under Modi's influence) and Thor is about to kill Captain America.

Miles managed to board one of the War Machine pilots hovering in the skies and accidentally struck him right into Giant-Woman; the War Machine pilot continued to crash into the ground, until Miles was completely lost and discarded from the battlefield. Abandoned in a wasteland away from the battle, Miles began walking until he encountered Cassandra Lang, one of the Giant-Woman. Still under mind-control, Cassandra chased Miles and waged war against the miniature hero. However, Miles managed to break free from her grasp with a Venom Strike and toppled the woman, knocking her unconscious. Miles was discovered by Spider-Woman, who seemed genuinely concerned about his condition and well-being. He said that he was aware that he could not be an Ultimate, wanting to merely return home. Jessica provided him with a plausible explanation for why he had been gone to tell his parents.

Meeting Peter Parker & Defeating Mysterio

Miles vs Mysterio!

In an unusual turn of events, Miles accidentally encountered the Spider-Man of an alternate universe. Because Peter Parker was dead in his world and there was confusion between the two, they began to fight. Peter unmasked Miles and demanded answers. However, Miles managed to knock out Peter with his Venom Strike. Unsure what to do with him, Miles brought Peter to S.H.I.E.L.D. to sort things out. At the Triskelion, Fury learned that this Peter Parker was from another world entirely.

Suspecting there might be trouble from a dimensional incursion; he wanted to have Miles fill Peter in on what happened to that world's Peter Parker. However, the conversation was cut short when Mysterio appeared to attack both Spider-Men by shooting their helicopter ride out of the sky with a RPG. Miles and Peter battled against Mysterio, who conjured up illusions of their greatest foes in order to subdue them. Mysterio managed to escape the battle, leaving the Spider-Men to come up with another plan of attack. Miles was present when Peter reunited with the Aunt May and Gwen Stacy counterparts of his universe, touched by the tender moment between them.

Miles and Peter were soon called away by Nick Fury to fight Mysterio again. Although they expected Mysterio to be defeated, the illusionist quickly resorted to a back-up plan: using the heroes' greatest fears against them. Miles' particular fear was the sight of his Uncle Aaron standing over his dead parents, having murdered them both. However, the heroes managed to overcome Mysterio's illusions and defeat him. While Mysterio was kept within the SHIELD custody of Miles' universe, Peter spoke to him about his role as the new Spider-Man, saying that he was genuinely satisfied with it and returned to his home realm.

Venom's Requiem & Mother's Death

During the civil war, Miles father, Jefferson, fought Hydra soldiers, which caught the attention of the press and they tried to interview him. Jefferson was later attacked by the Venom Symbiote, who days later followed Betty Brant's investigation to incorrectly suspect Jefferson was the new Spider-Man. Miles, as Spider-Man, managed to rescue his father, as the creature escaped. After the civil war ended, Miles began training web-slinging, but he had run out of the webbing in mid-air and he grabbed a lamp-post, then embarrassingly noticed the people who saw the bad landing. Later, during the occupation, Miles communicated with Ganke (through mobile phones), about his unsuccessful landing due to the fact that he had run out of the web. In the evening, Ganke suggested Miles to make his own web-shooters with the formula inherited from Peter Parker. The next day, the press interrupts a Morales family dinner, in which Jefferson drove them out. Miles learns from his mother that his father fought against Hydra soldiers, from which the Miles reacted with surprise and excitement.

Miles and Ganke look out of the window and see Jefferson and the press attacked by the huge Venom. Miles (in full Spider-Man regalia and web-shooters) invisibly sneaks out his apartment window and hits Venom. During the battle, Miles recalls that Peter Parker fought with Venom. At this moment, Venom has no interest in Miles because he believed Jefferson to be the new Spider-Man; Venom throws Jefferson into a taxi. This distraction gave Miles the opportunity to hit Venom and free himself. Seeing his mother tending his injured father, Spider-Man took on Venom; the police intervened in the middle of the battle. One officer got in Venom's way, to which the symbiote responded by almost killing him. Miles saved the policeman, then attacked Venom with enough power to sever a part of its head. However, Venom recovered and Miles used his Venom Blast to compensate; it weakened the symbiote and forced it to escape through the sewers. After this, Miles changed to street clothes and blamed himself for his father's injuries.

Gwen Stacy with Mary Jane Watson tells Miles and Ganke the origin of Venom.

Miles was reflecting about the words that helped Peter to be the hero, about power and responsibility and to be Spider-Man. Miles decides to go to the hospital to check on his father, but Ganke reasoned that it will useless; they should find out everything about the Venom. Gwen Stacy and Mary Jane Watson had come to visit Miles to warn him about Venom. In the Morales apartment, the girls revealed that Peter's father, Richard, created Venom; they deduced that Venom's target is Jefferson, due to the symbiote's incorrect assumption that Jefferson is the new Spider-Man. Gwen also explains that she is a clone, and that the original Gwen died at the hands of Carnage, an artificially-grown Venom symbiote. However, they are interrupted by detective Maria Hill. She demands details about Venom, but the party withheld information and Maria begrudgingly leaves; Miles goes outside to confront Maria, but was stopped when an officer received word that Venom is attacking the hospital where Mile's dad is recovering. Miles then rushed to the hospital to confront Venom.

At the hospital, Miles arrived and engaged Venom by repeatedly Venom Blasting him; Venom manages to gain the upper-hand and grabbed Miles, but he is saved after his mom starts shooting Venom. Miles tells her to escape, but she refuses. Venom then tries to consume both Miles and his mother when Miles Venom Blasts Venom from the inside, causing Venom to be removed from his host. Tragically, Miles' mother, Rio, was fatally shot by police who were trying to kill the new Venom; she was accidentally hit in the crossfire. As she bled out, Spider-Man cradled her in his arms and she saw through the damaged mask that it was her son. In her final moments, she expressed pride, "Look at you! Look what you can do!". With her last words, she warned Miles never to reveal his identity to his father and died. Miles later finds himself sleeping over at Ganke's house; once he realized he woke up in a reality where he failed to save his own mother, he ran to grab his bag and screamed "No More!" repeatedly as he tears up his costume.

