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Miles is a student at Horizon High. He developed a security robot to protect the School, but it was destroyed by the Spider-Slayer.[3]



Miles would get his powers when one of Oscorp's genetically altered spiders called the Electrolis Arachnatis bit him while he was following Peter to Osborn Academy, as it was under attack by the Spider-Slayer. Donning a similar costume, Miles becomes a budding superhero with the original Spider-Man as his mentor. Following a battle with Kraven the Hunter, Spider-Man unmasked and revealed his civilian identity of Peter Parker to Miles, entrusting him with the secret. When their classmates Gwen Stacy and Anya Corazon later gained spider-powers of their own, the four teens formed an unofficial crimefighting team of sorts.

Maximum Venom

Venomized Miles

When Baby Groot wound up on Earth and was captured by A.I.M., Miles and Peter teamed up with the Avengers trainees Ironheart and Hulk to get him back. Miles was tasked with getting help from Doctor Strange after receiving the sorcerer's address from the artificial intelligence in Ironheart's armor. However, the two were soon imprisoned in a mirror dimension by Baron Mordo, who was revealed to be working with A.I.M. as part of the scheme to kidnap Groot. After several fruitless escape attempts, Miles realized that he could use his electrical abilities to disrupt the dimension's magic long enough for Strange to free them both.[4] A short time later, the young heroes were present when the Avengers arrived at Avengers Tower after having been corrupted by Klyntar symbiotes. During the invasion, Miles was one of the many heroes who was forcibly bonded to a symbiote. They and the rest of New York were ultimately freed after Spider-Man and Max Modell were able to create the Anti-Venom Symbiote for Baby Groot, who was able to destroy the symbiote invaders that had taken over the city.[2]

While battling the Dark Goblin's team, Miles discovered that Swarm was his father. Later, at the school dance to celebrate Max's rehiring, Miles went with Anya as his date. After the school was wrecked during another symbiote encounter (this time involving Venom, Scream, Scorn, Mania and the World-Killer), Miles was last seen with Peter, Gwen, Anya, Harry Osborn and Grady Scraps as they prepared to form a new lab called W.E.B. (standing for "World Engineering Brigade").

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Seemingly those of the Miles Morales of Earth-1610.


Seemingly those of the Miles Morales of Earth-1610.


  • Miles is 15 years old at the beginning of the series.[5]

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