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Quote1.png If there's anything that Peter's taught you, it's that with great power there must also come great responsibility... and what's more responsible than showing your true face to the people you're trying to help? Quote2.png


Spider-Man seemingly had the same history as the rewritten history of his Earth-1610 counterpart. Becoming the new Spider-Man, S.H.I.E.L.D. quickly came in contact with him, and Miles was mentored by its director, Nick Fury. He was later recruited into the Spider-Men.

Masked Saga

When the Superhuman Registration Act was implemented, Miles was one of the first heroes to register.

Miles took part in a S.H.I.E.L.D. siege on a group of heroes who opposed the act. When what was supposed to be a warning shot instead hit one of the heroes, Agent Venom, Miles helped their leader, Civil War Peter Parker, rescue his fallen comrade. This act of compassion convinced Fury to stop targeting anti-registration heroes.

Director Fury and Morales discussed convincing Spider-Punk into registering. While teaming-up with him, Brown revealed that he overheard Miles and Fury talking about him, causing the rebel to briefly leave the Spider-Men. Fury also had Morales persuade Spider-Gwen register, with much more peaceful resolutions.


After another fight with his uncle, Prowler, he was able to convince him to become a hero. He later found him smuggling weapons and attempted to arrest him, but his uncle informs he was being blackmailed by Green Goblin, who had kidnapped Miles' father, Jefferson Davis. The two teamed-up and saved Officer Davis.[1]



Seemingly those of the Miles Morales of Earth-1610.


Seemingly those of the Miles Morales of Earth-1610.


Seemingly those of the Miles Morales of Earth-1610.



Seemingly those of the Miles Morales of Earth-1610.


  • Promotional art for Miles was a rehashing of the last panel of Civil War #2.

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