One Year Hiatus & Spider-Man Returns

Spidey is back

A year has passed since the death of Miles' mother. His father has since recovered from his encounter with Venom and no longer works for the police. The injuries he sustained didn't paralyze him, but he's now lame and needs a cane to travel. In between, Miles gotten himself a girlfriend, Kate Bishop; she doesn't know about his secret identity as Spider-Man. Miles would often become thoughtful about his feelings and he could easily get lost in his thoughts without realizing Kate was right next to him; he didn't want Kate involved in his affairs as Spider-Man and kept it secret from her. However, those that knew about Miles' secret identity never stopped believing he'd eventually come back. [9]

While at school, Miles became lost in his thoughts. Katie tried to get Miles to focus back in reality, telling him his mind wasn't present. Miles and Katie started to chat, talking about the idea of kissing her if it weren't the fact they were warned at least 5 times about their misconduct. Aside from their warnings, Ganke appeared, expressing his frustration over the fact he'll never get the limited Lego edition of Triskelion with President Captain America being sworn in. Because Ganke and Miles are close, they have an internal understanding of what's going on; Katie was confused and had to be explained of the situation. Katie decided to go back to her room and as Katie walks off, Miles tells Ganke he's serious about telling her.

Miles is thinking about telling Katie about his Spider-Man identity. However, Ganke misunderstood the chat and thought Miles was considering confessing his love for Katie (which he never did). Ganke went on to talk about how girls don't want to hear a chat between men about Legos and even said a right girl will. However, once Miles corrected his actual thinking, Ganke questioned Miles for considering telling the full truth to Katie.

Miles felt being Spider-Man is a big part of his past and he didn't want to keep that from Katie; Ganke felt that was a huge mistake. Ganke reminded Miles that telling his girlfriend of his superhero past is a major mistake, something Peter Parker (of Earth-616) warned him about. He reminded Miles that it only puts his loved ones in danger. However, Miles argues he's no longer Spider-Man, but Ganke believes he's merely on break; both agreed they dislike each other for Miles' retirement and Ganke's belief that Miles was on break. Miles wants Ganke to respect his decisions and Ganke reminded Miles he always had as he never broke his word and that the topic was brought up entirely by Miles. Miles insisted he's done being Spider-Man, but Ganke still believes it's impossible. It was then Jessica Drew texted Miles for a meet.

Miles felt pained at the text and Ganke can't help wondering who's bothering him; Miles told Ganke about Jessica Drew (aka Spider-Woman). Miles filled in Ganke that he was supposed to meet up with Spider-Woman, but he forgotten about their appointment. Ganke wondered why would Spider-Woman want to meet up with him and Miles theorized it's a similar conversation the two just had about coming out of retirement. Ganke theorized Miles blew Jessica off because he subconsciously knew she'll try to convince him to come back; it's time to come back, but Miles insisted he's not. Miles texted an apology and Jessica threatened to come down to get Miles herself. Miles relented to meet with Jessica at the rooftop of his school; he cloaked himself while nobody saw him and he wall-crawled his way to the roof.

At the roof, Jessica thought Miles intentionally avoided her, but Miles insisted he really had forgotten their meeting. Focusing on the reason she came, Jessica made a new costume for Miles and wanted to give it to Miles. However, Miles tried to refuse her gift. Jessica pointed out Miles was being rude, but Miles didn't want it and Jessica wondered about Miles walking away. Miles demanded respect, but Jessica reminded Miles of his sense of responsibility; Miles felt he only had a responsibility towards himself and family. It was then Jessica brought up Miles' mother, believing she was proud of him and believes she would want him to continue as Spider-Man. However, Miles is still sensitive about his mother's death and told Jessica to never come to his school again. Jessica realized he was upset and tried to apologize, but Miles jumped off the building, declaring "No more!"

Miles decided to leave campus and return home to spend time with his father and the two decided to go out to eat Chinese. Miles wanted to wash up before they go and he went back to his room. On his bed was a suitcase, it was the very case Jessica tried to give Miles earlier and she dropped it at his place after he took off. Realizing she probably entered through the window, he shut the windows and examined the case. Within the case was a new Spider-Man costume as well as SHIELD-issued web shooters made for Miles. The case also came with a letter from Jessica and he read it, "A year is a long time. How many people could you have saved? You fall off a horse, you get back on." Miles looked back at a photo of him and his mother together and crumbled Jessica's letter; he was still wrought with anger and guilt over past events. However, Miles' dad called for him; Miles hid his costume and the boys are off to a new Chinese restaurant.

After two of Roxxon's subjects escaped and were seen battling Bombshell, Miles was finally convinced by Jessica Drew, who told him her origin as a clone of Peter Parker created by Roxxon, to return to be Spider-Man and stop Roxxon once and for all.[10]

Ultimate Cataclysm & Father's Rejection

Due to Earth-61112's Wolverine's abuse of the time-space continuum broke the fabric of reality, causing a "multiversal chaos", where numerous beings from other realities were transported to other universes through the tears of reality. One of the beings was Galactus of Earth-616. Miles was present when said being arrived to Earth and destroyed New Jersey.[11] Miles helped save civilians, and was recruited by the Ultimates when they tried to plan what to do.

Iron Man discovered the entity came from the same universe Peter Parker temporarily came from months ago, Earth-616. The Ultimates decided to use a portal recovered from Mysterio to go there and ask for help from their Reed Richards, as suggested by Beck. Before they could decide who would go, Reed Richards appeared and recommended to put their differences aside and let him go, as he could access the other Richards' files in case he wasn't available to help them at the moment.[12] The Ultimates let Richards go, with the condition of being accompanied by Miles Morales. Both heroes managed to arrive to Earth-616, extract the information needed and return. He also revealed his double life to his father, who believed Miles was responsible for the death of Aaron and Rio, and rejected him.[13]

Captain America's Funeral & Forming The Young Ultimates

In the wake of the near-destruction of the Earth at the hands of Galactus, the country is now healing. Miles headed to New Jersey where Galactus' equipment still resides and a salvage crew was sent to recover them for Stark to study. It was during that time, a large piece nearly fell on top of a worker when Spider-Man arrived to assist. After preventing the workers from being flattened, Spider-Woman appeared and wanted to talk to Miles about forming a team.

