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This page is about Earth-616's native Miles Morales. For his alternate reality counterpart that moved to Earth-616, see Miles Morales (Earth-1610).

Quote1 You're nothing but a knockoff Miles Morales with a knockoff Iron Man glove and a knockoff Captain America shield! Quote2


Miles Morales was a member of the Rigoletto Crime Family who ended up with a three-year sentence in Ryker's Island to cover for his cousin. Since doing so proved to represent a huge favor to the Rigoletto family, Don Rigoletto orchestrated Miles' early release. In the meantime, he had his enforcer Wilson Fisk end up in Ryker to keep an eye on Morales until his release. A fellow inmate nicknamed Small Hands paid Morales a couple thousand dollars to kill Fisk since they were cellmates, but Miles decided instead to tell him on Fisk. This marked the beginning of Fisk's camaraderie towards Miles. Not long afterward, Small Hands tried to kill Fisk by himself. Miles saved Wilson's life and killed the attacker, but his face was scarred in the process. Fisk promised that he would be forever in Miles' debt since then.

Miles Morales (Earth-616) and Wilson Fisk (Earth-616) vs

Receiving his scars

After getting out of prison, Fisk and Miles opened a restaurant while they continued working for the Rigoletto family. Years later, Miles started dating a girl named Barbara Sanchez. Around this time, Fisk took over Rigoletto's operations and killed him. However, Miles wanted out of the criminal life to spend his life with Barbara. Fisk arranged it so all traces of Miles' existence disappeared.[2] He then moved from New York to live a quiet life with Barbara in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan.[3]

Following Barbara's untimely death, Wilson approached Miles to share a similar experience he endured when his wife Vanessa died. Fisk disclosed to Miles that following Vanessa's death, he had people investigate about the existence of parallel universes, and could easily reunite with a version of his wife from a different world, but decided instead to simply feel comfort on just knowing that his wife was somewhere.[4] Miles decided to take that knowledge and search for a world where Barbara was alive.

To this end, Miles hired Taskmaster, who incursioned into another universe and gathered information about the Barbara Sanchez that lived there.[4] However, the disturbances caused by Taskmaster's use of a device to travel to this other universe unwittingly caught the attention of the Spider-Men, both Peter Parker and Miles Morales. The latter also happened to be Miles' own super-powered younger counterpart from the Ultimate Universe, who had been displaced to the other Miles' native reality, the Prime Marvel Universe.[3]

The arachnid heroes followed Taskmaster's trail to an airport in Michigan, where Morales was preparing to fly back to New York City.[4] Taskmaster defeated them, and Morales had him tie them up so they couldn't interfere any further.[4] Once Miles arrived in New York, it turned out the Spider-Men were waiting for Taskmaster in the warehouse where he had used the dimensional portal during his incursions. Taskmaster was sent to deal with the heroes and distract them while Miles deployed and activated the portal. Before proceeding, Miles left his assistant Sasheer two envelopes. One that guaranteed she would receive all of his belongings, and a letter to Wilson Fisk. Right as he was about to enter the portal, Miles' younger counterpart caught up to him and confronted him, revealing that they shared the name. Morales shot him in the shoulder and went through the portal without saying a word. The portal then collapsed and brought down the warehouse.

Manhattan from Spider-Men II Vol 1 5 001

Miles arriving on Earth-1610

Miles found himself on the rooftop of a building and then made his way to a wine bar where this reality's Barbara Sanchez worked, and both instantly clicked. Their encounter was interrupted by a fight between Spider-Man and the Green Goblin. After the hero left, Miles offered to help Barbara with cleaning up the collateral damage the bar suffered. As it turned out, the universe Miles had decided to venture to was Earth-1610.[5]

Morales would later come back to his native universe, returning from Earth-1610 using the costumed identity of Ultimatum, outfitted with weapons reminiscent of the Ultimates. After reencountering his younger counterpart, Ultimatum visited Wilson Fisk, who had become the mayor of New York, to talk about running the streets with him again.[6] Morales had also brought with him Earth-1610's version of the Green Goblin, and began to sell a drug called Goblin throughout Brooklyn. The drug was culled from Osborn's blood, and its consumers were turned into a syndicate of Goblinoids.[7]

After Prowler came to Ultimatum to deliver him a chemical, Ultimatum explained to Aaron the nature of the Multiverse and his plan regarding the young Spider-Man, while knocking Davis out.[8] Then Assessor and Spider-Man's clone, Asset 42 recaptured Spider-Man Ultimatum confronted his younger counterpart and revealed that he was the Miles Morales of the 616 universe. He then explained to Spider-Man that after sending Miles and his entire family back to their original native universe, he would proceed to take over Brooklyn. However, after finding out that his henchmen failed to capture Spider-Man's parents, Prowler knocked him out after freeing himself and Miles.[1]




  • Miles said his earliest childhood memories are the same as his Ultimate Universe counterpart,[1] so their history could be very similar until the deviation of Earth-1610's Miles having been bitten by the radioactive spider.


  • Miles Morales was originally going to appear in Spider-Men, and he would have become a supporting character in Amazing Spider-Man. However, the plans for that were ultimately scrapped.[9]
  • Miles considers Wilson Fisk his best friend.[6]

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