A few days later, nation held a public funeral for the death of Captain America. At Stark Tower, Tony held a special private funeral for those closest to Rogers. The surviving Ultimates, Avengers, SHIELD, X-Men, the defunct Fantastic Four, Roger's WWII friends, Lana Baumgartner, Cloak & Dagger, and Miles was there to honor Roger's memory. It was during Tony's emotional speech that he revealed that the Ultimates are disbanded. With the death of Thor and Captain America, Tony couldn't continue on with the team; it was that time that Spider-Woman stepped up and announced the formation of The New Ultimates. Bombshell, Spider-Man, Spider-Woman/Black Widow, Kitty Pryde, Cloak, and Dagger will form to become the new Young Ultimates.[14]

Parker's Death Anniversary

Nearly two years has passed since the death of Peter. After the Civil War and Ultimate Cataclysm had finally settled down, it has reached the second anniversary of Peter's death and Aunt May decided to move on. Deciding to sell the Parker residence, Aunt May and Gwen Stacy intend to move to a new place. Before moving out, Aunt May decided to throw a gathering and invited all of Peter's friends, including the Miles.

At the party, Miles, Ganke Lee (his +1 on guest list), Bobby Drake (Iceman), Johnny Storm (the Human Torch), Gwen Stacy, Mary Jane, Aunt May, Jessica Drew (Spider-Woman), Kitty Pryde (Shadowcat), Liz Allan (Firestar), Lana Baumgartner, and Kenneth "Kong" McFarlane were all present at the gathering. In so many ways, this meeting was the real reception/collation after Peter's funeral. Due to the chaotic political climate, the high publicity coverage, and threats to Peter's amazing friends, the people that knew him the best never had a moment to gather and reflect upon Peter's life, death, and voice their hopes and expectations had Peter lived.

After eating a grand feast (paid by Tony Stark), the party finally had a chance to think about Peter and reflect on the possibilities of his future. Miles talked about how Nick Fury appeared before him and told Miles how he was grooming Peter to become one of the greatest super heroes in the world and how the world would've loved him greater than Captain America if the world got to know him; Miles imagined Peter at the forefront and was the great hero he envisioned. As for Aunt May, she imagined Peter would eventually merge his love of science and his super-heroism into something constructive to benefit society; she imagined a legion of Spider-Men taking his mantle to help protect the city. Gwen reflected upon Peter's concerns of not being able to do enough as bad people like the Kingpin used their influence to escape justice; Peter wanted to become a reporter as well as a crime fighter to bring justice on both aspects of his life. Miles had expressed his own regret not taking ownership of his powers earlier before Peter died; he would've liked a future where both Miles and Peter are a fighting dynamic duo and Miles followed Spider-Man as his sidekick. When it was Kitty's turn, she was too embarrassed to admit her own visions of Peter. In Kitty's mind, Peter had always been her greatest love and she imagined the romantic aspects of their past and a future where they fought together as heroes, Peter proposing to her, and two become a great (super) married couple. As for Bobby, he had more delusions of grandeur, believing Iceman and Spider-Man would be part of a new mini-Ultimates with awesome gadgets, much to MJ's dismay.

After all that talk, Gwen felt they should do something to honor Peter's memories; they donated to charity. Due to a heavy abundant amount of food they have, the entire party decided to head to the local Queen's Mission and donated all their food, entertained some children, donated some books, and brought comfort to the needy. After a day's reflection and honoring Peter's memory for the less fortunate, the party call it a day; they bid their farewells and parted ways. However, unknown to everyone, there was another visitor watching behind the bushes, it was Peter.[15]

Young Ultimates Vs Serpent Skulls

One early morning, Ganke traveled through one of the most crime-infested areas of New York, Hell's Kitchen. It was then that Ganke got mugged by two Serpent Skulls gang members, trying to get anything valuable from him. Ganke was punched down the floor when Cloak & Dagger appeared to save him. After the save, the duo wanted to help him get medical attention; he instead asked for Miles.

At the abandoned Westside Church, Miles met with Ganke and learned what had happened. After asking Ganke's reasons for traveling in a bad area, Miles learned Ganke was there to follow up on a craigslist lead. Miles expressed his gratitude for the duo saving Ganke and suggested the two should eat, but Dagger felt Miles was too busy; he sarcastically remarked his feelings were hurt. Miles later walked home with Ganke. Because of his facial injuries, Ganke couldn't explain his way out of his wounds to his family and Miles welcomed him to stay with him if he needed to lay low for a while.

At the abandoned Hell's Kitchen Church (HQ), the Young Ultimates had their first team meeting. With Spider-Woman as their leader, she distributed signal devices (taken from the defunct SHIELD) for her team in case of emergencies. After ironing out communication problems with Cloak & Dagger, Jessica focused on addressing cleaning up the streets.

There's been a recent increase in crime activity with criminals using mutagens to enhance their abilities. Jessica did some investigating and found a local drug lab as their lead. It didn't sound all that interesting until it was discovered to be a legacy of Roxxon Industries. After the government stopped protecting Roxxon in their activities, they became defunct and their labs were seized by the Serpent Skulls. Cloak & Dagger and Miles took personal interest in the group after recognizing their insignia throughout the streets and what they had done to Ganke.

Later into the night, Lana accidentally walked into a attempted murder situation by a familiar of the Serpent Skulls. She activated her emergency signal and called the Young Ultimates to assist. Just when the team had the upper-hand, things got dicey when the police arrived as well as the bulk of the Serpent Skulls. In a three-way battle, Miles was attacked by Diamondback (Skulls commander), but he used his web-slinging to grab her and flung her into her gang. The battle ended when the SWAT team arrived to neutralize the situation. As the Young Ultimates aren't an officially recognized team, the police also targeted them as well as the Serpent Skulls. As the Skulls ran for it, Diamondback gave Spider-Man a quick peck and ran. Cloak was temporarily injured earlier, but recovered enough to open a portal to transport everyone back to their HQ.

Barely surviving their first taste of combat, Cloak rests while Dagger tends to him. Bombshell was upset that her powers malfunctioned and had blood all over her jacket; Miles pointed out Lana lacked training. Angered by Miles' words, Lana started an argument and started criticizing about the team and Stark. Impatient and frustrated, Lana announced she quit and stormed off. Surprised by her sudden emotional outburst, Miles tells the team he'll check on her later.

Due to the recent popularity of Kitty, she's been avoiding the spotlight and haven't joined the team in any of their activities. Miles remarked to Jessica that they could've used her tonight. Weakening after getting poisoned by a Skulls member, Miles insisted taking her home, but Jessica believed she's capable on her own and the group disbanded for the night.

Undercover Drug Bust & Scourge

Not long after, Miles had a chat with Lana and she agreed to work with him in a major drug bust. Trailing Lana and her boyfriend throughout the day, Miles stayed incognito for the latter of the investigation and let Lana do most of the work. Lana managed to convince her boyfriend to take her to the drug deal and Miles followed. While heading to the docks for the secret meeting and striking a deal with the Cobra gang, Miles took out a guard on the rooftop as Lana entered the meeting to observe. However, things didn't go entirely as planned as the people inside managed to discover Spider-Man hidden on the hanger ceiling. Miles didn't use his cloaking abilities and had to engage the gang. After Lana shoved her boyfriend out of the hanger, she assisted Miles by blasting the head Cobra gang member to have him arrested. After Miles webbed down everyone, Spider-Man and Lana pretended not to know each other with her boyfriend present and the two left.

Later, the Young Ultimates regrouped back at the church. Lana is now back with the team and made nice with everyone. The crew developed a new-found level of respect for Lana as she played double-agent in their unofficial drug bust and had several dealers arrested. Later and unknown to the crew, Serpent Skull Diamondback used her mind controlling dust to control Lana and prepared to lure a trap for the Young Ultimates.

Trap of the Serpent Skulls

At Chelsea, the Serpent Skulls broke a truce agreement and now openly fighting in public. Kitty, Miles, and Jessica arrived at the scene to stop the fight. After neutralizing all gang members, they tied them all up for the authorities to arrest. Detective Brigid O'Reilly arrived at the scene and even thanked the Young Ultimates for their efforts. Miles thought it was odd how the detective thanked them for their service.

Miles thought they were considered outlaws and couldn't be requested by the authorities to assist; Detective O'Reilly corrected Miles and said all she can do is suggest to do their respective parts and hope all outlaws cancel each other out. The team was offended by her remark and Miles thought it was a cheap shot for O'Reilly to link the death of one of her officers to them. Just then, their phones alarmed for an emergency and the team web-slings away. Miles assured O'Reilly they'll have to prove their innocence another day.

Back at the Young Ultimates HQ, everyone is baffled over the nature of the emergency alarm. The crew started to realize that Lana is missing, but they were ambushed by the Serpent Skulls. As Diamondback continue to manipulate Lana's will, the rest of the team battle for their lives. Crossbones, leader of the gang, attacks the Young Ultimates in hopes to get rid of them. Miles tried to stop him, but he ended up being punched out by him. Crossbones managed to get the upper-hand in the fight and was about to finish off Miles when Lana regained self-control and unleashed her rage against Diamondback's mind control.

Helping The New X-Men

Miles encountered a time-displaced Jean Grey, and helped the X-Men (who were already time-displaced) get back to Earth 616.[16]


In another universe (Earth-001), a powerful family group known as the Inheritors have waged a multiverse hunt for spider-totems to absorb their life force to sustain themselves. While the group had some success in killing various incarnations of Spider-Man, there were other Spider-Men throughout the universes that took notice and formed a Spider-Army (a collective of surviving Spider-Men) to defeat them; Miles was drawn into the struggle. Miles and Jessica Drew (Black Widow III) were attacked by a member of the Inheritors, Verna, along with her hounds while visiting Rio Morales grave. They struggled to defend themselves until Superior Spider-Man, Assassin Spider-Man, and Spider-Punk appeared from a dimensional portal and killed the hounds. Jessica was confused in the whole situation, but Miles explained that the Superior Spider-Man is the Peter Parker of Earth-616 (not knowing that's actually Otto Octavius inside Peter's body). Spider-Punk tells them to shut up and change into their costumes for battle. Miles looks over at the shattered gravestone of his mother and angrily says Verna made things personal. The two joined the Spider-Army to stop the Inheritors, succeeded, and returned to their world.

Telling Katie & Parker's Return

After the world had settled down, Miles resumed his civilian life back at the Brooklyn Visions Academy. However, after Jefferson (his father) discovered Miles is Spider-Man, he blamed him for the deaths of his family (beloved wife and crooked brother) and apparently disappeared. With the exception of those that knew his secret identity, no one else knews why Jefferson left and he's considered MIA since the Cataclysm event.

At school, Miles and Katie secretly met up at the staircase to comfort each other and to catch up on things. Katie wanted to know where Miles was because he couldn't be reached, but Miles couldn't tell her about him being Spider-Man and the formation of the Young Ultimates; he made up an excuse that he dozed off from doing his homework. Disappointed at the answer, Katie thought Miles' dad had returned and they were catching up; Katie felt guilty for bringing up an uncomfortable subject, but Miles admitted his father's whereabouts are constantly on his mind.

Miles explained to Katie that he would check on his father's whereabouts daily; he would pass by his abandoned apartment before making it to Ganke's mom's house. He also created internet alerts if his father's name would pop up online, but no news. Just as Miles was going deeper into the subject, an administrator caught the couple missing out on class. The lady commanded Miles to head to class, and the two had to cut things short. Just as Miles awkwardly leaves, the lady suggested that he's taking advantage of the school's sympathies of his predicament, making Miles infuriated, but he peacefully walked out.

In between events, Norman Osborn has been revealed to be alive. The epic confrontation that supposedly lead to the mutual deaths of Spider-Man and Green Goblin is not what it seems. Norman was captured and boxed for two years in a private SHIELD facility until SHIELD disbanded and Osborn's handler(s) left him to local authorities to mind. However, while on-route to be transferred to another security facility, he used his powers to detonate his transport and escaped. He returned back to the ruins of OsCorp, where he reveaeds he has a secret safe house under the rubble. Within, it contains a self-sustainable base with its own power, loaded with weaponry, a bio-engineering lab, medical tools, money, Dr. Octopus' four-tentacle pack, and resting quarters; he has everything he needs to rebuild.

At Ganke's house, Miles tells Ganke that he's going to tell Katie about Spider-Man. Ganke thinks it's a bad idea and it's better to keep things a secret; Miles doesn't want to continue to lie to his girlfriend about his activities. Ganke continues to tell Miles it is a bad idea, but Miles pointed out Ganke knew and is unharmed; Ganke egotistically believes he's different and he credits himself a major influence to making him Spider-Man. Annoyed by this debate, Miles thought it would be better to seek out someone with real experience with the situation: Mary Jane Watson.

MJ had kept in contact with Miles and he texted her to meet up to talk. At a secluded alley, Miles asked MJ about the time Peter told her about Spider-Man. Surprised at the question, MJ told Miles about the start of their relationship. Wondering was she glad and the pros and cons, she reflected her near death experience falling off the bridge due to Osborn. MJ admitted there were complications, but overall, MJ felt it was a good thing she was told earlier instead of later; she would've broken up with Peter due to his inexplicable disappearances and there's the chance she'd eventually figure things out. MJ was quick to realize it was about a girl and Miles admitted it with a smile. However, MJ warned Miles the weight of this secret was almost like asking someone for marriage. MJ elaborated that once she knew, their lives carried a bond almost like a marriage; she warns Miles to be absolutely sure that it's someone worthy to carry such a secret with them.

After getting his answers, Miles swung back to his empty home for some clean underwear when he heard a commotion and thought it was his dad. Unmasked, Miles follows the source of the sound and found a stranger snooping in his belongings. Miles mentally reminded himself to conceal his face, but it was too late and when both faces meet, Miles was shocked to see Peter Parker alive. Peter had infiltrated Miles' apartment to take back his web-shooters, but also claimed the time had come for the true Spider-Man to get back into the game.

Utterly stunned to silence, Miles could only stare in awe of his idol. Unconvinced, Miles touched Parker's face to see if he's real, but all Parker could do is ask for his web-shooters back. Finally able to react, Miles reacted to Peter as if he was badly tricked that he's alive. Peter didn't want to get into it, but Miles strongly disagreed asked if Peter told Aunt May. Peter admitted he never told Aunt May and doesn't want Miles involved in his business; things only got heated when Peter told Miles that no one asked him to be Spider-Man. However, Miles pointed out everyone that had ever known Peter wanted Miles to succeed him.

Miles pointed out they just had a memorial for him and Peter confirmed he saw them from a distance. Suddenly, Miles wondered if the Peter Parker he's talking to is from another dimension, but that only confused Peter and he resumed the subject of having back his webs, promising to leave him alone afterwards. However, Miles had to wonder about Peter's intentions over telling Aunt May he's alive; Peter felt Miles doesn't understand and felt that his return would only kill his Aunt and can't bare it.

Peter resumed talking about his web-shooters, Miles pointed out Aunt May gave it to him because of his death. Peter cryptically admitted he did die, but that only confused Miles as he never properly explained. Tired of debating, Peter lost his temper and angrily pointed out that he never asked Miles to succeed him, but Miles threatened Peter that if he didn't tell Aunt May that he's alive, Miles will. However, that made Peter confrontational and Miles wanted Peter to calm down.

Peter grabbed Miles' hand to strong-arm Miles, but Miles reacted by stunning him. Surprised, Miles apologized as he explained it was a defensive reflex with his Venom Blast; Peter doesn't recall having that power. Peter felt irritated that Miles has a cool ability, but he doesn't; Miles believed that was because they were bitten by different spiders. Taking advantage of Miles' guard being down, Peter knocked out Miles, retrieved his gear, and disappeared. Day had become night and Miles finally awakened. Still reacting to the situation earlier, he only realized now Peter had been long gone and started reflecting on recent events. It was then it dawned him that this Peter Parker might be a clone like Jessica Drew.

The following day, Miles confided to Ganke as to what had happened recently. Miles is convinced he encountered a clone, but Ganke wasn't so sure. Ganke theorized it might be the real Peter Parker or Miles' imagination had gone too far. Miles was surprised that Ganke doesn't believe him and Ganke explained he doesn't understand how did Miles came up with the idea of clone. It was then that Miles explained that Jessica is a female clone of Peter Parker.

Surprised, Miles confirmed to Ganke that Jessica admitted this to him. However, it didn't stop Ganke admiring her figure. Back to the clone subject, Miles admitted to Ganke that he doesn't know how many Parker clones are out there nor did anyone close to Peter know that he's alive. Miles admitted that he tried to find Aunt May, but without success; he thought about calling her and then realized telling her the truth might be too much and he couldn't bare to subject Aunt May to such a shock. Ganke once again re-entertained the idea of Peter being alive, but Miles reminded Ganke of his funeral; Ganke pointed out about Galactus and how the universe works in more mysterious ways than they believe. Miles then thought about telling Gwen, but realized if Gwen knows, she wouldn't keep it to herself; Ganke suggested telling Jessica, but Miles reflected he couldn't reach her either (she suffered mutagen poisoning during the Young Ultimates' first gang scuffle). Ganke thought it was weird for her to be unreachable and Miles was surprised throughout their conversation that Jessica's phone being off was weird; their chat was cut short when Katie Bishop appears.

Curious as to what the boys were talking about, she inquired, but the boys remained silent with anxiety. Katie kissed Miles, but Miles could only stare back at her hard and thought his reaction was strange. She wondered if they were talking about her earlier and the boys both messed up as their answers conflicted each other. Katie wondered if she should come back later, but Miles insisted she stay. With his eyes closed, he was prepared to admit to her about his secret; Katie thought Miles wants to break up with her in front of Ganke. However, Miles denied that and wanted to explain to her why he's been distant and thoughtful: he's Spider-Man.

Katie reacted with silent shock and ran off. Miles wondered why people always seem to run whenever he tells his secret identity; Ganke reminds Miles of his foolish choice of exposing his secret. However, Miles reiterated that he didn't want to be a liar to his girlfriend, but Ganke felt he never really learned his lesson. Annoyed, Miles wanted Ganke to stop making him feel bad; Ganke simply reminded him that he is a loving friend and will speak the truth, despite the discomfort. Just as Miles prepares to chase after Katie, Maria Hill appears before them.

Detective Hill had come for Miles and he wanted to know if he's being accused of any crime. Maria accurately pointed out that he's been in trouble since the radioactive spider had bitten him. Miles then bolted over Maria's car and vanished, leaving Maria empty-handed. As she drove off, Miles uncloaked himself, temporarily freaking out Ganke. Just as the coast was clear for Miles to refocus on Katie, Ganke showed Miles his little app that filters out Spider-Man related news and Norman Osborn was very recently posted across the net.

Osborn's Return & Facing Green Goblin

The boys were confused as they thought Norman died in that epic battle along with Peter Parker, however, both of them somehow survived. Miles wasn't sure what this all meant and Ganke had no answers; Miles decided to start searching for Osborn in his last known place: the Parker residence. Suiting up as Spider-Man, but without his web-shooters (Parker took them), Miles dashes across town for Forest Hills Queens.

In between, Monica Chang (Black Widow II) and a group of armed FBI agents went to investigate the remains of Oscorp Industries and found Osborn. Although he initially surrendered, it was a ruse and he killed Chang along with all enforcers in his way. Osborn now set his attention to the Parker residence to settle old personal business with the Parker family. Meanwhile, Miles is hitching a ride on a bus towards Parker's home.

While riding, Miles wondered how did both Parker and Osborn survived their ordeal. He theorizes they're both clones, but also theorized it might be due to the spiders granting them a form of immortality. Miles tried to reach out to Aunt May, but she couldn't be found; Miles proceeded to scout around the house to see if there's anything out of the usual when a neighbor spotted him while walking her dog. While thinking in his mind, that both Osborn and Parker had died right on this street, a sudden ball of fire appeared over the sky: the Green Goblin.

Green Goblin landed right on the street where he was defeated. He sent a concussive blast to land and sent Spider-Man flying right into a van. As Miles recollects himself, Osborn speaks to him. To Miles' surprise, Osborn can speak in his Goblin form. Osborn identified Miles as one of his creations and wondered if he is loyal to him or on Parker's side, however, Miles' smart mouth clued him that he's a "disciple" of Parker and intends to "honor" him with the "full Peter Parker experience."

Green Goblin charged right at Spider-Man like a bull and Miles managed to land a punch behind Goblin's neck, but because he can generate fire, Miles got his right hand burned. Goblin then grabbed a SUV and flung it right at Miles, but Miles evaded and remarked it was excessive and cloaked. In between, neighbors had begun noticing the battle outside and called the authorities and news. News choppers had arrived to broadcast the battle live for everyone to see; all the lives touched by both Parker and Miles were watching intently over the battle.

Miles stealthily grabbed a Daily Bugle newsstand and bashed it into Osborn's face as he de-cloaked. Miles followed up with a dashing punch, making Osborn bleed from his mouth. Osborn back-hand smacked Miles across the street and attempted to burn him with his fireballs; Miles evaded. Miles charged back for another punch and even suggested to talk things out, but Osborn can only react in rage and violence.

By now, the cops had arrived and attempted to control the scene, but they were out of their league. Police officers aimed their guns at Osborn, but he grabbed a red sports car and threw it at them in a exploding blaze of fire. Miles attacked from behind and told Osborn he needs to work out his anger issues when he flamed his back to blow Miles off him. Miles was literally set on fire and was down before he could recover enough to face Osborn. Just as Osborn was about to finish off Miles, the original Spider-Man appeared.

Spider-Men Vs Green Goblin & Peter's Blessing

Peter arrives and sarcastically welcomes Osborn to kill him, but warned him to lay off the president of his fan club. To the media and all that were ever involved with Peter, this was a jaw-dropping moment, even Osborn was confused. Osborn thinks it's a trick and tries to burn Parker, but he only evaded and mocked him. Osborn was infuriated that Parker survived their last encounter and demanded to know how he survived.

As Miles watched from the side lines, Parker continued to mock Osborn as the two try to settle a mutual score. However, the police weren't as forgiving. The SWAT team was given permission to fire on both targets and shot at both of them. However, Peter evaded, but Norman took the brunt of the attack. Unaffected by M-16 gunfire, Norman returned fire and promised to burn everyone. Peter managed to blind Norman with his webbing and proceeded to hogtie him. While Peter was busy trying to contain Osborn, Miles took the opportunity to unleash his Venom Blast on Norman's ankle.

Norman recovered and burned the webbing through to resume battle. Parker sarcastically remarked Miles did a great job poking Osborn's ankle, but Miles told Peter to give it some time as he charged for them. Just as Osborn was about to make another threat, he felt strange and suffered a terrible shock throughout his body, bad enough to overwhelm his body, causing a wave of fire unleashed from him. Still not down, Osborn reacted in dismay as everything he wanted went terribly wrong and flew away.

As Osborn retreated, Parker remarked Osborn freaked out to whatever Miles did; he reminded Parker of his Venom Blast. Peter thought Osborn wasn't ready for Miles, but Miles felt it was the other way around. Before the two could savor their victory, the police aimed their guns at both Spider-Men and demanded their surrender. Both Miles and Peter put their hands up to show cooperation. In between, the media continued to broadcast the live scene, showing the world that Parker is alive.

With their hands up, the Spider-Men were surrounded by NYPD. Captain Frank Quaid was once Peter's ally during his crime-fighting days. He was at the scene and used his authority to demand no cop to fire upon the Spider-Men and the boys heartily agreed. Peter sarcastically suggested everyone disarm, go home, and go to bed. Miles wondered did Peter have someone to call to stop this; Peter had no one and suggested doing this the "old-fashioned way". Miles was surprised there's an actual "old-fashioned way." Captain Quaid commanded the Spider-Men to unmask themselves and put themselves on the ground for arrest. Peter wondered if Miles knew a means to get out of situation like this and Miles believed he did before his web shooters were taken. As Captain Quaid continued to tell the duo to surrender and slowly draw out his taser, then Peter realized Miles can cloak, but Miles argued it doesn't make him bulletproof. Peter encouraged Miles to prepare himself to run as Quaid got ready to fire and the two escaped.

Peter quickly web-swings himself out of there while Miles high-jumped away and cloaked. Peter made a clean escape, but Miles suffered a grazed wound as one of the SWAT tried to shoot him down. Wounded on his left thigh, Miles crash-landed at the neighboring house. Still injured and actively cloaked, Miles dragged himself away from the scene while accidentally bumping into a curious bystander. Leaning on a trash can, Miles reflected his pain, how he survived fighting Osborn, getting shot, Peter's authenticity, how Peter and Osborn came back and their connection, trying to find the connection of recent events, realizing his painful wound can't help him remain cloaked, and worried his means of permanently escaping to return home. As Miles panicked, Maria Hill appeared in her car, offering a ride for him. Suspicious of her motives, Maria reminded Miles that she knew who he really was for over a year and hadn't done anything to harm him, with little options, Miles relented and got in the car.

While driving away, Maria told Miles to take off his mask; Miles refused. Maria reminded him that it would be a terrible situation to explain why she's driving Spider-Man in her police cruiser in between traffic cameras and Miles complied. Maria checked on Miles and he told her about the bullet wound and Green Goblin trying to light him on fire. Unable enter a hospital without raising suspicion, Maria found an abandoned lot where she could get Miles treated. Maria gave Miles a first aid kit and told him to treat his own injuries and tell her everything that had transpired. Before getting into that subject, Miles borrowed Maria's phone to tell Ganke he's alright. As they talked, Maria helped Miles sterilize his wound.

While dealing with the burning pain of alcohol, Miles wondered why Maria was helping him. Maria admitted that the original Spider-Man saved her while she was a beat cop and later defeated the Kangaroo, which helped her get promoted; she feels indebted to Spider-Man and aided Miles. Miles asked about Kangaroo, but Maria was more curious about Peter Parker and how he and Osborn were alive after all this time; Miles didn't even know the answer himself. Maria wanted to understand everything that has happened and asked Miles to tell everything that had transpired up until then to better understand their situation before somebody else dies.

After telling Maria all that had transpired, Maria could only react in shock and surprise. Maria asked Miles about Peter's whereabouts, but he's not sure himself. Maria had an idea where Peter would be, but before they left, she made Miles cover himself with a large baseball jersey to avoid trouble. Using her deduction skills, Maria theorized that Peter would likely be with Mary Jane Watson and drove to her residence.

In between, Osborn actually escaped to Jameson's penthouse for an exclusive over his return to the living. It was then that Osborn theorized that his OZ compound likely had the ability to regenerate a person even post-mortem, explaining how he and Peter returned to the living. Osborn started to talk about how the authorities and his competitors tried to ruin him and that he's forced to kill his enemies. When Osborn made it clear he'll never stop killing until every last person that ruined him will burn, JJ gunned down Osborn, thinking he killed him; Osborn survived his wounds and proceeded to fire-roast JJ's head and fled once again. In between, the two recent criminals that posed as Spider-Men had been running a crime spree. The fake Spider-Men attacked the authorities' super power division's evidence locker to steal something. They took advantage of the confusion the real Spider-Men had caused for their own rewards. At MJ's house, Miles asked MJ for Peter and Peter thought it was time to give Miles answers.

Peter wanted some time to brace himself for Miles, but Miles was impatient and demanded answers. Miles wanted to clearly understand is Peter really who he is or some sort of clone. MJ tried to defend Peter and answered for Peter, exclaiming he's Peter. However, Miles wasn't satisfied and preferred to hear it from Peter himself. Peter wasn't entirely sure he should he tell everything with Maria Hill standing by the door; after confirming her former SHIELD status and Maria's desire to help Peter, he felt it was safe enough to talk.

Miles asked about Peter's sudden return when he clearly died in front of everyone and Peter could only answer "I don't know." Miles had to ask how was Peter even sure he's the original or a clone; MJ angrily confirmed it's really Peter. However, Miles reminded everyone the fact he died and now he's alive; his questions and concerns are valid. To the best of Peter's ability, he told Miles he remembered everything about his life, even up to his final moments in presumed death.

It was then Peter told Miles about how he found himself in an abandoned laboratory in Atlanta, reunited with MJ, digging up his own coffin to find it empty, his plans to disappear, learning about Osborn's return, and settling the score with Green Goblin. Miles wondered about Gwen Stacy and Aunt May, how Peter won't see them. Peter felt coming back into his family was too cruel after they had found closure to his "death" and felt it was unfair to them. However, Aunt May suddenly appeared and interjected that it wasn't Peter's call to make. The Parkers had an emotional reunion and Peter was surprised the two found him; it was rather obvious to the ladies that Peter would reach out to MJ first. Peter didn't know how to face them, but Stacy told him to enjoy the moment before a historic guilt trip. However, Maria Hill just realized if everyone in Peter's life guessed where he would be, Osborn would be coming for them.

Barely moments into that realization, Osborn appeared at MJ's front lawn. Osborn proclaimed "Now it's time for all of us to come to term with our past and future, my Spider-Men." Maria Hill tried to gun down Osborn, but bullets don't work on him. Miles told Peter to escape with his family, but Peter insisted it's his fight. However, Miles reminded Peter that his loved ones are his responsibility; Peter stood back to protect the women while Miles attacked.

As Goblin charged, he said "I was wrong to run away from you!! You cannot kill me!! I am immortal. But you will respect me and learn that our connection is beyond--" The conversation was cut short as Miles borrowed MJ's couch and threw it at Osborn as Maria Hill continued to fire her gun. Brushing off MJ's couch, Osborn exclaimed "I birthed you into this world! You will respect me, Miles Morales!!!! You will honor me!" While Osborn was too busy monologuing, Miles cloaked and zapped Osborn with a powerful Venom Blast on his right shoulder.

Miles jumped upwards and allowed Osborn to feel the pain of the blast. He then fell back down, throwing a punch at his jaw and blasting him again while sarcastically criticizing Osborn's pioneering work in villainous monologuing. With every Venom Blast, Osborn started to lose control of his goblin form. He still got up and charged at Miles, but Miles kicked him hard on his right cheek. While holding Osborn's face, he remarked to Osborn that his venom blast was never fully tested and noticed it had a special way of hurting him. As Osborn writhed in pain from the blast, Miles remarked it was probably due to his bad genetics and thanked him for proving his theory. Peter and his family never left the house, only watching Miles from a distance at Miles' victory. Miles managed to shock Osborn until he turned back to his weakened human form and Maria called for backup.

Osborn wasn't defeated yet. Norman started to talk about how his genius created him and that the truth is that he's really Miles' father. Enraged, Miles attacked along with Peter. Miles used his Venom Blast repeatedly to the point Norman couldn't hold his Goblin form; he decided to retreat. Peter threw one of his web-shooters to Miles and he yanked Osborn down from the sky. Both Spider-Men attacked and he was finally defeated and reverted back to his human form. While the Spider-Men tended to the women and prepared to leave the scene, Maria Hill executed Norman by gun shot through the temple and burned his body. This time, everyone is sure that Norman is truly dead.

In a secret warehouse, Peter gave back his web-shooters to Miles. Believing Miles to be a great successor, Peter decided to leave until he can figure out the nature of his resurrection and sort his life out. He and MJ decided to leave together, but left Gwen Stacey and Aunt May behind to avoid inviting them trouble. Peter gave his blessing to Miles and parted ways, but promised to return one day. Just as Miles was about to have some peace in his life, Miles' father returned and wanted to talk. Miles and his father sat at a nearby park, where they can talk about things out; to Miles' surprise, his father's explanation will go deep into the past, involving his mother, Uncle Aaron, the Kingpin, and SHIELD.

A Talk with Dad & History with SHIELD

Jefferson explained he lived with Uncle Aaron in Brooklyn with their grandmother when they were young. Aaron was constantly involved in illegal activities, which Jefferson despised because he would get him involved and he had to bail him out at times. It would be one of the growing reasons why Jefferson no longer wanted Aaron in his adult life.

One night, Jefferson accompanied his brother to meet Turk Barrett. Jefferson was forced to fight Turk's henchmen, and was arrested when the police raided Turk's hideout. Even though he had managed to overpower Turk's men and tried to explain himself, the police didn't buy it and had him jailed. His bail was paid by a young Nick Fury, the director of S.H.I.E.L.D., who was impressed by the story of Jefferson's fighting skills. Knowing that Turk would've been impressed too, Fury told Davis to accept whatever job Turk would offer him, so he could be his mole on the underworld.

Jefferson worked as Turk's muscle, making Turk a feared man in the city, until Wilson Fisk, fast-rising within the underworld, offered Turk a big amount of money to get out of the city.[17] On Fury's instructions, Jefferson joined Fisk's Enforcers and continued with the illegal activities to inform Fury as Fisk's powers grew out of control. Fisk's activities were finally put down during an attempt at human trafficking involving Mutant Growth Hormone, and Jefferson injured. Fury offered him to become an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D., but he declined, deciding he didn't want any part in that world. It was during therapy that he met Rio Morales, Miles' mother. He said he become a changed man since meeting her and decided to build a life with her.[18]

Jefferson admitted that there was a lot of emotional confusion during those tense times. He also blamed himself unable to protect his loved ones and too weak to become anything more. Jefferson regretted showing his resentful side to Miles because he really resented himself as he couldn't help the people most important to him. Both father and son reconciled and now finally on good terms with each other.

Hydra Capture & Defeating Dr. Doom

Unbeknownst to Miles, the parents of his girlfriend Katie Bishop, Derek and Eleanor Bishop, were members of Hydra. Katie didn't know this as well until her parents revealed their secret to her as she went to bed. As an act of loyalty, she in turn revealed Miles' identity as Spider-Man to them.[19] Some time later, Miles visited Katie's house where he was drugged by Derek who revealed his membership in Hydra to Miles.[20] Miles, along with a captured Black Widow (Jessica Drew), was then taken to a secret Hydra lab in a warehouse in Staten Island for experimentation under the charge of Doctor Doom.[21]

Then as Doctor Doom was zapping Miles with microscopic lasers to obtain tissue samples, Miles releases a powerful bursts of energy and destroyed his prison and much of the laboratory. Everyone is stunned by Miles' new display of power, in which a scientist hypothesize that the physical stress brought on Miles is maybe the cause. Miles collapses from being drained from his new power. Doom orders the Spider-Man Twins to take Miles to a cell while he sees to Jessica that she will be dissected. At the very mention of this, Miles regains his strength and knocks down the Spider-Man Twins and a pair of Doombots. Derek quickly puts his gun to Jessica's head and demands Miles to stand down, but Jessica begins to open her eyes. Eventually, Miles' and Jessica's fellow Young Ultimates, his friend Judge, and the NYPD arrived and stormed the warehouse to rescue him. What they found, however, was Miles single-handedly subduing Doom with a single punch amid the many indisposed Hydra soldiers and Spider-Man Twins. Derek Bishop is webbed to the wall by Jessica. Though Katie feels guilty for selling Miles out, he breaks up with her anyway. As everyone leaves the warehouse, they look up to the skies, which suddenly turns red, to see another Earth, Earth-616.[22]

Secret Wars & Battleworld

In a multi-verse level extinction event, the multiverse is collapsing and Earth-1610 and Earth-616 are converging together. The heroes of their respective worlds waged war upon each other, hoping to be the surviving champion Earth. However, neither side won the battle. With both Earths converging, survivors from 1610 and 616 had created their own multi-dimensional life rafts that can traverse through different worlds and save a small group of people within their universe. Miles discovered The Maker's raft and stowed away as the rest of his world vanishes. In the aftermath, because of Dr. Doom's interference, a new world has been formed: Battleworld.

Restart on Earth-616

In the aftermath of the Secret Wars and Battleworld, Miles and his entire life was merged into Earth-616. With a restart in life, his mother returns to the living, Ganke is with him, and his father is with him as if they always have lived upon this universe. Now Miles leads a new life in a world overcrowded with other Spider Men.